A trial date for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. . .in 2021

The 9/11 attacks occurred almost 18 years ago. Now, finally, a trial date has been set for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other plotters of the attacks. That date is January 11, 2021.

These bastards should have been executed no later than in 2009, after they acknowledged, and attempted to justify, their roles in the 9/11 terrorism. But if a trial was needed, it should have occurred years ago.

Why didn’t it? Robert Spencer puts much of the blame on President Obama. It was Obama who decided, idiotically, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried in federal court in New York City. That way, the U.S. could demonstrate the glories of our legal system and prove to the world that we’re not like al Qaeda. Or something.

Fortunately, there will be no federal court trial — not in New York or anywhere else. The terrorists will be tried before a military court in Guantanamo Bay. However, Obama’s false start contributed to the delay.

Even taking Obama’s folly into account, it’s difficult to understand why the trial won’t take place until the expiration of President Trump’s first term. You can read here about some of the technical issues responsible for this additional delay.

To me, they further demonstrate that summary executions would have been the way to go.