Joe Biden

Whom Is Biden Nominating to the Federal Bench?

Featured image On Wednesday, a group of Biden nominees to district court judgeships came before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator John Kennedy asked one of the nominees, Spokane County Superior Court Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren, some basic questions about the Constitution. Her inability to answer them has gotten a lot of attention: To be fair, constitutional questions rarely come before a state court trial judge. And, like Judge Bjelkengren, I am not familiar »

Back inside the laptop

Featured image The Free Beacon’s Andrew Kerr and Joseph Simonson have taken another dip inside the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop, They looked for the light it might shed on access to the classified documents in the unauthorized possession of “the big guy.” They conclude: “President Joe Biden’s immediate family knew more about the location of documents in his possession than the president’s aides, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggest.” Specifically: »

Camp of the ain’ts

Featured image In her New York Post column Miranda Devine reports on “The migrant mess…ruining NYC’s midtown.” She identifies previously elite midtown hotels that are now housing illegal aliens at taxpayer expense: The city is putting illegals up ­indefinitely in Midtown’s former luxury hotels, providing three free hot meals a day, baby formula, free clothing, free legal services, free health care and free education. The cost is reportedly close to $100,000 per »

Ms. found in Hunter Biden’s laptop

Featured image White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took a few questions on the Biden classified documents matter at yesterday’s briefing (White House transcript here). The New York Post covers this aspect of the briefing here. KJP performed a few golden oldies. For example: “I’m going to continue to be prudent from here. I’m going to be — continued to be consistent and make sure that those questions go to my colleagues »

Getting there

Featured image Today’s New York Post takes up the Biden classified documents matter in an editorial and in Miranda Devine’s column. The editorial makes a few basic points that I have omitted to make in following the matter: The available evidence now suggests he was carting off government secrets at least since he was a spry 68. To us, that looks more like “incredibly reckless.” By the way, we also still don’t »

Here, there & everywhere

Featured image I think we may be moving beyond the “no there there” stage of the Biden classified documents matter. We don’t know how many documents are involved or what they are, but their diverse locations are suggestive of gross negligence. The Daily Mail now reports “EXCLUSIVE: Biden classified files were sent to ANOTHER D.C. location before they were stored at think tank – by team led by aide who’d been recommended »

Getting “there” yet?

Featured image On Friday President Biden declared that there was “no there there” in the matter of his illegal possession of classified documents. This after the discovery of three or four such sets of docs in low places including the detached garage housing his Corvette at his Wilmington residence. Last night news broke that yet another set of classified documents was found at Biden’s Wilmington home — this set including documents that »

More Documents In Slow Joe’s House

Featured image Fox News is reporting that yet another batch of classified documents has been found in Joe Biden’s house. We now learn that the Department of Justice conducted a 12-hour search of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware residence on Friday. This apparently is when the new records were discovered. Is it wrong to enjoy this clown show? No. No, it isn’t. It serves the Democrats so exquisitely right. »

Meet President George Santos

Featured image So this George Santos fellow in New York seems not just to have a serious problem with the truth, but might actually be mentally ill. On the other hand, if we’re going to apply that standard, when will Democrats come clean about the mental case they foisted on the country? From, take in one the best supercuts yet, “Meet President George Santos.” (Four minutes long, but it seems so »

Ms. filed in the wrong place

Featured image Unlike White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, President Biden did not refer reporters seeking comment on his retention of classified documents in his Wilmington garage and other unauthorized locations to the White House Counsel or to the Department of Justice. He found himself innocent of any misconduct. He told reporters: “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there.” (For “you” read Special Counsel Robert Hur.) Speaking to reporters accompanying »

Familiarity breeds contempt

Featured image No one “familiar with the matter” delivered the goods in Andrew Kerr’s Washington Free Beacon story “Photos Place Hunter Biden in Corvette at Site of Classified Docs in July 2017.” No, Kerr’s story is based on photos and other information extracted from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The photos demonstrate the security issues raised by President Biden’s storage of classified documents at his Wilmington residence and in the garage there. The story »

Are you familiar with the matter?

Featured image Everything we know in the Biden classified documents matter derives from Biden’s attorneys. In other words, it is inherently unreliable. The existence of the matter was leaked by unidentified sources. Attorney General Garland has since publicly appointed a Special Counsel and more classified documents have been discovered in Biden’s Corvette garage and elsewhere. Mysteries abound. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published a story explaining the role of Biden’s lawyers based »

Clarity, KJP style

Featured image There is a flood of stories on the Biden classified documents matter in the media today. Before we turn to them, let us note the clarity White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shed on her state of knowledge when she briefed the press this past Friday (transcript here). We subsequently learned that her account was “inoperative,” to borrow a resonant Watergate term, at the time she gave it. It had »

Lying well is the best revenge

Featured image The Biden administration observed the MLK Day holiday yesterday by refraining from disclosure of any facts concerning the classified documents discovered in Biden’s possession in locations including the garage of his Wilmington residence. Actually, every day has been a holiday in this sense since the leak letting the world know “how irresponsible” Biden has been, to borrow his judgment on President Trump. Last week we learned that Biden had retained »

Too Many Birthdays

Featured image Earlier today, Joe Biden spoke at a Martin Luther King Day event organized by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. King’s daughter-in-law, Arndrea Waters King, was present, and it happened to be her birthday. So Biden led the audience in a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Only it turned out that he had no idea what her name is. Poor advance work, perhaps; or maybe, as the New York Post suggests in »

Lying for the hell of it

Featured image President Biden spoke at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta yesterday in advance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In his remarks, the president spoke of democracy and voting rights, drawing parallels between his administration’s domestic agenda and Dr. King’s civil rights mission. The president called the present moment in history “the time of choosing,” between “democracy over autocracy,” “community over chaos,” and “love over hate.” In other words, he gave »

Joe Biden is toast

Featured image The morning of September 9, 2004, I called John Hinderaker and asked him to help me review the emails with which we were inundated following my “Sixty-First Minute” post. John scrolled through the emails and called me back half an hour later. “60 Minutes is toast,” he told me. John’s formulation returns to mind in connection with the revelations regarding Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents following his exit from »