Joe Biden

Why Biden has “great confidence” in Milley

Featured image A headline in the Washington Times declares: “Biden has ‘great confidence’ in Gen. Milley despite the general’s anti-Trump maneuvers.” A more accurate headline would replace “despite” with “because of.” Other than Milley’s anti-Trump sentiments and maneuvers, it’s difficult to imagine a reason why Biden would have any confidence in the general. Oh, wait. I forgot about Milley’s determination to expose military members to the anti-American ravings of critical race theorists. »

Unvax me here

Featured image President Biden gave his speech announcing a program of mandated vaccinations — a program of dubious legality, to say the least — on September 9 at 5:02 p.m. The speech was denominated “On Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic” by Biden’s handlers in the White House daycare operation. I have posted the White House video below. The White House text is here. It’s a rich text that is beyond my poor power »

Biden at Dover

Featured image A reader responded to my post about the shunning of Joe Biden by family members of troops who died at Kabul airport with this trenchant message: The heartbreaking ritual at Dover AFB, too often repeated, is inherently theatrical. It fixes our national attention, ignites the glare of media coverage. Every word and gesture is pregnant with emotion and meaning. We know this very well. And our leaders know it, or »

F*** Rambling Joe?

Featured image Yesterday Joe Biden attended the 9/11 memorial ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. He didn’t speak, but he talked to reporters (vaccinated, outdoors, with mask on) after it was over. This clip, which I created from C-Span’s video, offers a window into Biden’s current preoccupations. Biden talks about the need for unity–Democrats are always in favor of unity when they are in power–but he can’t do it without taking a graceless swipe »

A day to be stupid

Featured image Last night the White House released President Biden’s recorded statement on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. This was to be the day that Biden celebrated our departure from Afghanistan. As our departure turned into the epic humiliation of the United States at the hands of forces that were instrumental to the 9/11 attack itself, he had a change of plan. While the 9/11 attack was still underway, Rick Rescorla understood »

Slain troops’ family members who shunned Biden take comfort from Trump

Featured image When George Bush was president, parents of armed service members killed in Iraq received special attention from the media if they denounced the war and criticized Bush. Cindy Sheehan gained a huge profile for bitterly attacking Bush after her son was killed. Eventually, she became a fringe figure, to put it as politely as I can, but this was only after Barack Obama succeeded Bush. Before then, the mantra on »

Biden to desecrate 9/11 remotely too

Featured image President Biden is set to attend events at all three 9/11 memorial sites — in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon — on the twentieth the anniversary of the attacks tomorrow. We can be thankful that he will not give a live speech to commemorate the anniversary. Rather, he will instead speak in “in the form of a video in advance — or if that will be available »

After Last Night

Featured image Last night I was a guest on Rita Panahi’s Sky News Australia program. Rita is one of several excellent Sky News hosts whose shows are always fun to do. It was a relatively lengthy interview, and the main subject was the controversy over Dr. Fauci, gain of function research and the Wuhan lab. But we also covered several other topics from current U.S. news, and the short clip that Sky »

Biden to desecrate 9/11

Featured image We have commemorated 9/11 annually over the years. This year raises a special challenge. It is complicated by the epic and ongoing humiliation of the United States engineered by President Biden in contemplation of the twentieth anniversary of the attack on us that day. In his September 7 Washington Post column Marc Thiessen notes that Biden is set to visit Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and Shanksville on 9/11. Thiessen comments: »

Starting the second 20 years of the war on terror on the wrong foot

Featured image As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we’re seeing assessments of the 20 year war on terror. We’ll see many more in the next few days. The ones in the mainstream media will probably be along the lines of a piece in the Washington Post by the paper’s book review editor, a leftist of course. He argued that 9/11 put America to the test and America failed. I think »

Poll: Biden below water in seven key congressional districts

Featured image We’ve discussed the fact that Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking in national surveys. John Fund points us to what might be an even more relevant survey of Biden’s approval — one that polled seven key House districts, each represented by a Democrat. Biden fares little better in these jurisdictions than he does nationally. He’s underwater in all of them, and by seven points on average: The American Action Network, »

The tornadoes of your mind

Featured image President Biden engineered the humiliating disgrace of the United States in Afghanistan. It will travel far with us along our road. Biden wants both to celebrate it as a glorious victory and to “move on.” Yesterday Biden turned his attention, such as it is, to the “climate.” Biden seeks to get the climate under control. Biden was out stumping on the “climate” in New York and New Jersey. The damned »

The Taliban forms a pro-al Qaeda government

Featured image The Taliban has announced the formation of the government that will rule Afghanistan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Taliban gave no positions of power to other political forces, religious minorities, or women. And it pledged to implement strict Islamic rule. Of course it did. That’s what the Taliban is all about. Did the Taliban at least exclude al Qaeda-linked elements from its government? No, it did not. The »

Joe Biden’s kind of rabbis

Featured image Fresh off of falsely claiming to have visited the Tree of Life synagogue where a white supremacist gunman massacred Jews, Joe Biden invited seven rabbis to a conference to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. As Daniel Greenfield reports, Biden’s selections, taken as a whole, do not look like the American Jewry, to paraphrase that leftist cliche. Instead, they look like Joe Biden’s leftist political allies. Greenfield writes: Reconstructionists, a secular leftist denomination »

High Noonan

Featured image In “Joe Biden displays his wisdom,” Paul Mirengoff draws on Peggy Noonan’s current Wall Street Journal column for its insight into the failings of President Biden. I thought it was a good Noonan column and true even if it was Noonan speaking, but late and therefore hurried. Noonan is in a rush to make it clear she sees what everybody else has seen over the past few weeks. Noonan doesn’t »

Joe Biden displays his wisdom

Featured image Peggy Noonan writes of Joe Biden and his disastrous Afghanistan decisions: A longtime friend of his once told me Mr. Biden’s weakness is that he always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. I asked if the rooms are usually small, and the friend didn’t bristle, he laughed. I suspect Mr. Biden was thinking he was going to be the guy who finally cut through, who stopped the nonsense, »

Covid deaths in the U.S. are higher than last year at same time

Featured image At this time last year, the Wuhan coronavirus was claiming around 1,000 American lives per day. It seemed to me that, absent a sudden and sharp decline in that number, Joe Biden would be our next president. It must have seemed that way to Biden and his top advisers, as well. During presidential debates that occurred a little less than a year ago, Biden ripped Trump for his handling of »