Arab Israel conflict

Gazans killed by Hamas rockets

Featured image Alex Safian is research director of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA). BESA Center has published his study of Gaza Palestinians killed by errant Hamas rockets fired in the recent hostilities. Here is the executive summary: Much of the coverage and commentary surrounding the fighting in May between Hamas and Israel has focused on numbers, especially the much larger number of Palestinians than Israelis killed. »

Democrats Support Hamas

Featured image Support for Israel used to be a bipartisan element of American foreign policy, but as our nation has grown more divided, bipartisanship is rare on any issue. As many have noted, politics in the U.S. has become largely a team sport–many of us cheer for our “team,” more or less regardless of the facts. And it has now become clear that Hamas is part of the Democratic Party’s team. This »

CCP or Democratic Party Line? Who Can Tell?

Featured image On a number of issues, it is getting hard to tell the difference between the Chinese Communist Party line and the Democratic Party line. As, for example, the current conflict in the Middle East and America’s historic support for Israel. The Jerusalem Post quotes a Chinese government English-language outlet: Israel is a US military proxy that enjoys US support because of the influence of wealthy Jews, Chinese government-affiliated English-language news »

In the Middle East, Discredited Myths Never Die

Featured image The current round of violence that was initiated by Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel is depressing on a number of fronts, not least because we are once again hearing brain-dead shibboleths from the White House. After a four-year respite under President Trump, ignorance again reigns. Today Jen Psaki was pressed by White House reporters on why President Biden had not yet called for a cease fire. She bobbed »

A word from Netanyahu

Featured image The message is brief but effective: “Share the truth.” Netanyahu asks viewers to put themselves in the place of Israelis subjected to the rocket attacks from Gaza. It shouldn’t be difficult, but somehow…it seems to be impossible for some. You know who they are. Via Michael Doran on Twitter. Share the truth — Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) May 13, 2021 »

Why won’t Israelis let themselves be killed?

Featured image Democrats such as Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar have become advocates of terrorists and murderers. To borrow the cliché, the silence here — the silence of the Star Tribune — is deafening. In his current Spiked column Brendan O’Neill poses the persistently relevant question about the peculiar double standard Omar and her ilk apply to Israel: The judgement and treatment of Israel by a double standard is one of »

The news from Israel

Featured image Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff drives me nuts on most days, but this morning it leads off with a useful summary of the latest from Israel (links omitted below): Violence between Gaza and Israel intensified last night, with Hamas shooting hundreds of rockets towards the Tel Aviv metropolitan area for the first time since 2018. More than 1,000 rockets have been fired at Israel since the latest round of clashes began. »

Hamas Strikes, the Usual Suspects Cheer

Featured image I don’t think we have yet written about the current conflict in Israel. In the last two days, Hamas has launched, as of the last total I have seen, more than 700 rockets into Israel. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities have come under attack. Several Israelis have been killed, despite that country’s robust civil defense system. Israel has responded in its usual fashion, with targeted strikes against Hamas leaders »

Meet Noa Tishby

Featured image I was unfamiliar with Noa Tishby before reading Robert Sarner’s Times of Israel profile “Israeli actress Noa Tishby’s ‘Simple Guide’ to Israel shakes up US progressives.” Tishby is an Israeli native and left/liberal Zionist who has undertaken the defense of Israel from her perch as a Hollywood actress and producer. The Times of Israel headline refers to her new book Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on »

Whose Side Are They On?

Featured image The Trump administration scored notable foreign policy successes in the Middle East. Abandoning decades-long, futile attempts to secure a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Trump came down foursquare on the side of our ally Israel. Among other things, the Trump administration helped to broker peace agreements between Israel and the Emirates and Bahrain. Predictably, the Biden administration is committed to returning to a “peace” policy that consists »

Abate Abbas et al.

Featured image The Palestinian Authority is a fundamentally disordered political regime. Earlier this year PA President Mahmoud Abbas, age 85, entered the fifteenth seventeenth year of his four-year term. Abbas recently made news of a kind. He issued a decree calling for new parliamentary and presidential elections within the next several months. Barak Ravid has a brief Axios item with relevant background here (or here via Yahoo News). Aaron Boxerman’s Times of »

Netanyahu live

Featured image Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Doran interviewed Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu live on YouTube. This is an incredible — incredibly rich and and educational — discussion. Listen and learn. I hope readers will find it of interest and share it with friends and students with a mind open to the great subjects touched on by Netanyahu in the course of the interview. I will make sure that the whole »

Live from Dubai

Featured image Ivanka Trump credits her dad, President Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, and presidential assistant Avi Berkowitz for the “fruits” of Trump’s diplomacy in the Middle East, now derided and disparaged by the clowns and fools appointed to serve in the prospective Democratic administration. Ivanka shares a video posted by Amit Deri, the CEO of the IDF Reservists on Duty organization from a supermarket in Dubai. President Trump has done great »

Reports: Netanyahu met with crown prince

Featured image President Trump is one of the most consequential presidents in American history. He accomplished great good under constant attack, including from enemies at the FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Council from day 1 of his administration. I am referring to the Russia hoax, of course, and to the related impeachment hoax, but there is much more. It turns out that Trump’s diplomacy has unleashed previously unthinkable progress toward »

A historic day (2)

Featured image Thinking a bit more about the Abraham Accords signing ceremony at the White House yesterday, I want to salute President Trump. Hearing Arab officials refer to Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu in friendly terms before a worldwide audience is mind-boggling. Trump has done a good thing that continues his great undoing of the worst “achievements” of the Obama administration. In order to arrive at this destination, the Trump administration had »

A historic day

Featured image C-SPAN has posted video of the Abraham Accord signing ceremony including representatives of Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain at the White House today. I have embedded the video below. The Times of Israel has posted a brief account of the ceremony here. Everyone involved has an interest in hyping the importance of the agreement, but it is a great and historic day by any fair reckoning. The agreement »

Deal of the Century?

Featured image That is how President Trump bills the Israeli-Arab peace plan that he unveiled today. You can download the entire proposal, titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People,” here. I haven’t had time to digest the entire plan, but the Jerusalem Post summarizes the high points: Borders: Trump’s plan features a map of what Israel’s new borders will be, should it enact »