Joe Biden

“The Straight Talk Express” and “No Malarkey,” a comparison

Featured image During his campaigns for president, John McCain famously traveled on a bus he called The Straight Talk Express. Joe Biden, hoping to energize his Iowa campaign, has been traveling around the state in a bus he calls No Malarkey. McCain’s bus was aptly named. If anything, McCain talked too straight on it. During my one stint on the Straight Talk Express, he conceded that he wasn’t strong in the area »

Democrats Gone Wild

Featured image Democrats are feeling the heat of the immense gamble they are taking by impeaching President Trump. A reporter asks Nancy Pelosi whether she hates President Trump, and whether the whole impeachment drive isn’t about the Democrats’ antipathy toward him. She responds as a Catholic in a fashion that is made even less convincing by her bizarre gestures: Meanwhile, campaigning in Iowa, Joe Biden is asked a question by a voter »

Biden’s running mate

Featured image If Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination, it’s a good bet he will select a woman as his running mate. Biden has mentioned four women he might pick. They are Sally Yates, Stacey Abrams, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan. Yates has spent her entire career as a lawyer, not much of a recommendation for the second highest office in the land. Her biggest claims to fame are helping to set »

Dogpatch in D.C.

Featured image I saw this tweet earlier today but didn’t immediately understand it: The Dem who wishes Joe Biden congratulations on his newest grandchild at the debate tonight instantly wins this is the rule — Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) November 20, 2019 This is what it’s all about: Hunter Biden is the father of an Arkansas woman’s baby, according to a paternity test detailed in court papers filed Wednesday. “DNA testing has established »

Which Dem presidential candidate should conservatives be rooting for?

Featured image During last night’s Power Line VIP show, we received plenty of good questions from the audience. We answered a number of them. Apologies to those whose questions we didn’t get to. One of the best questions of the evening came from Scott. He asked, in effect, whether conservatives who favor President Trump’s reelection should be rooting for the Dems to nominate one of their more extreme candidates, on the theory »

Emails Reveal Biden/Burisma Influence at State Department

Featured image John Solomon has posted State Department emails involving a lobbyist named Karen Tramontano and Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company that paid Hunter Biden $3 million: Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian gas firm colleagues had multiple contacts with the Obama State Department during the 2016 election cycle, including one just a month before Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s company for corruption, newly »

Biden Denied Communion In South Carolina

Featured image This is a local news story that was pointed out to me by a friend: “Joe Biden denied Holy Communion at Florence church.” That is Florence, South Carolina: Former Vice President Joe Biden, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race, was denied Holy Communion on Sunday morning at a Florence church. Father Robert E. Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic Church confirmed Monday afternoon that he had »

Joe Biden’s Trouble With the Truth

Featured image In his lifetime in politics, Joe Biden has always had a tenuous connection to reality. As he has gotten elderly, that connection has weakened further. While politicians in general are not famed for veracity, Biden’s pronouncements–especially about himself, a topic on which you might expect him to be an authority–are uniquely likely to be false. The latest case in point: Brother of Sandy Hook victim calls out Joe Biden for »

Joe Biden, dead man running?

Featured image People more politically astute than I am say that Joe Biden has little chance of winning the Democratic nomination. In their view, Biden is a paper tiger, sort of like Jeb Bush in 2016 and Rudy Giuliani in 2008. In short, he’s a dead man walking. But Bush and Giuliani were not leading in the polls by this time in their unsuccessful presidential runs. By contrast, a new CNN poll »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Don’t tell Anderson Cooper, but Ammo Grrrll points out: THAT IS A WHEELBARROW FULL OF MONEY!! She writes: Okay. I stipulate to the fact that geezers are always comparing the cost of things today with the prices (and values) of things when we were young, and I identify as a geezer. We used to make fun of Mama. “Yes, Mother, we realize that bread was a nickel, but you had »

Biden In Decline

Featured image I never thought Joe Biden had a serious shot at the Democratic nomination. Even when he was in his prime, he wasn’t up to the task. And that was a long time ago. But it is the Ukraine scandal that is putting Biden’s candidacy to a perhaps-premature end. James Freeman describes the news media’s almost comical efforts to protect Biden: When President Trump turned to the Bidens and Ukraine in »

The Chuck Todd Experience

Featured image In the adjacent post I discuss Vox’s coverage of the Trump rally in Minneapolis last week. Tim Graham chronicles Chuck Todd’s old-fashioned approach to the rally in the NewsBusters post “Call Him Spike? Chuck Todd Vows NOT to Show Trump Attacking Omar, Hunter Biden.” Citing Todd’s MSNBC show this past Friday, the day after the rally, Graham notes that “Todd offered a pompous commentary on how he was refusing to »

Why do Republicans want to hear from the former ambassador to Ukraine?

Featured image Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch is testifying today before congressional committees on Capitol Hill. As Ed Morrissey notes, it’s curious that, although the White House has blocked a number of government officials from testifying before Congress, Yovanovitch showed up today to testify. The White House may be okay with Yovanovitch testifying. According to this article by Debra Heine in American Greatness, Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking member of »

Warren stammers on Biden ethics issue

Featured image I got a kick out of this report by the Daily Caller: Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared to stammer and waffle Wednesday when a reporter asked her if it would be ethical if her hypothetical vice president’s son served on the board of a foreign company. “No,” Warren told a reporter at a campaign stop in New Hampshire before pausing to reconsider her answer. Warren added, “I don’t know. »

Who would a Ukraine scandal hurt more, Trump or Biden?

Featured image As things stand now, it’s unclear whether the Ukraine “whistle blower” matter is a serious scandal. In my view, it will become one only if President Trump used American aid as a quid-pro-quo in trying to induce Ukraine to investigate the Bidens or if he significantly delayed the release of such aid because Ukraine hadn’t agreed to investigate. For purposes of discussion, let’s assume this becomes a serious scandal, or »

Report: Trump urged Ukraine’s president to reopen investigation of Hunter Biden

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump, in a July phone call, repeatedly pressed the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. According to the Journal, Trump urged Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, on a probe of Hunter Biden: “[Trump] told [Zelensky] that he should work with [Giuliani] on Biden, and that people in Washington wanted to »

Biden and Yang display ignorance about immigration

Featured image Immigration was always going to be a topic of discussion during Thursday’s Democratic debate. Thus, the candidates should have been prepared to speak about immigration, if not intelligently than at least without getting basic facts wrong. As Mark Krikorian documents, Joe Biden and Andrew Yang were unable to pass this modest test. Biden claimed that during the Obama administration, “we didn’t lock people up in cages; we didn’t separate families.” »