Biden corruption

A word from Chris Clark

Featured image Following up on “An utterly bizarre statement,” reader Dave Begley wrote Hunter Biden attorney Christopher Clark. Dave wrote Clark: Hunter Biden is a criminal, tool for China, and a traitor. His parents won’t mount him. Clark responded to Dave: You are a genius!!!! Christopher J. Clark Latham & Watkins LLP The email from Clark comes with the obligatory firm warning: “This email may contain material that is confidential, privileged and/or »

An utterly bizarre statement

Featured image The Daily Mail has published another exploration of the Biden family business in this story by Josh Boswell. Boswell draws on the laptop from hell and White House visitor logs to show the apparently direct involvement of President Biden in the business. Please check out Boswell’s excellent story. Boswell’s story is profusely illustrated, Daily Mail style. Best of all, it includes the statement below from Latham & Watkins criminal defense »

He said, Xi said

Featured image On Thursday President Biden spoke with China President Xi Jinping by phone. “Biden” tweeted out the photo of himself speaking with Xi from the Oval Office (below). It’s not a good look. It’s a bad look. Today I spoke with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China as part of our efforts to deepen lines of communication, responsibly manage our differences, and address issues of mutual interest. »

Uncovering Biden

Featured image Michael Isikoff wrote Uncovering Clinton (1999) in the aftermath of the exposure of the Lewinsky affair. Isikoff had the Lewinsky story — he had written it up — but his editors at Newsweek spiked it. The story was then leaked to Drudge. Après Drudge, as they say, le deluge. I bought Isikoff’s book and read it from cover to cover as soon as it was published. It’s an excellent book. »

Inside the Biden family business (or not)

Featured image You would never know from the July 13 coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop by Alex Thompson and Max Tani for Politico’s West Wing Playbook that the subject might be serious. Their post is headlined “The Holy War over Hunter Biden’s laptop.” It’s all a big joke. In its own way it is a classic of avoiding the subject. The Biden family business is corruption and the cover-up remains operative. With »

Inside the Biden family business (again)

Featured image Miranda Devine raises the question whether President Biden is “compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, given all the evidence on Hunter’s laptop about millions of dollars that flowed from China to his son [Hunter Biden] and brother, Jim Biden.” Her current New York Post column is “Amid Hunter’s ongoing scandals, Biden is going soft on China.” In the course of her column Devine discloses two JP Morgan Chase suspicious activity »

Inside the Biden family

Featured image The New York Post’s Maureen Callahan takes a look inside President Biden’s immediate family in the column “Bidens are as dysfunctional as the Kennedys — and protected by the press.” Today Callahan’s column can be supplemented with Emily Crane’s New York Post story “Hunter Biden reportedly called Jill an ‘entitled c–t’ in texts.” For her column Callahan draws mostly on Ashley Biden’s diary. With a little help from the Biden »

Quote of the day

Featured image David Marcus has a good New York Post column that documents the pincer movement to dump Biden, as Steve has formulated the proposition. I’ve had the tab open on my computer all day and wanted to share this with readers before closing it up: A Monmouth Poll has 88% of Americans saying we are on the wrong track. That’s unheard of, and the people saying we are on the right »

Inside the Biden family business

Featured image The New York Post continues to mine the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. Via Miranda Devine’s Twitter feed we are alerted to Jon Levine’s story “Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for Google execs, US officials for China policy.” I would have missed it otherwise and want to bring it to the attention of interested readers. It is an excellent story. New bombshells from Hunter Biden’s #laptopfromhell delivered by ⁦@nypost⁩ »

Tangled up in red

Featured image Miranda Devine revisits and restates the evidence of Biden family corruption implicating President Biden in her New York Post column “Hunter and Joe Biden’s links go deeper by the day.” Today she focuses on what I call Biden’s China syndrome. Devine cites the 2018 New York Times story “A Chinese Tycoon Sought Power and Influence. Washington Responded.” The Times story sports the bylines of four — count ’em — Times »

Biden’s China syndrome

Featured image Matt Ridley is the co-author of Viral: The Search For the Origin of Covid-19. It has just been published in an updated paperback edition (in the UK, anyway). He summarizes “The case for the lab-leak theory” in a timely column for Spiked. It seems to me that Ridley makes a powerful case. China has suppressed access to all information bearing on the lab-leak theory. Given that the CCP knows every »

The O’Keefe Project: Unseal me here

Featured image I’ve followed the government’s investigation of James O’Keefe and Ashley Biden’s diary since the New York Times broke the story with a little help from its friends in the national security establishment. What did O’Keefe do wrong? What makes it a federal case? This much is clear to me: the Biden Justice Department is out to get James O’Keefe. Pending before the court that signed off on the search warrants »

The O’Keefe Project: James O’Keefe writes

Featured image This past Friday evening Tucker Carlson devoted his 18-minute opening segment (monologue plus guests Josh Boswell and Harmeet Dhillon) to the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary. Project Veritas — the object of the FBI’s investigation into the alleged “theft” of the diary (see this tab) — posted the segment in its entirety on YouTube, but YouTube removed it upon the objection of FOX News. It’s the kind of segment that »

The O’Keefe Project: Whistleblower revisited

Featured image The mind-boggling story of Ashley Biden’s diary disappears from the news for months at a time. I have sought to keep it front of mind and do what can be done to advance it. Touching base with Project Veritas yesterday, I came up empty. However, I was reminded of May’s whistleblower installment of the saga that had completely slipped my mind. All my posts tracking the story are accessible here. »

The O’Keefe Project: Tucker goes to town

Featured image We have covered the FBI’s investigation of the case of Ashley Biden’s diary in a series of 17 posts under the heading of “The O’Keefe Project.” This is the eighteenth. I don’t think anyone has devoted as much attention to the story as we have. The collaboration of the FBI with the New York Times attracted my interest, but my judgment is that every aspect of the story merits attention. »

“My Dinner With Hunter Biden”

Featured image The Washington Examiner has extracted a six-minute sound file from Hunter Biden’s laptop that is so appalling that you have to hear it not to believe it. I know this is asking a lot, as one of the first things that strikes you is how much the hapless Hunter sounds just like his dad, and thinks like him, too. Indeed it is tempting to say that Joe Biden is his »

The Post takes offense

Featured image Politico frequently reads like an internal house organ of the Democratic Party and a key component of the Democrats’ public relations adjunct. Natasha Bertrand’s October 2020 Politico story promoting the line that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop coverage constituted Russian disinformation is a classic disgrace. Bertrand’s story ran under the headline “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.” Moving on from Politico, Bertrand »