Who Will Stand Up To the Chinese and Russians?

Featured image It is early days, obviously, but nevertheless it is reasonable to expect the Biden administration to return to the passive posture of weakness and international retreat, including, at times, outright anti-Americanism, that characterized the Obama years. With both Russia and, especially, China resurgent, is there anyone else who can stand in their way? Actually, there may be. Foreign Policy has a surprisingly (to me) optimistic assessment of the strategic situation »

Trump In India

Featured image President Trump is paying a triumphant visit to India. Yesterday he delivered a speech to a cheering throng of more than 100,000. You probably have seen video; this CBS report is reasonably balanced: Of course, press coverage of the president’s visit is grudging. Reuters, for example, acknowledges the president’s enthusiastic reception but takes a shot at India’s Prime Minister: Modi, a nationalist who won re-election last year and has shifted »

The War Next Time?

Featured image The media and the Acela corridor are fixated today on the Michael Cohen saga like a hungry kid outside a candy store, looking for a sugar rush to sate their Trump Derangement Syndrome. But it is still rather amazing that even our ego-centric, Beltway-obsessed media is giving almost no attention to the possibility that full scale war may be about to break out between India and Pakistan. I’m having to »

The Future of Energy Is Still . . . Coal

Featured image Renewable energy, along with unicorn flop sweat, Al Gore’s organic gasses, and moonbeams always get the ink for the “future of energy.” And don’t forget how Tom Friedman and others like to remind us that China is going to overtake the U.S. as a “clean energy leader” because Trump dumped the Paris Climate Accord (thereby causing Hurricane Harvey in the process). Turns out if you look close you find out »

India to Climatistas: Show Us The Money!

Featured image A few days ago I noted that India has suggested it might go along with the UN’s climate nonsense—if the developed world will cough up $2.4 trillion in foreign aid. (Previously the climate community had spoken of aid in the range of $200—$300 billion for all of the developing world.) Well, the first draft of a prospective climate treaty agreement was released earlier this week, and there’s nothing specific in »

Did Hillary Clinton change her stance on Indian nukes in response to donations?

Featured image The latest potentially damning “Clinton cash” allegation involves a 2008 nuclear agreement between India and the United States. According to Politico, Peter Schweizer says that Hillary Clinton changed her position on the agreement after Indian business and government interests flooded various Clinton enterprises with cash. The newly obtained chapter, titled “Indian Nukes: How to Win a Medal by Changing Hillary’s Mind,” details a series of donations and overtures from Indians »

India: Star of the East, Defender of the West?

Featured image India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is typically called “controversial” or “divisive,” which means the liberal establishment of India and internationally doesn’t like him.  I don’t know if he deserves the accolade as the “Ronald Reagan of India,” but I hear he has some reformist instincts about opening up India’s economy and fighting corruption. One thing his government has done is tell Obama and the UN to go stuff it on »

India, Defender of the West?

Featured image The media are downplaying the fact that Obama left India empty-handed on the chief object of his state visit: he wanted India to reach some kind of climate agreement like the phony one Obama made with China a few months ago. India refused. The Hindustan Times reports: India’s resistance to accept a peak year for emissions was a prime reason why US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi »

The Week’s Biggest News Story

Featured image We have been remiss in not noting the most important event of the last week: India’s election, which resulted in a landslide victory for Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Bharatiya Janata won an absolute majority in India’s Parliament, so Modi will not only be installed as India’s new Prime Minister, he will be able to implement many of the policies on which he campaigned. While India’s circumstances are unique, to »

Report: Foiled Pakistani terror plot targeted Israeli and U.S. consulates

Featured image The Times of India reports that Pakistani intelligence services were planning a terrorist attack against the Israeli mission in Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) and the American consulate in Chennai (both are cities in Southern India). The reported plot was thwarted when Indian security officials interrogated a Sri Lankan national who allegedly was hired by a Pakistani agent to conduct reconnaissance of the two diplomatic missions. The Sri Lankan, Sakir »

India: Don’t Look Now, But . . .

Featured image So while we wait for the fallout from the massive bailout of Spanish banks that has  unfolded over the last 72 hours, and ponder the prospect of a breakdown in China’s economy discussed here yesterday, let’s not overlook the other tiger of Asian economic growth—India.  The Economist warns this week (“Farewell to Incredible India”) that its economy may be on the wane, too: IN A world economy as troubled as »

Panetta attempts to clean up after Obama in India

Featured image During a two-day stay in India, Secretary of Defense Panetta urged India to: (1) take a larger role in Afghanistan and (2) support the Obama administration’s new policy that purports to counterbalance China’s growing influence and military power. This shouldn’t have been a hard sell. India has an interest in as much stability as can be achieved in Afghanistan because instability there might well benefit Pakistan. And India has an »