Milei does Davos

Featured image Niall Ferguson recommends that we take in the whole of the speech given by Argentina’s President Javier Milei yesterday to the assembled globalistas at Davos. Ferguson characterizes the speech as “a magnificent defense of individual liberty and the free market economy.” These must have sounded like fighting words: “Today I’m here to tell you that the western world is in danger…because those who are supposed to defend the values of »

Capitalists: Paying for the Rope to Hang Them

Featured image Lenin famously said that capitalists would sell the rope that Communists would use to hang capitalists. But it turns out his imagination failed him: who knew that capitalists would pay for the rope with which the revolutionary left will kill capitalism. Liberal political analyst Thomas Byrne Edsall, who along with David Shor, Ruy Teixeira, and a handful of other liberals of relative sobriety, notes today in the New York Times »

Socialism and Free Enterprise On Trial

Featured image I didn’t know that there is an election going on in Chile. But there is, and observers say that the Left is favored to retake control of that country, which has seen unprecedented prosperity since it adopted free enterprise policies beginning in the 1980s. Dan Mitchell has the story. Most notable is this animation, which shows the opposite paths taken in recent decades by Chile and Venezuela, formerly one of »

“Black Monday” Revisited

Featured image With the stock market at or near all-time highs, and with traditional measures suggesting it is overvalued, I’ve been seeing a number of articles about today’s anniversary of the crash of October 19, 1987, when the Dow crashed 22 percent in a single day—still the largest one-day decline in history. A lot of the articles I’m seeing now say “we still don’t know exactly why it happened,” but I think »

Disney’s Shame

Featured image A ridiculous online operation called Vice issued one of the most ignorant and ill-timed tweets ever yesterday: Deleted but never forgotten, @VICE. May the shame of this follow you forever, end your disgusting outlet, and stop its evil mission. — James Lindsay, raises DiAngelo's eyebrows (@ConceptualJames) August 26, 2021 But who, exactly, is Vice? We all know who Disney, Soros and Arts & Entertainment are. TPG Capital, Vice’s biggest »

“Common good capitalism” vs. the free market kind

Featured image Earlier today, I wrote about an alleged ideological division in the Democratic party between the far left and the establishment. Now, I want to consider an ideological split in the Republican party about which Eliana Johnson filed this report. That gap is related to, but not the same as, the division between hardcore Trump supporters and Republicans who would like to see the Party move on from the ex-president. It’s »