Jimmy Carter

From Malaise to Malice

Featured image Peggy Noonan’s weekend Wall Street Journal column this week defends Jimmy Carter’s infamous “malaise” speech (though correctly noting that Carter never used the word “malaise”). Noonan typically files her long Saturday column mid-week, and so this week I have no doubt that, with news that Carter is in extremis, she wanted to say something nice about the man near the hour of his passing, which is perfectly reasonable. I’ll have »

Ramirez: “A deafening silence”

Featured image Michael Ramirez’s daily editorial cartoon of this past Friday (below) comments on the pathetic response of the Biden administration to the insanely brave protests inside the Chinese and Iranian regimes. He titles it “A deafening silence.” (Subscribe to Michael’s Substack site here.) The New York Post reports “Biden snubs question on China protests amid son Hunter’s biz ties.” The related New York Post editorial is headlined “White House offers mere »

The Biden ordeal

Featured image I admired former Vice President Walter Mondale for his decency and integrity, among other things. I elaborated in “A personal note on Walter Mondale” when he died last year. Watching some old PBS retrospective on the Carter years, however, I doubted his political intelligence. He reeled off the challenges that brought down Carter in his 1980 loss to Ronald Reagan. Among them — here I am writing from memory — »