What should the lame duck Congress do?

Go home, that’s what it should do. I agree with Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government. He advises:

The single most important decisions for Congress in the lame duck session are to get in and get out, and do a short term continuing resolution that will allow the new Trump administration and Republican majorities in Congress to assert their spending priorities this coming spring.

No criminal justice reform. No big omnibus spending bill deals with Obama.

Every day Congress stays in session limits the number of regulations that can be repealed easily through the Congressional Review Act. So, pass the spending into spring, and go home.

The last paragraph refers to the fact that the Congressional Review Act gives Congress 60 legislative days to overrule new regulations issued by government agencies. After that period, the rule goes into effect.

Every day the lame duck Congress stays in session counts towards the 60 days. Every day the lame duck Congress stays in session, new rules promulgated by one arm or another of the Obama administration take effect. Every day Congress is not in session stops the clock.

That’s why Congress should, after passing a short term CR, go home.


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