Vaccination Blues

Featured image It should be obvious to everyone by now that the covid vaccines have underperformed. After a few months, they provide only minimal protection. Healthy Skeptic has the Minnesota numbers, and every other state is no doubt the same if the data can be extracted. Click to enlarge: Currently, 78% of covid cases are in fully vaccinated people, as are 67% of hospitalizations. There aren’t many deaths, but if we go »

A grim milestone in grim milestones

Featured image We have reached a grim milestone in grim milestones. A Google search on the term “grim milestone” now returns more than 6,000,000 results. It is a “grim milestone” in the unstoppable progress of a brain-killing media cliché. The “grim milestones” retailed by the media always seem to have a political twist and the political twist always seems to be detrimental to Republicans. If it can’t be given a twist detrimental »

School Shutdowns Were a Catastrophe

Featured image America’s response to the covid epidemic was a scandal. On a best-case interpretation, America sacrificed its children to benefit the extremely elderly and the very sick. Even if such a strategy had worked–which it didn’t–it would be a grotesque and arguably evil policy choice. One of the worst things we did to our children was to shut down the public schools, generally at the demand of teachers’ unions. “Remote learning” »

The futility of suppression

Featured image Kevin Roche writes to alert us to the new CDC study (highlighted in the Star Tribune this morning) on the overall prevalence of Covid-19 infection in the United States. Six in 10 Minnesotans have contracted the virus. “More than half of Americans and three-fourths of kids already had a bout with the virus by late February,” according to the Star Tribune story. The CDC study is posted here. Kevin comments: »

More Evidence That Masks Don’t Work

Featured image With airports and airplanes now liberated, masks are becoming a rarity. That is a good thing, as there was never any substantial evidence that masks work. This study of 35 European countries during the period from October 1 2020 to March 31, 2021, when the second covid wave passed through that continent, could put the last nail in the mask coffin. The study plotted the percentage of mask compliance in »

Facing Fauci’s fury

Featured image Reason has posted Nick Gillespie’s timely interview with Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. Jay-B was a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, a voice of sanity, and therefore a target of the public health authorities. The intersecting themes of the interview revisit the issues that we repeatedly took up during the pandemic. Gillespie touches on them in his summary: I sat down with Bhattacharya to talk about what it was like »

Fauci speaks

Featured image The fallacious Dr. Fauci is long-time head of the NIAID and now chief medical adviser to President Biden. He and his friends at the CDC operating under the umbrella of the Department of Health and Human Services should be a law unto themselves (video below). They’re that good, according to Dr. Fauci. Fauci graciously concedes that “[t]he CDC will abide by the order of the court [striking down the CDC »

Let’s go straight to the fact-check

Featured image Having been coached in recent days on the art of fact-checking alleged instances of the mental debility of President Biden, I want to apply what I have learned. Most recently, Republicans have pounced on President Biden’s apparently confused answer to a question posed at yesterday’s press briefing (transcript here, video below). The reporter asked Biden: “Mr. President, on Title 42, sir, are you considering delaying lifting Title 42?” Biden responded: »

The unmasking appealed

Featured image My only comment on Judge Mizelle’s decision on the illegality of the CDC mask mandate was this. I predicted that the Biden administration would appeal it despite whatever ambivalence it might feel about the ruling. They would find the urge to vindicate the regulation’s expression of the health authorities’ will to power irresistible, if only because of the possible spillover effect. And so it has come to pass. Axios reports »

Notes on the Star Tribune editorial

Featured image Yesterday I offered 10 thoughts on the Star Tribune editorial decrying the court decision holding the federal mask mandate illegal (along with the Star Tribune editorial itself). The Star Tribune’s vacuous glop barely touches the decision. Rather, it disapproves of those of us who celebrated the end of the mandate (for the moment, anyway). Our friend Kevin Roche comments over at Healthy Skeptic (below the break): * * * * »

The Star Tribune opines, Star Tribune style

Featured image Today’s Star Tribune runs an editorial lamenting Judge Mizelle’s decision holding the federal transportation mask mandate illegal. Star Tribune editorial editor and vice president Scott Gillespie circulated it by email this morning. He must be proud of the editors’ handiwork. The editorial runs to 610 words. Lest you think my brief comments below unfair, I present it in its entirety verbatim: A question for those celebrating the end of the »

Nervous in the Biden service

Featured image It was only last week that the CDC extended its absurd transportation mask mandate another 15 days, until May 3. The AP somehow omits this interesting fact from its story on the administration’s deliberations over whether to appeal Judge Mizelle’s ruling on the illegality of the mandate. The AP story reports: “The Justice Department said Tuesday it will not appeal a federal district judge’s ruling that ended the nation’s federal »

How to Punk the NY Times

Featured image I don’t know Jared Rabel on Twitter, but he is my new spirit animal for this Tweet about the trauma of lifting the mask mandate mid-flight that has led to some comedy gold at the expense of the New York Times: And it’s legit—yet another New York Times reporter with a Harvard degree who is an idiot. Fake news indeed. »

Maskaholics anonymous

Featured image Politico Playbook reports that the White House is weighing its options in the case holding its mask mandate to be illegal. I thought that they had to go for it and protect their phony baloney jobs protecting public health consistent with the party line over the past two years, but they see the downside and the escape hatch afforded by Judge Mizelle’s ruling yesterday. Politico has to let us know »

Free at Last!

Featured image As Scott noted earlier, Federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle has ruled that the CDC’s Mask Mandate for airline and other travel is illegal. Her decision is embedded below. Judge Mizelle relied on three independent grounds in invalidating the mandate. First, she found that it exceeded the statutory authority that Congress has delegated to CDC under the 1944 Public Health Services Act, 42 U.S.C. § 246(a). The Biden administration argued that »


Featured image The pandemic is not over yet, according to the new Biden administration Covid czar Ashish Jha speaking on FOX News Sunday and elsewhere this morning. Although his manner is not grating, the message is infuriating. Also infuriating is the lack of follow-up questions. We don’t expect any better of such Democratic enforcers as George Stephanopoulos (below), but on FOX News Sunday Mike Emanuel was equally lame while Jha blathered liberally »

Who died of Covid in Minnesota?

Featured image Greg Pulles was the long-time general counsel of TCF Financial Corporation. (I worked for Greg in that capacity for 12 years.) Greg is something of a Renaissance man, however, in dogged pursuit of truth, beauty, and the American way. Most recently, Greg undertook the review of all 2020 and 2021 Minnesota death certificates which bear the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code for COVID-19 (U07.1). Having reviewed all 10,903 such »