Hunter Biden absent from Biden family Christmas card

I didn’t get a Christmas card from Joe Biden, but I take the Daily Caller’s word that the family picture that graced the card did not include Hunter Biden. Six family members appear on the card, along with the former vice president and his wife. Hunter is not among them.

Joe Biden followed up with a video of two family dogs. He tweeted:

When we say Merry Christmas from the entire Biden family, that means even the dogs.

But maybe not Hunter.

In other Hunter Biden news, the mother of his infant child has filed court documents alleging that Hunter is the subject of criminal inquiries for “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme.” The woman, Lunden Alexis Roberts, wants custody of the child. Roberts hooked up with Hunter Biden at a Washington, D.C. strip club where she worked before returning to her native Arkansas.

I feel sorry for any parent whose offspring goes astray. In fact, I’m soft enough to feel sorry for the offspring.

Hunter Biden would be of no interest to me had he not served, without any qualifications for doing so, on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company, Burisma, at a time when Joe Biden was in charge of America’s Ukraine policy.

But Hunter Biden did, and with Joe Biden’s knowledge. This would be problematic even if Joe Biden had never exercised the power of the United States government to bring about the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor whose job duties included investigating corrupt Ukrainian companies.

Hunter Biden made $50,000 a month for serving, without qualifications, on the Burisma board. It appears that he spent more than a de miminis share of this money on drugs and the VIP rooms of at least two D.C. strip clubs. Employees at one of the clubs suspected that he smoked crack cocaine in its VIP room.

Joe Biden isn’t responsible for how Hunter Biden spent the money he got thanks solely to his relationship with Joe. It’s probably too facile to say that Joe enabled Hunter’s behavior by permitting him to leverage family connections into lucrative positions he wasn’t qualified to hold.

What’s clear is that Hunter Biden is a problem for candidate Joe Biden. Until recently, the candidate acted as though there is no problem. He took the position that his son did nothing wrong by serving on the Burisma board, even as Hunter acknowledged that doing so amounted to poor judgment.

But Hunter’s behavior outside the context of Ukraine may be causing Joe Biden to distance himself from his son. Hence, perhaps, Hunter’s absence from the Biden family Christmas card.