Hillary’s horse feathers

In “Horse Feathers,” Groucho Marx plays the president/football coach of Huxley College. During half time of the game between Huxley and arch-rival Darwin, Groucho gives a pep talk to the players of. . .Darwin. His son informs him that he’s talking to the wrong team. Groucho responds, “I know, but my team wouldn’t listen.”

Hillary Clinton has been dispensing political commentary in India and the Netherlands. Her country, and even her team, wouldn’t listen.

In India, Hillary opined that women voted for Donald Trump because their husbands, their bosses, and even their sons pressured them into it. In Holland, Hillary predicted that Ivanka Trump will never become president, given Donald Trump’s unpopularity.

But Trump isn’t unpopular among non-young white males. Should Ivanka run for president at some point, maybe they can pressure their wives, mothers, and subordinate employees into voting for her.