Joe Biden

Soft-on-Russia-Biden rejects State Department’s advice on sanctions

Featured image Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is no one’s idea of a hardliner. For example, he’s leading the charge to appease Iran in the hope that, with the pot sweetened, the mullahs will permit the U.S. to reenter the nuclear deal. But Blinken is what passes for a hardliner in the feckless Biden administration. Reportedly, he strongly urged Joe Biden to sanction the company and the CEO behind the Nord Stream »

Those 16 sectors

Featured image Whatever President Biden had to say at his press conference after his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva yesterday, it wasn’t worth the price. The price, that is, of giving Putin a stage on which to disparage the United States with a variety of left-wing talking points. Moreover, if Biden said to Putin what he said he said — the White House has posted the text of Biden’s comments here »

Today in Slow Joe: A “Get Off My Lawn” Moment

Featured image There are several notable things already apparent beyond John’s observation on the slobbering media coverage of the Biden-Putin midget-summit just below. It may be some time before we get any documentary evidence of what took place, such as the cursory State Department summaries kept by note-takers in the room that are usually declassified and released after 15 or 20 years, so we’ll have to go from selective leaks and public statements. »

CNN: Biden Stares Down Putin!

Featured image Our reporters are determined to avert their eyes from Joe Biden’s mental and physical condition, and pretend that all is well. Earlier today, CNN’s chief national security correspondent, Jim Sciutto, took his network’s slavish devotion to the Democrats to a hilarious extreme: "Yo, Jim, dial it down a notch" – North Korean State TV — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 16, 2021 This seriously is how CNN reports on national security! »

Joe Biden Represents Us Abroad

Featured image Check out this video of Joe Biden trying to talk during the G7 meeting in Cornwall. I can only agree with Tammy Bruce’s observations. The man’s mental capacity is obviously inadequate to fulfill his job responsibilities. The press can avoid talking about Biden’s rapid decline, but they can’t prevent either our allies or our adversaries from noticing it. This is horrible. At some point his cognitive disfunction has to be »

Joe Biden’s European vacation

Featured image Dominic Green’s New York Post column explains the offense the escapee from Madam Tussauds has given his British hosts. The column is “Biden opens European tour with slap at Brits.” However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be taking it well. Green is deputy editor of the Spectator’s world edition as well as a historian and journalist of the first rank. While our mainstream media serve Biden like the courtiers »

Our first cyborg president

Featured image I am coming around to the theory that Joe Biden is our first cyborg president. The state of the art has advanced considerably since the animatronic Lincoln. The Biden cyborg is lifelike — a work of art. I have previously paid tribute to the waxworks quality of Biden’s visage. He looks like an escapee from Madam Tussauds. But there is more. Something is happening here and I have failed to »

About those interracial couples in TV ads

Featured image I want to focus on this statement by Joe Biden, as quoted by Scott in his “Tangled up in Tulsa” post: Although I have no scientific basis for what I’m about to say, but those of you who are over 50, how often did you ever see advertisements on television with black and white couples? Not a joke. I challenge you, find today when you turn on the stations, sit »

Tangled up in Tulsa

Featured image President Biden traveled to Tulsa to deliver a speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. I can’t find an official White House version of the speech President Biden delivered in Tulsa yesterday. Rev has posted an unofficial transcript here. I have embedded the Guardian News video at the bottom. The speech mixed its memorial purpose with low Democratic politics while giving no hint of remarkable progress made »

A truly fraudulent presidency

Featured image As I have noted several times here, I see Joe Biden as the man with half a mind to be president. The senior moments, the vacant stare, the dependence on written texts he struggles to follow, the pitty pat/short step gait and all the rest seem like telltale signs of a man well into his dotage. I feel juvenile saying it, but juvenile in an “Emperor’s new clothes” kind of »

Biden’s Obsession Breaks Out

Featured image Over the last 18 hours or so, this video has been widely shared. If you haven’t already seen it, it opens another window onto Joe Biden’s mental state: Many have seen this as another instance of Biden’s weird obsession with little girls. Yes, but I think the truth is worse than that. Biden’s handlers have undoubtedly warned him many times not to act inappropriately toward little girls, but when he »

CRB: Betting against America

Featured image Missing from the galley of the new (Spring) issue of the Claremont Review of Books I pored over to select essays and reviews to preview for Power Line readers was the editorial that leads off the magazine. The space was, as usual, marked “TK” (to come). Having read it this week in my hard copy of the magazine, I asked if we could wind up our preview of the new »

Burisma Revisited

Featured image Joe Biden is a classic corrupt politician. He has used his decades in public office to enrich himself and his family in a manner that we usually associate with graft-seeking politicians of the 19th Century. The Burisma story, from which the Democratic Party press studiously averted its eyes, is a perfect example. Joe’s son Hunter was given a place on Burisma’s board of directors and paid a salary of $1 »

Biden passes on Notre Dame commencement

Featured image In the last three presidencies, either the president or the vice president has attended the Notre Dame commencement during the first year in office. George W. Bush gave the commencement address in 2001. President Barack Obama gave the address in 2009. Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the ceremony in 2017. But Joe Biden, only the second Catholic president in U.S. history, will not speak at or attend this year’s »

An Epic Presidential Mismatch

Featured image I saw a video clip of Joe Biden’s inept speech to a Coast Guard Academy graduating class a few days ago, but didn’t get the full impact until I saw the side-by-side comparison below. It turns out that Biden was trying to steal a joke from Ronald Reagan, who used the same line when he addressed a Coast Guard class years ago. Here it is, a master vs. a disaster: »

Biden yields to Putin on Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Featured image Axios reports that the Biden administration will waive sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany. This means, in all likelihood, that the pipeline will become operational. That’s a huge win for Vladimir Putin. Why? For one thing, as Axios says, Russian gas currently has to pass through Ukraine on its way to Europe. Bypassing Ukraine with a direct pipeline »

NY Times: Slow Joe Getting Slower

Featured image The New York Times has a remarkable story out this weekend that offers its typical “behind the scenes” construction of how the White House operates—in this case, under President Biden. While the story tries to soften the blows with lots of fluff and filler, it paints a devastating picture of Biden for the careful reader. It explains he has a quick temper, takes a long time to make decisions, and »