Joe Biden

The madness of Slow Joe: YOU take YOUR seat

Featured image The New York Post briefly reports President Biden’s exposure of the “comically detailed cheat sheet” prepared by his staff. Biden is instructed to “take YOUR seat” and to limit his remarks to “2 minutes.” Someone neglected to tell him that the first rule of cheat sheets is to keep it close to your vest. Or perhaps he just forgot. The Post explains: A photographer snapped an image of the document »

Biden Is Doomed and Has Nowhere to Run

Featured image Yesterday’s Rasmussen survey of likely voters finds that 57% consider Joe Biden’s performance on the economy to be “poor.” That strikes me as a death knell: there is no way a president viewed in such a negative light on the economy can be re-elected. No matter how unappetizing their alternatives–Kamala Harris? Pete Buttigieg?–the Democrats have no choice but to put Biden out to pasture and find someone else for 2024. »

The O’Keefe Project: Whistleblower revisited

Featured image The mind-boggling story of Ashley Biden’s diary disappears from the news for months at a time. I have sought to keep it front of mind and do what can be done to advance it. Touching base with Project Veritas yesterday, I came up empty. However, I was reminded of May’s whistleblower installment of the saga that had completely slipped my mind. All my posts tracking the story are accessible here. »

The Rhyme of History?

Featured image The old saying that “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes” looks applicable today to Joe Biden’s bicycle mishap. It is said that Biden is very sensitive to comparisons with Jimmy Carter, but we now have these visuals to pair: I wonder how the New York Times will cover it. Keep this story filed away for reference and comparison: President Trump faced new questions [from whom?-ed] about his health on »

Biden Takes a Fall

Featured image The question, can Joe Biden possibly fall any further? was answered this morning, as Joe did a biking photo op in Delaware. The answer: Yes. Yes, he can: This feels like a — Abigail Marone 🇺🇸 (@abigailmarone) June 18, 2022 IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE! the Democrats say. Sure. Just like Afghanistan, inflation, the prices of gasoline and groceries, the most incoherent energy policies in world history, rising crime, »

Biden: Promises Made, Promises Kept!

Featured image Let’s review the record. Here’s what Biden said about energy while campaigning for office: So how’s that “end fossil fuel” working out for you Joe? The Wall Street Journal reports this afternoon: President Biden came to office vowing to cut dependence on fossil fuels, putting environmentalists in charge of energy policy and asking Congress for billions of dollars to fund a transition to cleaner energy. Seventeen months later, greenhouse gas »

The madness of slow Joe: Something does not compute

Featured image We have an overabundance of Biden stew to digest today. The president sat down with his friends at the Associated Press for a long-awaited interview. Woo hoo! Josh Doak writes it up here. The AP has separately posted the transcript here. For its headline the AP extracts the quote that a recession is not “inevitable.” No, it could be something worse. The AP quotes Biden: “People are really, really down.” »

The world according to Biden deconstructed

Featured image Who will unwind the torrent of bizarreries, misrepresentations, lies, and howlers unleashed by President Biden in his remarks at the AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia earlier this week? I doubt this is work the professional fact-checkers at the Washington Post and elsewhere will do. They certainly wouldn’t have their heart in it. The New York Post commissioned James Bovard to do the job. Unfortunately, limitations of space confined Citizen Bovard to »

Biden: Drill, Baby, Drill!

Featured image Joe Biden ran for office as an anti-petroleum “green” fanatic. He promised to end drilling for oil and gas so as to enable a transition to energy sources that work only occasionally: Joe Biden in 2020: "No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period. It ends." — Dan O'Donnell (@DanODonnellShow) March 8, 2022 »

How Deep Is Biden’s Hole?

Featured image First, just to clear up any misconception from the headline, by “Biden’s Hole,” I don’t mean his mouth. That is clearly a bottomless abyss. I mean his political standing. How bad is it? So bad that even CNN can’t disguise or sugarcoat it. Here are some recent screen-grabs: Chaser, from Reuters: Biden’s approval falls in third straight week, nears record low -Reuters/Ipsos U.S. President Joe Biden’s public approval rating fell »

The world according to Biden: Transcript

Featured image I was looking for transcript in all the wrong places, i.e., for the official White House transcript of President Biden’s fabulations at the 29th quadrennial convention of the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia yesterday morning. The White House posted it under Statements and Releases here. I commented on it here based on the PBS video (below). Today’s New York Post devotes a good editorial to Biden’s speech under the heading “The Post »

The world according to Biden

Featured image President Biden spoke today at the AFL-CIO quadrennial convention in Philadelphia. I have posted a video of the whole thing at the bottom. Biden is in his element and the torrent of lies is tough to take. The White House has not posted a transcript. As usual, Biden builds himself up by comparison with “the last guy.” In the world according to Biden, life under Donald Trump was a nightmare »

Someone’s bear market

Featured image President Biden has derided his “predecessor” or “the last guy” (as Biden likes to refer to him) for bragging about the performance of the stock market under his (President Trump’s) watch. Yet he (Biden) has also bragged about the performance of the stock market under his watch. As of the market close yesterday, however, all the Biden gains had been wiped out and the market had slipped into bear market »

That’s easy for him to say

Featured image I like to say he’s got half a mind to be president, but I would set the over/under on President Biden’s mental capacity at 40 percent. This isn’t the first time he appears to have forgotten Barack Obama’s name (video below). He’s been doing it for a while. The video clip reportedly derives from remarks yesterday at the so-called Summit of the Americas (I can’t find a transcript or account »

Who’s next: The Times does Biden

Featured image The New York Times has posted the Biden variant of the “Dump Feinstein” campaign that Steve has been tracking. In an alert to subscribers, the Times directs readers to Reid Epstein and Jennifer Medina’s story on the “Democratic whispers” that perhaps Biden should step aside in 2024 (and announce his decision to do so after the midterms). This just in: Democrats fear he may not be up to the task. »

Democrats Put Out a Contract on Justice Barrett [Updated]

Featured image Would-be assassin Nicholas Roske failed to carry out his mission of assassinating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This isn’t surprising: the sort of person who acts on incitement from the likes of Chuck Schumer is more or less deranged, and more or less incompetent. Yet there are more where Roske came from, and one of them may succeed. What do the Democrats think about attempted assassinations of Supreme Court justices? »

Rambling Joes

Featured image A would-be assassin sought to take out Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the early morning hours yesterday. That evening President Biden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live to yuk it and ramble in the style to which we have grown accustomed. One might have thought this was a poor time to yuk it up on late-night television, but the show must go on. The Kimmel audience cheered wildly for Biden, »