Barack Obama’s Credit Card: Declined!

Democrats love to say that George Bush put two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, on the nation’s credit card. That means he didn’t push for a tax increase. But what about Barack Obama? He put a trillion dollar stimulus program, multiple bailouts, Medicaid expansion, Obamacare and God knows what else on the credit card. And, oh–by the way–he also put two wars on the credit card. He wound down the Iraq war on the timetable that had already been set by the Bush administration, and has continued the Afghanistan war for five years and counting. Eighty percent of American casualties in Afghanistan have come on Obama’s watch, and I assume most of our credit-card spending has, as well. Obama’s deficits are unprecedented in American history, and they continue at a level never before seen. So it is hard to understand how Democrats think they can get away with impugning Bush for “putting two wars on the credit card.”

Michael Ramirez comments on the budget that Obama put forward last week–not to be adopted, actually, but as some sort of campaign document directed at low-information voters who can’t count. Click to enlarge file size:


The national debt is at $17 trillion, 470 billion and counting. Obama’s budget, if you take it seriously, would add another $8 trillion plus. When your children are paying the interest on that amount–it won’t be 3%, either–you will wonder what in the world we were doing, electing an unqualified, left-wing bozo like Barack Obama as president.