The Biggest Loser, Presidential Edition

Every so often you hear some science fiction maven or techno/cyber geek speculate about whether our universe is actually some kind of Matrix-like computer simulation. I’ve never quite understood the idea, but I gather some smart people take it seriously. It seems more plausible to me that this year’s election cycle is more easily explained by the parallel-universe idea—you know, the one where Spock has a “Van Dyke” beard (“Mirror, Mirror,” for TOS non-cognoscenti). Trump is, after all, something of a James T. Kirk-like figure from the other dimension. Agony Booth indeed!

But I rather like a simpler and more plausible theory: we’re living in the greatest reality TV show of all time, an extended edition of “The Biggest Loser.” And the biggest loser is obviously Hillary.

James Hohmann of the Washington Post‘s “202 Daily Dose” today offers 12 ways Hillary can lose the election. The list includes her complacency, unlikability, lack of inspiration, ideological fuzziness, and insider-ID, among other things. (Oh yeah, there’s also that possible indictment thing.)

But if Bernie Sanders wants to strike a blow against Clinton—or Trump in the general election for that matter—just repeatedly tweet out this photo as a sign that Hillary is just a “same as the old boss” kind of candidate:

George W Hillary copyFor that matter, why isn’t Bernie Sanders using this far and wide?



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