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Neera Tanden’s nomination is sinking, Xavier Becerra’s should sink too

Featured image There is more bad news for Neera Tanden, Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget. Susan Collins says she won’t vote to confirm Tanden. On Friday, Joe Manchin broke ranks with the Democrats, saying he will not support Tanden. That means the nominee needs the backing of a Republican Senator. Collins was the most likely candidate, or would have been if Tanden hadn’t previously attacked her. »

Manchin says he’ll oppose Tanden nomination

Featured image Sen. Joe Manchin has announced his opposition to Joe Biden’s choice of Neera Tanden to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget. Manchin cited her personal attacks on lawmakers. Manchin’s opposition means that Tanden can only be confirmed if she gains support from a Republican Senator. Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are inclined to confirm all presidential picks for key jobs. However, with Manchin on record as »

Fortress D.C.

Featured image I haven’t been to Capitol Hill for more than a year, but friends paint a sad picture of that area — swarms of National Guardsmen and few civilians. They find this disturbing. According to the editors of National Review, there are around 6,000 troops in the area now (down from 25,000 on Inauguration Day). The plan, apparently, is to keep thousands there through March, and some National Guard presence through »

Biden flack who threatened to “destroy” reporter gets one-week suspension

Featured image TJ Ducklo is a senior member of Joe Biden’s communications team, and served as such during the 2020 political campaign. Alexi McCammond is a reporter for Axios. Last year, the two began a romantic relationship. That would have been fine, except for the fact that McCammond was covering the Biden campaign. According to Allahpundit, McCammand “resolved” this conflict of interests by switching beats. She began covering the Harris vice presidential »

Neera Tanden fakes it, sort of

Featured image I watched as much of Neera Tanden’s confirmation hearing yesterday as I could stand. It amounted to about 20 minutes, off and on. Sen. Rob Portman probed Tanden’s nasty tweets about some of his Republican colleagues. Tanden expressed regret. It seemed to me not only that she was faking it, but that she wasn’t really trying to conceal the fakery. Her sing-song delivery cried out insincerity. Had Tanden not made »

Climate “Crisis” Update

Featured image The climatistas are urging President Biden to declare climate change to be a national emergency, thereby tripping enhanced presidential powers under the profligate National Emergencies Act. Trump employed the NEA to divert defense funds to build some of the border wall that Congress refused to fund, and Biden might well raid the defense budget for more windmills or something. My guess is Biden is holding back this step in case »

Joe Biden creates a crisis at the border

Featured image To the surprise of no one, not even the clueless president, the Biden administration is facing a crisis at the Mexican border. The Washington Post puts it this way: President Biden’s more-welcoming message to immigrants is facing an immediate challenge along the Mexican border, where Central American families and children have been crossing in numbers that point to a building crisis. (Emphasis added) According to the Post, recent days have »

A Telling Sign of Biden’s Radicalism

Featured image Back in January 1993, when Bill Clinton ended 12 years of medieval rule under Reagan and Bush, the famed environmentalist David Brower published the following full-page ad in the New York Times: What was so brain-damaging about “economics”? Cost-benefit analysis, that’s what. The Reagan Administration had ordered the Office of Management and Budget to conduct cost-benefit reviews of proposed government regulations, and if they cost more than they benefits provided, »

Biden staffs up with China sympathizers

Featured image Joe Biden keeps appointing “czars.” One of them, the Asian policy czar, is Kurt Campbell. Campbell was a former Obama administration official and, more recently, board vice chairman of the U.S.-China Strong Foundation. What’s that? According to Alana Goodman, who cites State and Justice Department records, it’s “ostensibly a nonprofit group that promotes student language exchanges with Beijing but whose leaders included prominent members of the Chinese government’s overseas propaganda »

Incompetent Dem donor to help lead Biden’s economic response to pandemic

Featured image The Seattle Times reports that Suzi LeVine, the departing head of Washington’s Employment Security Department (ESD), is Joe Biden’s pick to lead the federal office that helps states manage unemployment benefits. In this post — interim assistant secretary of the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) at the Labor Department — LeVine would be at the forefront of the Biden administration’s economic response to the pandemic. The ETA has more than »

History Reruns

Featured image Today’s foundational texts are the famous Marx quote about history repeating itself first as tragedy and then as farce, and Santayana’s axiom that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. • On the first, we have the ever-farcical liberals going from stepping on rakes to stepping on land mines. Or in this case, Vice President Kamala Harris telling the people of West Virginia that they need to »

The persecution of Michael Ellis, Part Two

Featured image Yesterday, I wrote about how, at the urging of Nancy ( “the enemy is within”) Pelosi and Adam Schiff, the Biden administration placed Michael Ellis, the National Security Administration General Counsel, on administrative leave. I showed that Ellis, a family friend, is superbly qualified for the position; that there is nothing exceptional about the NSA GC having served in government in political roles prior to his appointment; and that there »

Let them eat solar panels

Featured image Monsieur John F. Kerry is the Harris-Biden administration’s Climate Ambassador. He is assisted in his diplomatic duties by National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy. Earlier this week they held a press briefing with the psickening Jen Psaki. I have embedded the video below. It is excruciating. The White House transcript can be read without the full effect of Kerry’s otherwise audible hauteur. The gentleman from Madame Tussauds killed the Keystone Pipeline »

Vengeful Dems persecute stellar NSA general counsel Michael Ellis

Featured image Michael Ellis is a highly experienced, superbly qualified intelligence professional. He has a strong record of accomplishment in all three branches of government. Last year, Ellis, a family friend, was selected to be the general counsel at the National Security Agency (NSA). But now, after Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff demanded that he be removed, the Biden administration has placed him on administrative leave. The Washington Post and other left-liberal »

Deep meaning of equity

Featured image The execrable Susan Rice has returned to public life to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council. It’s an anodyne title, but she has taken up residence in the Executive Office of the President to execute, to crack the whip, to impose discipline, to play the role of Krupskaya to Joe Biden’s glassy-eyed Weekend at Bernie’s routine. Rice emerged on Tuesday to preview the strong dose of “equity” that Biden »

Scenes from the Biden Regency

Featured image For 30 years or more, I’ve been pointing out that when you hear someone at an environmental group, such as the Sierra Club or NRDC, has the title “senior scientist,” you can usually assume the person is a lawyer. Hence this detail from a Northwestern University roundup of Biden’s climate science team jumps out: Some scientists have reservations about the new team, particularly about the need to stress climate reform. »

Coming soon, another bad deal

Featured image The Biden administration is determined to reenter the nuclear deal with Iran (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA) in some form. See, for example, the Jerusalem Post/Reuters story “US already in Iran deal talks, officials met in New York – report.” It’s a critical component of the great undoing in which Biden and his cast of retreads are engaged to set us back to where we were when Barack »