Biden Administration

CIA Laptop Dancing and Other Follies

Featured image The CIA was created after World War II to prevent another Pearl Harbor attack, writes Charles S. Faddis, a former CIA operations officer and Middle East station chief. Faddis believes the agency “no longer works,” an easy case to make but not exactly news. Al Qaeda was well known but “we had not a single source inside that organization capable of warning us of the 9/11 attacks that would kill »

Census Snoops

Featured image The US Census Bureau conducts the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and has been sending out letters using “a scientific process to selected addresses, including yours, from all addresses in the United States.”  As recipients learn, “your address cannot be replaced.” Crime often goes unreported, the letter explains, so “a Census Bureau representative will come to your home or call to interview you and other household members, aged 12 or »

Totalitarian Tutorial

Featured image “Who you are and who you know yourself to be is valid. We want you to be your authentic self every day.” That was Andrea Palm, Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services, in an official video announcing new HHS gender identity, non-discrimination and inclusion policy. Who is this Deputy Secretary, viewers have a right to wonder,  who is so wise in the ways of authenticity? According to her HHS »

I don’t pity the poor illegal immigrant

Featured image The Star Tribune has just posted Maya Rao’s weepy and euphemistic take on Hennepin County’s close encounter of the Biden kind with the flood of illegal immigrants that is washing up in Minneapolis from New York (thanks, Mayor Adams!) and south of the border. After a month in New York’s overcrowded homeless shelters, two Ecuadorian migrants and their baby recently received a free plane ticket to Minneapolis. They took a »

Biden’s Freefall Continues

Featured image Ordinarily presidents enjoy some upward bump in their approval rating when there is a world crisis such as the new war in Israel, but Biden continues to sink despite his high-profile visit to Israel and Oval Office speech. According to the latest Gallup Poll Biden’s approval rating has fallen four points from 41 percent last month to 37 percent now—an all time low in Gallup’s series. Most significant is that »

Defense Rests

Featured image Joe Biden seems aware that the people “slaughtered in Israel” include “at least 32 American citizens” and “scores of innocents,” from infants to elderly grandparents, have been “taken hostage.” Biden claims the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are “working closely with state and local law enforcement and Jewish community partners to identify and disrupt any domestic threat that could emerge in connection with these horrific »

A moronic sequel

Featured image White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre opened yesterday’s briefing with a statement that might be mysterious to those unfamiliar with her comments at the briefing the day before. I quoted those comments in “What manner of moron is this?” Jean-Pierre followed up with this prepared statement yesterday (White House transcript here): All right, I want to make something clear at the top, because I understand how important moral clarity is, »

What manner of moron is this?

Featured image Karine Jean-Pierre is the White House press secretary, but she must not keep up with the news. That’s the charitable explanation of her response to the question about President Biden’s “level of concern right now about a potential [sic] rise in antisemitism in light of everything that’s going on in Israel.” She didn’t answer the question directly. One can only infer that Biden (assuming she was speaking for Biden) has »

Biden Ignores American Victims of Islamic Terrorism

Featured image On October 10, three days after the Hamas attack on Israel, Joe Biden said 14 Americans had been killed in Israel, but he named not a single one. As of October 19, according to the State Department, Hamas killed 32 Americans in October 7 attack. Joe Biden was recently in Israel but it’s hard to find a statement where he names any of the American victims. For the Delaware Democrat, »

Deep State Throat Sends a Warning

Featured image “Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears” headlined the October 4 report in Newsweek. “The federal government believes that the threat of violence and major civil disturbances around the 2024 U.S. presidential election is so great that it has quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers.” Author William M. Arkin, an “award-winning journalist” and »

In What Sense Are Illegals Illegal?

Featured image On Thursday, the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a joint statement that cautions banks and other lenders against “discriminating” against borrowers on the basis of immigration status. These agencies admit that no such prohibition is explicit in the relevant statutes, but nevertheless, banks should beware of federal enforcement action: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Department of Justice (collectively, the agencies) jointly issue this statement1 »

Mending wall

Featured image On day one of his administration, President Biden invited the world to come on down to our border, Bob Barker style, and untold millions have taken the invitation. The price is right. Democrats want to redistribute wealth, but they are better at redistributing the poor. The Biden administration has redistributed millions of illegal aliens in secret around the country while proclaiming “the border is secure.” The administration has performed many »

Commander exiled, Master remains

Featured image The Biden White House has applied an 11-bite rule to Biden’s dog Commander. After a spree of biting incidents that victimized Secret Service officers and agents over the past few months, Commander has been exiled. The most recent such incident took place last week when Commander bit a Secret Service officer. Elizabeth Alexander is Dr. Jill Biden’s communications director. Alexander has discreetly announced that the dog is no longer living »

“What base ingratitude”

Featured image Winston Churchill was a magnanimous man of exemplary character, yet Stanley Baldwin tested his limits. As Richard Langworth recounts, Churchill held Baldwin responsible for Britain’s lack of preparedness to go to war with Germany when the crisis inevitably came. During the blitz, when informed that a German bomb had fallen on Baldwin’s house, Churchill quipped, “What base ingratitude.” (Martin Gilbert has a different version of the story in Finest Hour.) »

It Has To Be Su

Featured image Julie Su, Joe Biden’s pick for Labor Secretary, can avoid Senate confirmation and keep running the Labor Department. This is due to a September 21 ruling by Edda Emmanuelli Perez, general counsel of the General Accountability Office (GAO). “As the Deputy Secretary of Labor, Ms. Su may serve as Acting Secretary under section 552 until a successor is appointed,” Emmanuelli Perez ruled. “The Vacancies Act’s time limitations do not apply »

The Pangloss-Pétain Presidency

Featured image The argument whether Joe Biden is the worst-ever president could be settled by ranking him with the worst people in American history. If that seems too glib or partisan, people might try an historical and literary approach. For example, Voltaire’s eponymous Candide finds chaos and catastrophe on every hand but his mentor Dr. Pangloss sees it as the best of all possible worlds. According to the good doctor, “It is »

No Need to Swim the Rio Grande

Featured image The Biden administration is doing all it can to maximize the number of illegal immigrants entering the country before a Republican administration can take over and stop the bleeding. The Center for Immigration Studies has used a FOIA request to shed light on an almost unbelievable aspect of the administration’s selling out of America: A little-known part of the Biden administration’s CBP One parole program permits inadmissible [Ed.: Illegal] aliens »