They Don’t Embarrass Easy

Featured image The sinister role that teachers’ unions play in our society has come clearly into focus, as our children’s lives have been devastated by needless school closures across the country. These closures–still in effect in most places, despite all scientific evidence that they are both unnecessary and harmful–largely reflect the power of the teachers’ unions. They evidently want to get paid, without ever entering a classroom again. This video was produced »

Variants and variations

Featured image Since the onset of the current pandemic about a year ago, I have referred to the disease causing the havoc as the “Wuhan coronavirus.” Doing so has two virtues. It identifies the culprit as a virus and it states where the virus originates. “COVID” does neither. At first, the mainstream media seemed to be okay with “Wuhan coronavirus.” But then came the “memo.” To say “Wuhan” or “China” in connection »

Shutdowns Kill

Featured image At, my colleague John Phelan notes research indicating that many thousands of people will die, not from COVID, but from the shutdowns that have been implemented to try to slow the spread of the virus. Whether much benefit has been gained from these shutdowns is debatable, but the costs are not: On the one hand, policymakers have, too often, oversold the benefits of their measures. On the other, they »

Who Likes the Shutdowns?

Featured image COVID shutdowns have exposed one of America’s most basic class divides–that between those who can work from home, and those who can’t. For many, the shutdowns have been a disaster; for others, a convenience. I’m going to repost a chart on a survey that was part of Steve’s most recent The Geek In Pictures. Who thought 2020 was a terrific year? Urbanites with graduate degrees and high incomes: This comment »

College basketball’s season on the brink

Featured image The pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the finances of sports teams, both professional and collegiate. However, most leagues have managed at least to complete their seasons in one form or another. The NBA and NHL resumed and completed their 2020 seasons in “bubbles.” (The NBA is struggling some with its current season, though.) Major League Baseball had an abbreviated season which, fortunately, produced a worthy champion, not a »

Coronavirus in one state (150)

Featured image The past three Minnesota Department of Health press briefings have been devoted to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Minnesota. They carry on in the disingenuous spirit to which we have grown accustomed but otherwise are lacking in general interest. Barring unforeseen circumstances I will cut back this series to installments in which I can report my own exchanges with the department (my own, that is, with a little »

The coronavirus vaccines, some perspective

Featured image I’m frustrated with the rollout of the coronavirus vaccines in Maryland and the slow pace of progress here. I might write about it. However, it’s important to look at the big picture. A year ago at this time, the Wuhan coronavirus wasn’t on America’s radar screen. As far as I know, it wasn’t on radar screens anywhere except in China. And the Chinese were mum. By November, two vaccines had »

Joe Biden’s villainous pick for Assistant Secretary of HHS

Featured image Rachel Levine is Joe Biden’s selection for Assistant Secretary of HHS. She will be the first transgender nominee to a Senate-confirmed position (or maybe just the first known one). I don’t care. Do you? What I care about is Levine’s record as Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary. It is sickening, as Ed Morrissey shows: While Levine ran the Pennsylvania health department, she followed the example of Andrew Cuomo in ordering nursing homes »

The casino exception…and how to get it

Featured image Twenty-one tribal casinos dot the Minnesota landscape (see list here). Many of the casino set-ups include hotels, bars, and restaurants. They are big business operations and substantial contributors to Minnesota’s DFL Party. And they remained open for business as usual throughout the recent shutdown that otherwise hobbled smaller restaurants — smaller restaurants that had managed to survive so far. Many haven’t been so fortunate. So far as I am aware, »

Detention Centers For COVID Skeptics

Featured image Sure, it’s Germany. But don’t think it can’t happen here. If you have harbored the suspicion that covid hysteria is a Trojan horse for totalitarian control over our lives, Germany points the way forward: Germany to hold Covid rule breakers in REFUGEE CAMPS under new crackdown to stop Brit mutant virus explosion. GERMANY’S worst Covid rule breakers will be held in detention centres under new proposals being drawn up by »

COVID Fatality Rates: A Different Perspective

Featured image Fatalities attributed to the Wuhan virus have been measured in a variety of ways. Most commonly, fatalities per 100,000 population are cited. Then, too, people sometimes note the prevalence of elderly people in states like Florida as a relevant factor. The most relevant factor, however, would seem to be nursing home population. A large percentage of covid-attributed deaths, in some states well over half, have occurred in congregate care settings–nursing »

And Just Like That…

Featured image America begins to re-open. Joe Biden says most schools can be back in business in 100 days. Across the country, shutdowns are being relaxed or ended. Here in Minnesota, for example, restaurants and bars were allowed to re-open at 50% capacity on Monday. Via InstaPundit, Stephen Miller comments on the phenomenon: Now that the presidential election is behind us, Democratic governors and mayors will be happy to see the economy »

Obama blues again

Featured image In the ninth and final verse of “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again,” Bob Dylan observes: An’ here I sit so patiently Waiting to find out what price You have to pay to get out of Going through all these things twice That’s the question that occurred to me watching the gentleman from Madame Tussauds put the COVID-19 pandemic to political use last night (video below). With »

Which Crisis?

Featured image My colleague John Phelan makes an interesting point about crime and COVID. His numbers are specific to Minnesota, but the same would be true in many other states: [Violent crime] is a crisis. As of January 7th, 41 Minnesotans aged under 40 have died from Covid-19. By contrast, at least 88 Minnesotans aged under 40 have been murdered since the state recorded its first Covid-19 death on March 21st. As »

Coronavirus in one state (149)

Featured image I enlisted the assistance of attorney Theresa Bevilacqua to recommit the Minnesota Department of Health to good faith compliance with the terms of the settlement agreement resolving my lawsuit against Commissioner Jan Malcolm and press flack Michael Schommer. MDH counsel stated that they want to make my arrangement with them work as intended. Previous deficiencies will be cured in due course, in part by my reformulation of a poorly phrased »

Biden plans to reverse Trump policy on release of vaccine

Featured image President-elect Biden intends to release nearly every available dose of Wuhan coronavirus vaccine to the states. This is a reversal of President Trump’s policy, which was to hold back doses of the vaccine to make sure there is enough for people who receive a first shot to get a second one within the recommended period (21 days or 28 days, depending on the vaccine in question). Is this a good »

Coronavirus in one state (148)

Featured image Today is a big day for the subjects of King Tim. Our governor has graciously relaxed the strictures of royal decree 101 of 2020 in his first royal decree of the new year, effective at 11:59 p.m. last night. These are the highlights: • Indoor dining at bars and restaurants can open at 50% capacity, with a maximum of 150 people. Parties of no more than six people must remain »