Joe Biden

Joe Biden opens the door

Featured image It’s suddenly commonplace for feminists to say of Joe Biden that “he doesn’t get it.” The statement, though, is question-begging because the word “it” covers a lot of ground, much of which is controversial. What’s fair to say about Biden is that he hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not just that Biden is making light of his touchings of women and girls. Consider this excerpt from a Washington Post story »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Bidenfreude Edition

Featured image The hits—in both senses of the term—just keep coming for Sloppy Joe Biden. Here’s New York magazine writing in 2015 on “Nine Times Joe Biden Creepily Whispered in Women’s Ears.” Then there’s this segment from The Daily Show back in 2014 about Biden’s “Audacity of Grope.” Should have been a sign back then that he’d have problems with his weirdness. I agree with Paul that this shouldn’t be a serious »

Report: Biden forced ouster of prosecutor investigating his son’s firm

Featured image In my view, Joe Biden’s kisses and hugs should be a non-story, and would be but for the desire of left-wing Democrats to prevent him from being the party’s nominee. Here, though, is what may well be a genuine Biden scandal. According to John Solomon of The Hill, then-Vice President Biden strong armed Ukraine into firing its chief prosecutor who, at the time, was investigating a company that employed Biden’s »

Biden His Time

Featured image John and Paul have already noted the travails of Joe Biden, trying to figure out a path to the Democratic nomination in the era of both the #MeToo movement and the postmodern, identity politics disposition of the Democratic base. Supposedly Trump doesn’t have one of his handy nicknames ready for Biden yet. I’ve always like “Slow Joe,” but “Creepy Joe Biden” seems to be the flavor of the moment. But »

Joe Biden’s stale postmodernism

Featured image Earlier today, John wrote about the accusation that Joe Biden touched Lucy Flores inappropriately when he campaigned for her back in 2014. I want to focus on the statement Biden’s team put out in response: Neither then, nor in the years since, did he or the staff with him at the time have an inkling that Ms. Flores had been at any time uncomfortable, nor do they recall what she »

The Knives Are Out for Biden

Featured image Lucy Flores was the Democrats’ candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada in 2014. Vice-President Joe Biden went to Nevada to campaign for her. Now, Ms. Flores has decided the time has come to reveal that Biden touched her inappropriately: As I was taking deep breaths and preparing myself to make my case to the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I froze. “Why is the vice-president of the »

Good thing there are no statues of Joe Biden

Featured image The Washington Post reports on an interview a Delaware newspaper conducted with Joe Biden in 1975. On the subject of race, Biden stated: I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said, ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give »

The Feeling Is Mutual, Joe

Featured image I don’t think we have commented on Joe Biden’s disgraceful performance at the Munich Security Conference yesterday. I haven’t seen a full transcript of his remarks, but he delivered a partisan stump speech to an audience of European leaders. It consisted largely of an attack on the President of the United States. I’m so old, I can remember when that was considered bad form. Speaking on German soil 75 years »

Joe Biden then and now

Featured image The big Democratic talking point of the moment against moving to a confirmation vote on Judge Kavanaugh is the necessity of an FBI background check to investigate the Democrats’ late hits. Democrats amplify the talking point by dint of repetition among their media adjunct. Against the odds, then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden usefully explained the vacuity of this talking point under somewhat analogous circumstances in 1991. “The next »

The President Responds to “Crazy Joe Biden” In Kind

Featured image I wrote last night about Joe Biden’s crazed sort-of-threats against President Trump. Early this morning, President Trump replied in kind, on Twitter. Read it and marvel: Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying »

Slow Joe’s Low Comedy

Featured image Every time you think our public life can’t sink any lower, our politicians surprise you by hitting new depths. Today it was Joe Biden, boasting to an audience in Miami that if he had known Donald Trump as a high school student, he would have beaten him up: “A guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it,'” Biden said »

Joe Biden: Growing “out of of office”

Featured image Technically, Joe Biden isn’t out of office yet. But as a lame duck vice president, he might as well be. With his political career at an end, Talkin’ Joe is finally talkin’ sense. Today, Biden indicated that he’s probably okay with Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. He did so during an interview with Jake Tapper. After boasting about leading the fight not to confirm Sessions as a federal judge »

Joe Biden: The plagiarist as pugilist

Featured image Scott has commented on Joe Biden’s tough talk about wanting to fight Donald Trump “behind the gym.” About Biden’s willingness to engage in fisticuffs and his prowess in that regard, I haven’t a clue. I do know that Biden lacked the courage to take on Hillary Clinton for the presidency. The vice president was cowed by the Clinton Machine. It was left to the much tougher Bernie Sanders to step »

Biden talks tough

Featured image The new news brings us a glimpse of a few more facets of the multifaceted Joe Biden. If he were a pop singer, one of his albums would have been titled The Many Moods of Joe Biden. We have come to know him as left-wing hack. We have come to know him as a vulgarian. We have come to know him as an ignoramus. We have come to know him »

Obama still making it up as he goes along

Featured image President Obama spoke today with local reporters from around the country about the stalled Supreme Court nomination of his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. As America Rising Squared (AR2) reports, the president got several facts wrong (which, says AR2, has become the new normal for this Administration). Obama told reporters that “in the past, [Garland] has been confirmed unanimously by the Senate for the current position that he holds.” Not »

Joe Biden’s revisionist history of his own views [UPDATED]

Featured image When politicians sanctimoniously advocate positions that everyone knows are the opposite of the ones they would take if the partisan setting were flipped, they reinforce the contempt Americans feel towards them as a class. The dispute over whether to hold hearings for and/or to confirm Merrick Garland is a case in point. Both sides are guilty to some degree of advancing positions they would denounce if the shoe were on »

Biden’s 1992 advice: Don’t nominate Supreme Court Justice in election year

Featured image Speaking on the Senate floor in 1992, Joe Biden stated that if a Supreme Court vacancy were to arise while the “political season [i.e., the presidential campaign] is underway,” President George H.W. Bush should follow the “practice of the majority of his predecessors” and not nominate anyone to the vacancy until after the election. Biden added that that if President Bush were to ignore that advice, the Senate Judiciary Committee »