Brothers in arms

On Saturday the Wall Street Journal published Michael Phillips’s devastatingly sad story about twin brothers Chris and Mike Goski. Both served with distinction in the armed forces following 9/11. Michael’s story is “Brothers in arms.” While the story is behind the Journal’s paywall, it is accompanied by an embeddable video with the following preface:

Chris Goski was born on May 1, 1981. His twin brother Mike followed a few minutes later. It’s the way it would always be. They grew up in Red Oak, Texas, a small town south of Dallas, and after 9/11 they both enlisted in the military, answering the call of duty.

“I was proud of them and I was scared to death every time they deployed,” their [mother] said, “because they were always on the front lines. They told me not to worry, they knew what they were doing, and they’d be safe, and they’d be home.”

Here is a video about twin brothers — best friends, whose lives were defined and ultimately torn apart by war.

The video is based on Michael Phillips’s reporting and credited to the Journal’s Gabe Johnson. It serves up a dose of harsh reality that provides a brutal contrast to the self-glorifying theatrics of the NFL, or so it seems to me.