Vaccine Passports: Why?

Featured image A number of countries are instituting, or proposing to institute, “vaccine passport” systems. This means, basically, that no one will be allowed to go out in public, or to enter most public places, without carrying a certificate of vaccination. Understandably, requiring everyone to have “papers” to engage in normal daily activities rubs many the wrong way. Thus, protests have broken out in several countries. Via the Epoch Times: — »

Gaining depth on gain of function: Fauci flops

Featured image We may as well try to close the loop on our efforts to understand the issue between Senator Rand Paul and the fallacious Dr. Fauci. Neil Cavuto gave Fauci the opportunity to respond to Josh Rogin’s Washington Post column taking up the issue (I excerpted it here) on his FOX News show yesterday. Cavuto is a friendly interlocutor for Fauci. On Tuesday he judged Fauci “a good man, a good »

Gaining depth on gain of function: Josh Rogin’s view

Featured image I cited the judgment of Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin in “Fallacious Fauci strikes again.” In my post I relied on Rogin’s brief tweets. Today Rogin expands on his judgment in the column “What the fight between Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul is really about.” Here is the heart of his analysis of the issue between Fauci and Paul: Both men were playing to the cameras, but many scientists think »

CRB: The masking of America

Featured image We continue our preview of the new (Summer) issue of the Claremont Review Books with Jeffrey H. Anderson’s essay “The Masking of America.” Subhead: “Faceless people make compliant subjects, not good citizens.” At 8:00 p.m. yesterday evening Politico Nightly posted a long story under the headline“True or false: Kids should wear masks to school.” It opens: WILL YOU NEED ONE EXTRA SCHOOL SUPPLY? At least nine states — Arkansas, Arizona, »

U.S. coronavirus cases rising but deaths from the virus aren’t

Featured image The spread of the Wuhan coronavirus in the U.S. has accelerated, apparently due mainly to the delta variant. Last month, reported new cases were averaging around 17,000 per day, according to Worldometer. Now, they are averaging around 40,000 per day. The good news is that deaths attributed to the virus aren’t increasing. A month ago, the daily death count was said to be around 350-400 per day. Now it’s slightly »

Gaining depth on gain of function

Featured image Yesterday I posted “The fallacious Fauci strikes again.” My comments elicited a message from Michael S. Rogers, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Research Associate in the Vascular Biology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. I thought some readers might find it of interest. With his permission I am posting his message below the break. * * * * * The question of whether the 2017 PLoS Pathogens »

Texas Dems’ tangled web

Featured image On Monday night another Texas Democrat in the celebrated caucus fleeing Austin to shut down the legislature tested positive for Coronavirus. Having made the rounds in Washington to gladhand fellow Democrats in the corridors of power, the caucus from hell is also spreading the virus. In Washington the caucus has met with kacklin’ Kamala Harris and others to advance the unconstitutional federal takeover of election law. Kacklin’ Kamala has since »

Fallacious Fauci strikes again

Featured image Anthony Fauci is the long-time director of the NIAID at the National Institutes of Health. He now serves as chief medical advisor to our animatronic president. In the Trump administration he played a fateful role on the Coronavirus Task Force. His current NIAID profile is posted here. Given his contradictory pronouncements during the epidemic and my weakness for alliteration, I have dubbed him “the fallacious Dr. Fauci.” Yesterday he appeared »

Dr. Rand Paul vs. Anthony Fauci

Featured image Anthony Fauci is a lifelong bureaucrat who went to work for the federal government during the Nixon administration. To my knowledge, in the last forty or fifty years I have treated as many patients as Dr. Fauci has. Today, in a Senate committee hearing, he once again mixed it up with Dr. Rand Paul, an actual physician. The complete video is below, but first my interpretation. Dr. Paul referred to »

COVID Spreading in the White House

Featured image Jen Psaki admitted today that there are more previously-undisclosed covid cases in the White House: Jen Psaki, White House press secretary on Tuesday confirmed that there have been breakthrough COVID-19 cases among vaccinated White House staffers that had not previously been made public. Psaki told reporters yes, “There have been….” *** Without providing numbers of new cases within the staff, Psaki said the White House is, “actively monitoring the health »

Tweet of the Day

Featured image The Democrats who fled the Texas Senate to block a vote on ballot integrity–democracy!–can’t be ridiculed enough. This is Caleb Hull’s contribution from earlier today: The Texas Democrats came to DC with a case of Miller Lite and left with 6 cases of Corona — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) July 20, 2021 »

Lessons learned: Kevin Roche versus Star Tribune (2)

Featured image The Star Tribune published its lead editorial on lessons supposedly learned from the epidemic the weekend before last in its July 11 edition, i.e., the Sunday paper. They saved it for the Sunday paper in order to give it maximum exposure. They thought it was so good it deserved all the readers they could get for it. The lessons supposedly learned came via the execrable Andy Slavitt. I flagged Kevin »

Two more Texas Dems down

Featured image We learned via Twitter last night that two more of the Texas Democrats who fled from Austin to Washington have contracted Covid-19. That brings the number to five out of a group of “nearly 60” (per the Austin American-Statesman here). Putting the press release below together with Saturday’s previous release, we are advised that the Texas Five were all fully vaccinated — this at a time when the Biden administration »

Why Do Some Mistrust the Vaccines?

Featured image Declining a covid vaccination is now seen by many as anti-social, and a threat to the community. I don’t understand this, since anyone who chooses to be vaccinated can thereby protect himself. What difference does it make to him if someone else prefers to take whatever risk is posed by covid? But that is not the prevailing attitude, and the Biden administration is trying to stamp out all expressions of »

Toward Minitrue

Featured image This week the psickening Jen Psaki casually announced that the Biden administration was guiding Facebook in the censorship of “misinformation” bearing on Covid vaccinations. She followed up with the guidance that those circulating “misinformation” on one platform should be removed from all social media platforms. One weird thing about our political moment is the lack of consensus about how all of this is screamingly batshit crazy. — Omri Ceren »

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Anti-Vaxxers

Featured image The Biden administration is now colluding with Facebook and, perhaps, other social media platforms–Jen Psaki says that anyone who is banned from one site should be banned from all–to shut down any discussion of the pros and cons of anti-covid vaccination as “misinformation.” Any suggestion that the vaccine might not be for everyone is, according to Joe Biden, “killing people.” How soon they expect us to forget! Just one year »

Comic news story of the day [Updated with Meme]

Featured image The Austin American-Statesman has just reported from DC that those Texas Dems are destined for a rendezvous with the psickening Jen Psaki. This is not the Babylon Bee: Three Texas House Democrats have tested positive for COVID-19 from Washington, D.C., according to Texas House Democratic Caucus leadership. They’re among nearly 60 lawmakers who fled the state Monday to break quorum in the House, part of an effort to block the »