Kevin Roche responds

Featured image Over at Healthy Skeptic Kevin Roche has responded to comments on his Star Tribune column that I posted in “Time to get on.” Having posted his column, I wanted to add his response: I must have really struck a nerve with this one. I don’t read the comments, a complete waste of time, but a number of you have passed on the gist of them. I am obviously heartless, which »

Liberal Governor Tried to Pump Covid Numbers to Justify Shutdown

Featured image A whistleblower has leaked an email exchange dating to October 2020, in which the Chief of Staff to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tells the state’s Department of Health that the Department’s numbers on how covid was spreading were “less useful than what I expected” because “these numbers are small.” The Commissioner of Health said, in turn, that “people look at the primary case numbers and think those are small impacts »

Kevin Roche: Time to get on

Featured image I was Kevin Roche’s classmate at the University of Minnesota Law School. Kevin went on to become general counsel of UnitedHealth and chief executive officer of its Ingenix division. He writes at Healthy Skeptic. Today’s Star Tribune carries Kevin’s column “Time to face hard truths and get on with life — virus and all.” Kevin adds a complementary comment on his column at his site here. The Democrats now promote »

Vax You, Part Two

Featured image I wrote here about the fact that, unfortunately, the anti-covid vaccines do not reliably stop those who get them from either contracting or spreading covid. This negates the argument in favor of vaccine mandates and passports, since the real benefit of a vaccine is in reducing the severity of infection, not in preventing its spread to others. But data released yesterday by the Minnesota Department of Health cast doubt on »

Vax Versus Vox Populi

Featured image Last Saturday we ran the Babylon Bee meme about how vaccinating very young children for COVID is unnecessary because the COVID risk to kids is so tiny: And while I don’t normally wade into the vaccine controversies, I note that there seems to be a non-trivial number of children who have experienced adverse side effects from the COVID vaccine, including myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart). The Wall Street Journal reports »

Vax You

Featured image Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the news. He tested positive for covid and will miss tomorrow’s game. The purported scandal is that Rodgers implied in a press conference some time ago that he had been vaccinated. (He said “immunized.”) Now Rodgers is caught up in the general hysteria over vaccination, leading him to describe himself as a victim of the “woke mob” that is trying to “put a »

Everything not forbidden…

Featured image We seem to be going down the path leading to everything not forbidden is compulsory. The Biden administration is writing one version of the totalitarian rule into administrative law with the OSHA “emergency temporary standard” requiring employers with 100 or more employees to “develop, implement, and enforce a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, with an exception for employers that instead adopt a policy requiring employees to either get vaccinated or elect »

Sapp’s law in Mankato

Featured image The Mankato (Minnesota) School board met on September 20. Concerned parents showed up to use the open forum time to voice disappointment with mask mandates. This was apparently the first meeting during which speakers were asked to state their addresses before speaking. The board next met on October 18. Ahead of open forum time board chairman Jodi Sapp announced a new ban on comments critical of specific school board members »

Covid Vaccines Don’t Work Well Enough to be Mandated

Featured image I have never understood the theory on which covid-vaccinated people are angry at unvaccinated people. If the vaccines work, why do they care? They are protected. But it is actually worse than that: it has become clear that the vaccines offer much less than complete protection. In fact, vaccinated people can easily both catch covid and spread it. This study has just appeared in the Lancet. It addresses household transmission »

Give the works to Deborah Birx

Featured image Deborah Birx returned in mainstream media stories yesterday with an indictment of the Trump administration’s handling of the epidemic. The October 26 New York Times story, for example, is here. The Times quotes Birx telling a select congressional committee on the epidemic: “I believe if we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in indoor dining, the getting friends and family to understand the risk of gathering in private »

Kevin Roche speaks

Featured image Gene Galin interviewed Kevin Roche for Chatham Journal last week. I have posted the video below. Kevin is the proprietor of Healthy Skeptic and the former general counsel of UnitedHealth as well as former CEO of its Ingenix division. Kevin has tracked the data and the research on Covid-19 from the beginning. He knows what he is talking about and is able lucidly to articulate his knowledge. The video supplements »

High anxiety

Featured image President Biden’s CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper in Baltimore this past Thursday night should be a source of disquiet and consternation to anyone who cares about the United States. Fielding what must have been screened questions submitted by a friendly invitation-only audience, Biden required a number of clean-ups in aisle 46 back in the White House. Dominic Green touches on a few particulars in the Spectator column “Biden builds »

Where we are now

Featured image Tracking the party line on the course of the epidemic in Minnesota, Kevin Roche unloads on Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Health in the Healthy Skeptic post “It’s not good to bottle up your negative feelings…” Kevin has been compiling data on breakthrough infections in graphic form, as he did here last week. (Kevin refers below to the updated table that he has not yet posted to his »

Are the Vaccines Failing? (II)

Featured image Kevin Roche, the Healthy Skeptic, has compiled the most recent Minnesota data on covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths. First the chart, then some comments: Breakthrough Cases 10-11-2021 The numbers jump around wildly from week to week, and the Minnesota Department of Health deliberately makes them, to some degree, opaque. But during the last week, covid deaths among the non-vaccinated were down 7.6%, while deaths among the vaccinated were up 96%. »

South by Southwest

Featured image Over the weekend through mid-day yesterday Southwest Airlines had canceled more than 2,000 flights. I take that number from the New York Times story, which seems to reflect something like current numbers. This industry report tabulates a variety of relevant numbers and characterizes the situation as an “operational meltdown.” Southwest attributes the “disruptions” to “weather and other external constraints.” Both Southwest and its pilots’ union deny that the company’s vaccine »

The COVID Mask Slips

Featured image So what’s the real story with Southwest Airlines cancelling over 2,000 flights the last few days? The airline said it was weather and air traffic control related, but somehow these conditions didn’t seem to affect any other airlines very much, and in any case there was not much weather to speak of in the southeast where most of the cancelations occurred. Southwest’s labor union was quick to deny that there »

(Not that) Bill Walton with Philip Hamburger

Featured image Philip Hamburger holds an endowed chair at Columbia Law School and is author, most recently, of Purchasing Submission: Conditions, Power, and Freedom, just published by Harvard University Press. I was a fanatic admirer of Professor Hamburger’s Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (2014), which I reviewed for National Review in “A new old regime.” I thought it was the most important book I had read in a long time and still do. »