In the Flynn case, more exculpatory evidence

The case brought by Team Mueller in the name of the United States against Michael Flynn constitutes a sidebar to the biggest political scandal in American history by far. While the United States now seeks to dismiss the case, Judge Sullivan resists. His resistance now extends to the The D.C. Circuit opinion granting Flynn’s petition for a writ of mandamus ordering him to dismiss the case.

While the D.C. Circuit mulls over Sullivan’s petition for en banc review of the court’s mandamus order, the government continues to produce previously undisclosed exculpatory material to General Flynn. Reminder: Attorney General Barr assigned United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen the task of reviewing the government’s file in the Flynn matter. Jensen’s review has resulted in several productions of exculpatory evidence that prosecutors acting on behalf of the United States should previously have turned over to Flynn.

What we have here is a sickening disgrace from which the press averts its eyes like Victorians confronting a public display of sex. At every step along the way, the press acted as a co-conspirator with the perpetrators inside the FBI and the Obama administration. You can understand why they might not be inclined to look back or confess and repent their wrongdoing. They look forward to the Biden Ministry of Truth depositing it down the memory hole.

Flynn counsel Sidney Powell filed Flynn’s Second Supplement In Support of Agreed Dismissal yesterday. It is accessible here. The newly produced exculpatory evidence was attached to the memo as Exhibit A. The memo explains the circumstances underlying the production and itemizes the government’s previous productions of undisclosed exculpatory evidence. This is a scandalous sidebar to the scandalous sidebar.

I have embedded the newly produced exculpatory evidence below via Scribd, where it is posted at the moment. NR reports on the material here. Conservative Tree House’s Sundance helpfully explicates it here.

US v Flynn – DOJ July 2020 … by Techno Fog on Scribd