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Updates: Musk for the Win, and the Progressive Roots of “Replacement Theory”

Featured image • When I posted in Loose Ends earlier today about Tesla being booted off the S&P ESG ETF, I neglected to speculate that it was Musk’s recent declaration that he’s going to vote Republican because Democrats have become too radical that might have triggered the step the woke capitalists have taken. And Musk has gamely responded: You know, I’m starting to think Musk is even better at Twitter than Trump. »

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Featured image • Always behind on my weekend reading, so I just today caught up to Holman Jenkins’s Saturday column in the Wall Street Journal on “What Did the Steele Hoax Cost America?” The whole article is smoking hot great and worth reading all the way through if you have a Journal subscription, but this one passage stands out as the perfect summary for how to think about Trump: Mr. Trump may »

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Featured image • Another Biden achievement reached today: Gasoline prices at the pump reached a new milestone on Tuesday. For the first time ever, all 50 states recorded gas prices above $4 a gallon, after prices in the three holdout states — Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma — increased overnight, according to AAA data. Chaser: • Long article in the New York Times today about rising second thoughts about the use of anti-psychotic »

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Featured image • So Democrats couldn’t even get to 50 votes in the Senate for their complete abortion-on-demand at any point for any reason bill, which was clearly written with the express political purpose of making it impossible for pro-choice Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to vote for it. The bill exposed the Democrats’ hostility toward religion with a clause that would have required Catholic (and other denominational) hospitals to »

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Featured image • Remember how during the Iraq War the deranged left fingered Leo Strauss (d. 1973) as somehow the intellectual inspiration behind the neoconservative drive to war in the Middle East? It was downright silly, and in any case Thomas G. West provided a thorough refutation of this nonsense in the Claremont Review of Books. Better get ready for a sequel. A few years ago there appeared a new edition of »

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Featured image • Oh goody—the identity politics crowd has come up with a substitute term for “Latinx,” which is hugely unpopular among hispanics according to repeated surveys. Campus Reform reports: New York University’s LGBTQ+ Center announced via Instagram that the university would be holding a slew of “Cultural and Identity-Based Graduation Celebrations” to “acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students of color and LGBTQ+ students.” Among the celebrations listed was an event titled »

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Featured image • The Ukrainian crisis may have reached a turning point with the announcement that Russia is cutting off oil and gas shipments to Poland and Bulgaria: Moscow is making good on a threat to halt gas supplies to countries that refuse President Vladimir Putin’s new demand to pay for the fuel in rubles. The European Union has rejected the demand in principle but now payment deadlines are starting to fall »

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Featured image • A few days ago I remarked that the Biden Administration would have to appeal the district court ruling striking down the mask mandate despite the political unpopularity of masks because preserving the power of the administrative state is a core principle of the left today. I just didn’t expect The New Republic to come right out and admit this point: Biden had no choice but to appeal. That’s because »

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Featured image • The New York Times has named a new executive editor, Joseph Kahn. Who somehow approved these glam shots for the roll out: It’s like Pajama boy grew up or something. The berries-croissant-coffee-cup-with-Chinese-characters still life tableau is a nice cosmo touch. I’m going to look forward to his rule as much as the last four ridiculous people they’ve had in the EE slot. UPDATE: It’s already becoming a meme: No »

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Featured image • The dingy left comes for Dungy: Two days ago former NFL coach and TV sports commentator Tony Dungy appeared at a bill signing with Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida for a law encouraging fatherhood. And you’ll never guess what happened next! Of course you know what happened next: leftist Twitter erupted with rage at Dungy. Dungy isn’t having any of it: Actually, part of the subtext of leftist rage »

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Featured image • Let me see if I have this straight: We’re all for “women’s rights” around the world, but ordinary people can’t tell what a woman is? We need specialized experts to identify “women”? Oh-kay. • Some terrific tweets this week. A few of my favorites: • Title VI and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination by race or sex in college programs. This is what happens when »

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Featured image • I never tire of reminding people of Stan Evans’s great quip, “Whenever there is an important policy issue, I want to know what celebrities think. I don’t think the president or Congress should act until they’ve heard from Bono.” (Book with all these quips—and more—just two weeks away now.) Well, behold Hollywood wisdom at its finest: Keep in mind that Arquette has used every TV awards show she’s ever »

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Featured image Some Loose Ends for a Saturday afternoon/evening: • We’ve been so busy with the geopolitical and other news that we haven’t noted the apparent collapse of the Manhattan DA’s case against Donald Trump: A pair of prosecutors leading the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and his business empire have resigned. The exit of Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz on Wednesday followed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg »

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Featured image • Tweet of the day (actually yesterday) from Power Line friend and reader Josh Dunn at the University of Colorado: • In case you don’t get enough of our own family of podcasts, yesterday I was a guest on Jon Gabriel’s “King of Stuff” show over at Ricochet. We talked about “the Trump question,” but then moved on to the much more serious divisions in the Democratic Party, and why »

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Featured image • Jim Geraghty of National Review passes along this factoid this morning: “Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported just 55,590 illegal immigrants in 2021, the fewest number in five years.” Chaser from Jim: “It sounds farcical to hear Kamala Harris pledging to protect Ukraine’s borders at the Munich Security Conference when she and the rest of the Biden administration have done such an abysmal job of protecting America’s borders.” Chaser: Biden »

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Featured image • I saw today my first ever $6.99 a gallon gasoline at a filling station on a major highway here in Krazifornia, as opposed to some exotic and remote location like Gorda near Big Sur. Where do I order some of those “I did that!” Biden stickers? • No sooner do I write this morning about the “San Francisco Earthquake” than I spot this article by LA Times reporter Mark »

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Featured image • I named my groundhog “Fauci,” and since it saw its shadow this morning, it means six more weeks of masks. • So the “Washington Football Team” is going to be called the “Commanders”? It’s almost the perfect—and perfectly absurd—name for a DC team. Why didn’t they just extend their imagination a little more and make it complete: The Washington Command-and-Controllers? • I think it was Glenn Reynolds who observed »