Safe, Legal, and . . . That’s It

Featured image Bill Clinton’s political genius in 1992 was his keen sense of effective rhetorical straddles that enabled him to appeal to moderate voters who were thoroughly turned off by the doctrinaire liberalism of the 1980s-era Democrats. His “Sister Souljah” moment is legendary, as well as his tough-on-crime rhetoric and pledge to “end welfare as we know it.” (Leave for some other day that he was mostly lying about all of these »

CRB: Present at the creation

Featured image The new (Spring) issue of the Claremont Review of Books has just been posted online this morning. I asked the editors if they would make their interview with the great Norman Podhoretz accessible for our readers. Here it is: “Present at the creation.” Subhead: “Norman Podhoretz on the rise of the anti-American left.” The interview opens with a reference to the 2019 CRB interview of Mr. Podhoretz by CRB editor »

When You’ve Lost Jeff Bezos…

Featured image Tonight Joe Biden tweeted a particularly stupid idea: let’s fight inflation by raising corporate income taxes! It is extraordinary to see how out of ammunition the floundering Biden administration is, after less than a year and a half. There is nothing newsworthy about Joe Biden saying something dumb, but Jeff Bezos’s Twitter response deserves notice: The newly created Disinformation Board should review this tweet, or maybe they need to form »

Abortion Theater In the Senate

Featured image Today the Senate voted down the Democrats’ “abortion for all” bill, 51-49. Joe Manchin joined all Republicans in voting against the bill, which never had a chance of getting the 60 votes needed for passage. Democrats hailed today’s vote as a political victory. “As Americans make their decisions in this year’s elections, this question will not go away. They will pay close attention from now until November to Republicans who »

Stolen Elections, Then and Now

Featured image Jen Psaki is departing the White House to make money at MSNBC. Her replacement as White House Press Secretary is Karine Jean-Pierre, a lunatic lefty on several counts. But for now, let’s go with this: Jean-Pierre alleged that Georgia’s election for governor in 2018 was stolen: Stacey Abrams has made a career out of claiming that the 2018 election, which she lost by 54,000 votes, was fraudulent. Democrats across the »

Latest from the Dump Feinstein Campaign

Featured image Looks like Dianne Feinstein isn’t taking the hint. So, New York Times, you’re up next! These days, however, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the trailblazing Democratic power broker who has served in the Senate for 30 years, is far from the towering presence she once was on the American political stage. At 88, Ms. Feinstein sometimes struggles to recall the names of colleagues, frequently has little recollection of meetings or telephone conversations, »

For Dems, the Hits Keep Coming

Featured image Today’s fresh ominous election news for Democrats comes from the ABC News poll that came out over the weekend. While the poll surprisingly shows a narrowing of the GOP generic ballot lead, on the individual issues that matter most to voters, Republicans maintain a large lead: On inflation, it appears Biden doesn’t even get the backing of a large portion of Democrats: At this point in his presidency, Biden’s approval »

Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (5)

Featured image Today’s doom scroll for Democrats comes courtesy of the NPR/PBS Marist Poll, which was out in the field last week with a survey of 1,377 voters. And it provides yet more indicators that Democrats are fast losing Latinos, which, if it comes to pass and becomes a real realignment of voting preferences, is, in the words of Ruy Teixiera, “an extinction level event for the Democratic Party.” First, let’s look »

Nervous in the Clinton service

Featured image Whether or not justice is ever rendered in the Russia hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, the Perkins Coie law firm, Fusion GPS, Rodney Joffe, Christopher Steele, and others, there is more to be learned. As Special Counsel John Durham approaches the trial of former Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussman next month, they are getting nervous in the Clinton service. So nervous that everyone who can is »

Today’s Installment in the Feinstein Countdown

Featured image Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, a reliable barometer of certified liberal opinion inside the Beltway, has a column up about the matter of Dianne Feinstein, which even a careless reader can make out as another loud note in chorus of coordinated voices that has determined that Feinstein needs to be forced from office. The article breaks no new ground in terms of news value or reporting, as with one small »

Operation ‘Dump Feinstein’ Gains Steam

Featured image We noted yesterday and today the sudden and seemingly coordinated effort to drive California Senator Dianne Feinstein from office. Today The New Republic (the in-flight magazine of the Clinton Administration—those were the days) weighed in, with a column from Walter Shaprio: “Dianne Feinstein Can Resign Now With Dignity. . . DiFi, don’t be the Democrats’ Strom Thurmond.” The real subtext of the subhed is clear, and it ain’t the Strom »

Political Corruption in Minnesota

Featured image Around the country, Minnesota has the reputation of having a corrupt state government. This story from Alpha News illustrates why that reputation is deserved. Last August, two Democratic state officials were involved in a rollover accident as they were leaving Farm Fest, an annual ag industry show in southern Minnesota. Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha was driving her SUV and Senate Minority Leader Melisa López Franzen was her passenger. They »

California Voters Wake Up to Harris; Is Feinstein on the Way Out?

Featured image Californians are crazy, but even Californians don’t think much of Kamala Harris. Buried deep in the latest IGS-Berkeley poll (I know the pollster who runs this survey, Mark DiCamillo, and he’s solid) that finds 50 percent of Californians still approve of President Biden’s job performance is this nugget: When voters are asked to assess the job that home state Vice President Kamala Harris is doing, 35% say they approve, 45% »

The Dem Wipeout: It’s Not Just the Midterms

Featured image Steve has started a midterm wipeout watch series that I hope will have many more installments, culminating in November. I want to note this piece by a Democrat who warns his fellow Democrats that the wipeout likely will extend well beyond 2022. The author is Simon Bazelon, just a kid but a kid who can do arithmetic. He argues that even if the Democrats are able to maintain their average »

Flying high with Kai Kahele

Featured image Hawaii’s Second Congressional District is the one that includes everything but Honolulu and the surrounding area on Oahu. It has been represented by Democrats since Hawaii was granted statehood. The amazin’ Mazie Hirono rose up from the district to display her idiocy to a national audience, but Tulsi Gabbard showed that idiocy was not a prerequisite for the position. Kai Kahele has succeeded Tulsi Gabbard in the seat. However, it »

The Democrats’ Dysarthria

Featured image I’ve finally figured out why Democrats are so monomaniacal about imposing ever stricter federal price controls on prescription drugs. It’s because they are freebasing Xanax these days in large quantities to treat their high anxiety over their steadily eroding political prospects. (Also, it helps explain President Biden. One of the side effects of Xanax is “dysarthria”—slurred or slow speech. And now you know.) Following the victory of the wrong person »

The Jackson mystique

Featured image If Democrats hadn’t turned the confirmation of judicial appointments into a blood sport in which everything but physical assassination is fair game, Judge Janice Rogers Brown may well have been the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Joe Biden threatened that if President Bush were to nominate here, the nomination would be filibustered and killed. Marc Thiessen excavated this ancient history in his February 1 Washington Post »