France intervenes in Mali; media stays at home (UPDATED)

Featured image France, under its Socialist President Francois Hollande, has dispatched 400 troops backed by helicopter gunships and fighter aircraft to stop the advance of al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels in Mali. As Max Boot summarizes the situation: “While the United Nations passed toothless resolutions and the U.S. expressed concern but did nothing, France’s President, Francois Hollande, acted.” As part of its campaign, France has bombarded Gao, a major city controlled by the »

Kambwili speaks

Featured image In his Impromptus column today, NR’s Jay Nordlinger brings the news made by the foreign minister of Zambia earlier this month: George W. Bush was making a visit to Zambia and some other African countries. He has a great many fans in Africa — maybe more than he does here in the U.S. Amnesty International is not a fan. They consider him a war criminal. They want him arrested. Last »