U.K. Labour Party Commits Suicide

Three weeks ago we took note of the extraordinary candidacy of the far-left Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour Party, how it would represent the suicide of the Labour Party. Put it this way: Corbyn makes Bernie Sanders look like one of those dreaded “neo-liberals” of Naomi Klein’s self-induced nightmares. (At least Sanders is pro-Israel, unlike Corbyn, who could be a stenographer for Hamas.)

Well, today the Labour Party signed their suicide note, electing Corbyn as party leader. Most of the Labour Party shadow cabinet has already resigned or promising to do so shortly. There is considerably doubt that Corbyn can assemble a complete shadow cabinet, and talk of massive defection of Labour Party MPs to the Liberal Democratic Party, which was nearly wiped out in the latest election. (The reverse of what happened in the 1920s.) See more from this story in The Telegraph. They’re calling it “The Day the Labour Party Died.”

If you have 20 minutes to watch the Labour Party’s imitation of the Titanic sailing at dawn, here’s Corbyn’s acceptance speech:

My favorite line from Corbyn is his remark on Tom Watson, the new deputy party leader, that verges into Monty Python territory just before the 3-minute mark: “Tom is . . . passionate about holding the state, and unaccountable people who don’t wish to be accountable, to account. Tom’s your man to do that.” Seriously. He actually said that. John Cleese could hardly have put it better. Also, take in the standing ovation for the idea of “welcoming refugees” as the 6-minute mark. Apparently party suicide isn’t enough; national suicide is the goal.

Coming soon to the Democratic Party here? We’ll see. Go, Bernie!


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