“The Science” Isn’t Scientific

Featured image One of the saddest aspects of the Left’s takeover of our institutions is what it has done to the scientific establishment. This is a big topic, but for now let’s stick to the Lancet, which once was one of the world’s most respected medical journals. Now, it is largely a joke, pushing hack politics–race, gender, climate change–instead of seriously advancing medical science. This degeneration long predates covid. In 2016, I »

Notes on the Twitter Files (13)

Featured image Elon Musk opened the Covid-related records of old (pre-Musk) Twitter to Alex Berenson. Berenson has posted a 29-part Twitter thread conveying his findings. The thread can be accessed here. I have embedded the first tweet in the thread below. 1/ For those of you who'd rather see the whole Gottlieb #TwitterFiles in a thread… here goes! On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a Pfizer director with over 550,000 »

Podcast: Scott Atlas on our COVID Folly

Featured image The response to COVID is arguably the single greatest public policy mistake in American history, which in turn became a global catastrophe since so many other nations followed the United States with foolish lockdowns, school closures, and other authoritarian measures that were ineffective and heedless of adverse tradeoffs. Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford’s Hoover Institution has been vilified for his dissent from the party line on COVID, most fully explained »

Why Free Speech Is Important

Featured image We have just lived through a respiratory virus epidemic and many are wondering, Why did our government and the social media platforms block any intelligent discussion of the virus that was making its way around the globe? In an ideal world, doctors would communicate freely about treatments for a new disease that they have tried, and how, and under what circumstances, those treatments have succeeded or failed. This is called »

Notes on the Twitter Files (10)

Featured image David Zweig posted a tenth set of Twitter Files in a 41-part thread yesterday. This set is addressed to Twitter’s moderation of Covid issues. Zweig summarized his findings in the first of his 41 tweets. 1. THREAD: THE TWITTER FILES: HOW TWITTER RIGGED THE COVID DEBATE – By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy– By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed– By suppressing ordinary »

Don’t Ride With the Unvaxxed!

Featured image The establishment campaign to demonize those who choose not to be vaccinated against covid has reached ludicrous proportions, as exemplified by this study, published in the American Journal of Medicine. It claims that people who are not vaccinated are more likely to be injured in traffic accidents. I’m not kidding: Coronavirus disease (COVID) vaccine hesitancy is a reflection of psychology that might also contribute to traffic safety. We tested whether »

Do the Vaccines Work?

Featured image Everyone knows that covid is dangerous mostly to old people who are already sick. Thus, there has been a particular emphasis on vaccinating and boosting the elderly. Our public health establishment has now abandoned the claim that vaccination will prevent a person from catching covid, but says that it will greatly reduce the risk of hospitalization or death. Assessing the relative risks of the vaccinated and unvaccinated requires accurate knowledge »

Wuhan Did It

Featured image America’s National Institutes of Health funded a group called EcoHealth Alliance, on multiple occasions, to collaborate on research done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At least one project consisted of gain of function research on bat coronaviruses. Because of concerns about the dangers of such research, NIH shut it off in 2014, but re-started funding gain of function in 2017, largely at the instance of Anthony Fauci. From 2014 »

Feeding our fraud: The video

Featured image Complementing this year’s Center of the American Experiment Golden Turkey Award to the Feeding our Future fraud, the center has released Bill Glahn’s 20-minute video summarizing the story so far (below). Bill is the indefatigable chronicler of the fraud’s highways and byways. He shot the video before the first wave of informations and indictments in the case were handed up on September 19, but I concur with Bill’s assessment that »

The theme is freedom

Featured image The big stories of the past few days share a theme in common: • Protests of China’s insane Covid regime have broken out around China. I followed them on Twitter over the weekend (as in the tweet below, for example). People of Beijing are protesting near Sitong Bridge, shouting: “We want freedom, we want freedom!” — Xiyue Wang (@XiyueWang9) November 28, 2022 • However, traditional news outlets with reporters »

How Effective Is the New Covid Vaccine?

Featured image A new covid vaccine booster has been released, and the authorities say we all should get it. But what evidence is there that the new vaccine is effective? A neurosurgeon with whom we have corresponded on covid matters writes: I wanted to bring to your attention a new CDC/MMWR study regarding the updated “bivalent” boosters, released by the CDC on Tuesday (accessible here). I think it would be of great »

Fauci unmasked

Featured image On the day before Thanksgiving the fallacious Dr. Fauci was put under oath for a deposition. Dr. Fauci was deposed in the lawsuit brought by Missouri and Louisiana against the federal government for colluding with Big Tech social media companies to suppress free speech bearing on the epidemic. Fauci was of course the General Buck Turgidson of the epidemic: “Gentlemen, gentlemen, we can’t have free speech — this is the »

Fauci: I’m a Bureaucrat, Not a Scientist

Featured image As we noted earlier, Anthony Fauci was deposed yesterday in the First Amendment lawsuit brought by the states of Missouri and Louisiana. There is no transcript of the deposition, but the lawyers have tweeted about what Fauci said, and Legal Insurrection has the news: The deposition of Anthony Fauci took place today in the lawsuit commenced by Louisiana and Missouri, alleging that numerous Biden administration officials colluded with and directed »

More Misinformation From the Feds

Featured image Kevin Roche emailed this morning: This “gentleman,” Dr. Jha, is the new dunce in charge of the federal CV-19 response. He said today that the vaccines would literally prevent every death. Dr. Jha: "We can prevent every covid death in America" if everyone gets their updated booster. — Greg Price (@greg_price11) November 22, 2022 Kevin continues: For months in Minnesota, over 70% of all events–infections, hospitalizations and deaths–have been »

How Shutdowns Devastated Young People, Continued

Featured image This comes from Britain, not the U.S., but the similarities to the U.S. are obvious: According to a study from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), over a fifth of all children have been “missing” from schoolrooms since the government began implementing lockdown measures. The report found that 2 million of the nation’s nine million students are not attending class regularly. The figure includes 1.67 million kids who were deemed »

The Costs of Covid Shutdowns, Part 2

Featured image The U.K.’s Daily Mail, one of the world’s top news sites, published a major story yesterday on the economic damage inflicted by covid shutdowns in the United States. The article’s message was that states that had more severe shutdowns suffered worse economic harm. The headline is long: “The price of pandemic restrictions REVEALED: Covid-19 measures cost Massachusetts residents $2,862 each in early 2021 — nearly THREE times as much as »

Friends in viral places

Featured image Nicholas Wade is the excellent former New York Times science reporter. I want to recommend his City Journal essay/review “Friends in viral places.” Wade takes up a new book on the origin of Covid-19 whose author he describes as “a well-regarded and widely published writer about viruses and natural history[.]” The review is educational and entertaining. Among other things, Wade indicts the author for shortchanging the lab-leak theory of the »