Hispanic Voters Are Reagan Voters!

That’s the message of this hard-hitting new anti-Mark Udall ad in Colorado, which is lighting up the internet this morning. The ad, produced by Conservative War Chest, is playing in both Spanish and English. It is aggressive, to put it mildly; it will be fun to hear the Democrats squawk about it over the days to come. The ad represents the most meaningful effort I have seen to take seriously the idea that most Hispanic voters have conservative, not liberal, values, and should be voting Republican.

Two things strike me most forcibly about the ad. But first, here it is:

Now for those two observations. First, if Republicans want votes from minorities, the most basic requirement is, they have to ask for them. Too often, I think, Republicans have concentrated on motivating and turning out the voters they already have rather than spreading the party’s message to those who are not already believers. (Rand Paul is a good example of a Republican who doesn’t fit this mold.) So it’s good to see this strong, explicit pitch to Colorado’s Hispanic voters on behalf of the Cory Gardner campaign.

Second, this is the most hard-hitting ad by a Republican I’ve seen in a long time. Democrats get this aggressive frequently; Republicans don’t. Putting aside the fact that it is targeted at Hispanics, I think the ad is a model of how to hit the Democrats where it hurts. Kudos to Conservative War Chest, which produced the ad.