Who’s afraid of “Rocky Mountain Heist”?

Michelle Malkin hosted the documentary “Rocky Mountain Heist” (trailer above) telling the story of the Democratic takeover of Colorado via a quartet of liberal millionaires and billionaires — known as the “Gang of Four” — in the course of a decade. Something there is that doesn’t love the documentary. Something there is that would love to erect a wall blocking the documentary before the upcoming elections. Michelle writes in her column:

Democrats here in my adopted state of Colorado did not want the new political documentary I hosted to see the light of day. They lost. This week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency injunction declaring that our movie deserved the same free-speech rights as a “traditional” (translation: old-guard liberal) news organization.

One sees in this episode the totalitarian heart beating inside so-called campaign finance reform and so much of the rest of the “mainstream” agenda of the Democratic left.

As always, Michelle delivers the news with a full load of links (whole thing here). Please check it out. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper responds to the documentary, sort of, here.

I don’t think it would take much more than another “liberal” Supreme Court justice to change the result in the case freeing Michelle’s documentary up for broadcast unconditionally before the midterm elections. Our freedom, such as it is, hangs by a few threads.

UPDATE: Here is more on the Tenth Circuit order and the underlying litigation.