Joe Biden

Joe Biden Is Toast

Featured image I have been saying all along that Joe Biden’s job approval numbers are inflated. There is no way that anything like 40 percent of voters observe what has happened over the last two years and say, “Great job, Joe!” I think his approval numbers are buoyed by Democrats who know he is a lousy president, but stick up for their party when a pollster calls. This ABC News/Washington Post poll »

Moments, senior moments

Featured image As of today Thaleigha Rampersad and Andrew Stiles have compiled 12 editions of “Joe Biden’s senior moment of the week.” In today’s volume 12 they cheated a little (video below). They were unable to settle on just one senior moment. In the accompanying story on volume 12 they include this quote from Biden’s 60 Minutes interview in which Biden comments on his age: “I have trouble even mentioning, even saying »

What Comes of Taking Joe Biden Seriously

Featured image I don’t believe we have covered the story of Cayler Ellingson, the 18-year-old North Dakota boy who was murdered by 41-year-old Shannon Brandt. Why did the murder happen? Brandt says he ran Ellingson down with his car following a “political argument” because he thought Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group.” Where might he have gotten that idea? From the President of the United States. So far no details »

Now what?

Featured image Following his shambling UN speech yesterday afternoon President Biden spoke at the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference. The White House has posted the transcript of his remarks here. It must have been a long day for the elderly gentleman. He appears to be lost in a fog as he seeks to depart the stage (video below). He’s so lost — (@townhallcom) September 21, 2022 Looking for an explanation, »

Bordering on incoherence

Featured image Why has President Biden opened our southern border? That wasn’t quite the question that he took on his way out the door of his remarks on the DISCLOSE Act yesterday (transcript here), but it was close. He was asked: “On the border, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, Mr. President?” Everyone knows that Biden has invited illegal aliens in. That is the answer. Biden, however, regurgitated what »

Biden Demands White Supremacy

Featured image FBI whistleblowers–in this case, the term is probably warranted–have come forward to say that the Bureau is pressuring them to come up with “white supremacists” to investigate, in order to advance the Biden administration’s agenda: Current and former FBI agents have come forward saying the Biden administration is deliberately exaggerating the danger posed by white supremacists. They claimed that high-ranking FBI officials were pressuring field agents to fabricate domestic terrorism »

Laptop from hell revisited

Featured image Brendan O’Neill interviews Miranda Devine on the laptop from hell — as O’Neill notes, Devine wrote the book on it — and related subjects in the terrific Spiked podcast below. Spiked has posted the podcast here with this précis: “Miranda discusses her role in the groundbreaking investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop, the FBI and Big Tech’s attempt to kill the story, and how the cover-up is now falling to pieces.” »

Party on, Joe

Featured image President Biden threw a party at the White House to celebrate the absurdly named Inflation Reduction Act on Tuesday. I noted it in “KJP on the IRA.” Asked to explain what the IRA would do to moderate inflation, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded in word that, when translated, indicated it would do nothing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended the party, as did Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Byron »

Who’s Extreme?

Featured image Like me, you probably have been flabbergasted by Joe Biden’s attempt to paint Republicans as violent extremists. Biden’s attacks reflect an alternate reality that seems to come from some other universe. This video (via InstaPundit) does an excellent job of exposing the insanity of Biden’s worldview: Who ever did this video. Freaking awesome. — 🇺🇲Patriot Knights Of America, AZ,NM 3%✝️ (@knights_america) September 9, 2022 Sadly, I note that a »

Impeach Biden?

Featured image Everyone thinks Republicans will win control of the House in November, despite possible shifts in the Democrats’ favor in recent weeks. If the GOP does take control, an obvious question is: will Joe Biden be impeached? Should he be? On those questions, Rasmussen reports poll numbers that seem remarkable, based on a survey of 1,000 likely voters: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of »

KJP: Speaking of ridiculous

Featured image I held that the stand-up act by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at the lectern in the Brady Press Briefing yesterday was “A bad day for KJP.” The White House has now posted the transcript here. President Biden’s Triumph of the shill speech of this past Thursday continues to reverberate in Peter Doocy’s questions. Presented without further comment by me, I will only say that this is classic. * »

Triumph of the shill: What say you?

Featured image Pollster Robert Cahaly’s Trafalgar Group asked 1084 likely general election voters what they thought of President Biden’s Triumph of the shill speech this past Thursday. Trafalgar posed the question: “What is your opinion of President Biden’s recent primetime address to the nation in which he accused his political opponents of representing ‘an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic’?” The results are tabulated in the tweet below and »

Quote of the day

Featured image It’s early, I know, but I’m going with Lance Morrow’s Wall Street Journal column “Biden’s speech had it all backwards.” commenting on President Biden’s “Triumph of the shill” speech and other recent musings on “fascism”: If there are fascists in America these days, they are apt to be found among the tribes of the left. They are Mr. Biden and his people (including the lion’s share of the media), whose »

Wilkes-Barre Has Spoken

Featured image Donald Trump and Joe Biden held rallies in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last week. How did they go? These videos tell the story: Donald Trump and Joe Biden Both held rallies in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania this week. Here is what they looked like back to back. Incredible. — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 4, 2022 The level of public enthusiasm for Dork Brandon is near zero. But don’t be overconfident, because 81millionLOL Joe »

Understanding the giveaway

Featured image The New York Post elaborates on the terms of the student loan giveaway engineered by President Biden. The terms of the giveaway sound suspiciously legislative in nature. Where is all the hubbub about democracy? I have excerpted the Post editorial below the break. * * * * * Biden would roll back borrowers’ maximum monthly payment on undergrad loans to just 5% of “discretionary” income — and cut the amount »

I, the people

Featured image President Biden’s speech of this past Thursday evening with all the production trappings outside Independence Hall continues to resonate in my mind. I think the anti-Constitutional gist of it can be summed up in three words: I, the People. Biden’s 32 references to “democracy” reflect not so much a misunderstanding of, but rather a fundamental disagreement with, our constitutional set-up. The constitutional set-up of course establishes a variety of roadblocks »

“Nice Try, Mr. President”

Featured image Indulge a little bit of nostalgia for a moment. I realized that this upcoming week will mark the 40th anniversary of when I began graduate school at Claremont. And one of the first new students I met who also began that semester was John Eastman, who I marked out the first week in class as a lively mind. A couple years later we became housemates, renting a bungalow from the »