Coronavirus in one state (85)

Featured image Governor Walz held a press briefing in place of the regularly scheduled Department of Health briefing yesterday. I have posted the video below. Walz declares yet again that “George Floyd was murdered in front of the world.” Whereas he previously referred to the Guardsmen he belatedly called up to take back Minneapolis and St. Paul from the mobs as 19-year-old cooks, he now describes them as “the greatest warriors in »

CRB: Millenarian mobs

Featured image The consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic will be with us for a long time, yet our descent into mobocracy may be the most notable development of 2020. It is the subject of Angelo Codevilla’s essay “Millenarian mobs” in the just-published Summer issue of the Claremont Review of Books. He calls it “an old and dangerous story.” Professor Codevilla brings a scholarly historical perspective that deepens the concerns of common sense. »

American Cities In Catastrophic Decline

Featured image Rioting continues nightly in Portland. Criminals are arrested, immediately released, and return to the streets. It is hard to see how Portland has a viable future. Likewise with Seattle. A city that cannot maintain order will soon be vacated by normal people who are able to leave, leaving only criminals and those without the means to get away. Minneapolis, with its days of rioting followed by skyrocketing crime and parks »

Barr unbound

Featured image Attorney General William Barr sat down with Mark Levin for an outstanding interview that aired last night on Life, Liberty and Levin. The interview covered subjects and themes that are among our regular preoccupations, including the secular religion of the Democrats, Antifa and related media coverage, and the Russia hoax. In the interview Barr is performing a teaching function. He knows what he’s talking about and he wants Americans to »

From the Belly of the Beast

Featured image The Daily Signal is a popular web site operated by the Heritage Foundation, and it publishes a daily email, that includes a podcast that is also very popular. I know a lot of people listen to the podcast because when I was on it on Friday, a number of people told me they had heard it. Minneapolis is ground zero for the anti-police movement, and the interviewer, Virginia Allen, wanted »

Fake news about Portland from the Washington Post

Featured image Last week, the Washington Post ran an article with this headline: “Trump ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests. But the chaos ended as soon as they left.” This was a dishonest attempt to blame the rioting in Portland, including attacks aimed at federal buildings, on President Trump, rather than the Antifa/BLM rioters. The Post’s Adam Taylor surely knew that the presence of federal forces was a response to, not »

Walz versus Frey (2)

Featured image FOX 9 is our local FOX station. FOX 9 investigative reporter Tom Lyden has done an excellent job covering the war between Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey as revealed in recently disclosed text messages in the days following the death of George Floyd. Who is responsible for the great harm that has befallen the Twin Cities? That is the question. However, this is not a binary »

Walz versus Frey

Featured image Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey are engaged in a blame-shifting war in which each points to the other the cause of the destruction that befell the Twin Cities in the riots that followed George Floyd’s death. The Star Tribune forms one front of the war in the article “Mayor Frey: Gov. Walz hesitated to deploy National Guard during Minneapolis riots.” Subhead: “E-mails and texts show urgency; »

The “Abject Failure” Strikes Back [Updated]

Featured image Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz is utterly incompetent. For the details, read the just-released issue of Thinking Minnesota, which drives political debate in my state. During the days of rioting, looting and arson in Minneapolis that followed the death of George Floyd, it became obvious that the situation was a disaster. Walz tried to distance himself from the debacle by saying in a press conference that fellow Democrat Jacob Frey, the »

Waiting for the Umbrella Man or someone like him

Featured image Who can take a city, burn it to the ground? The Umbrella Man can, at least according to the search warrant affidavit filed by Minneapolis police officer Erika Christensen last week. The Star Tribune’s Libor Jany told me he came across Christensen’s affidavit in a routine review of new court filings. He reported on the allegations of Christensen’s affidavit in “Minneapolis police say ‘Umbrella Man’ was a white supremacist trying »

Portlandia Forever

Featured image Having spent a lot of time in Portland (I probably acquired a quarter of my rather too large library at Powell’s City of Books, where I’ve been coming out the front door with heavy full bags since 1977), I always regarded the TV show “Portlandia” as a documentary rather than fictional satire. Clearly the show needs a gritty reboot, with an episode that tries to lampoon the “Wall of Moms” »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is thinking MOSTLY PEACEFUL thoughts. She writes: People used to ask me when I was a standup comic: “Where do you get your material from?” That question came back to me when I pondered this topic. It was just after yelling at Mr. Ammo Grrrll (the famous novelist Max Cossack) in total frustration because I was trying to type in a security code for my Humana Pharmacy’s disembodied »

Memo to: Seattle Area Readers, and Yale Alums Everywhere

Featured image Here are two good opportunities for readers to express themselves in meaningful ways against the craziness of the moment. First, for our Seattle area readers, next Monday the Seattle Commissars City Council will vote on defunding the police, which could result in reducing the number of officers by as many as 800. What a great idea!/sarc. There is an online petition you can sign to express your opposition to this madness. »

No Enemies to Biden’s Left [Updated]

Featured image The riots that have devastated Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle and Portland are “peaceful,” according to the Democrats and their media adjunct. Or “mostly peaceful,” when a violent act is actually being committed onscreen. This is what Jerry Nadler says; according to him, violence by Portland’s leftists is a “myth.” Then there is Nick Kristof, who denies that Portland is violent and extols the joys of “stroll[ing] along the Willamette River and »

Warfare In Grant Park

Featured image Last night Communist and Anarchist rioters attacked the statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park, Chicago. Police tried to guard the statue, and a pitched battle ensued, with 18 police officers injured and a dozen rioters–nowhere near enough–arrested. The rioters gained temporary ascendancy over the police, got control over the statue and attempted to pull it down, but without success–unlike the vandals who tore down the statue of Columbus on »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (8)

Featured image • So now we’re going to take down the statue of Theodore Roosevelt outside the Natural History Museum in New York? I’m no great fan of TR, but if I was a New Yorker I think I’d mount the barricade to prevent the statue’s removal. I also hope the Great Repudiators currently rampaging across the land will get around to the other Roosevelt—you know, the one who put 100,000 Japanese »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (7)

Featured image I’m actually pretty busy at the moment, even though school is over for the summer, so I’m having trouble keeping up with the tsunami of craziness washing over the land. But I’ll try to continue this chronicle of the most egregious and significant events. • Who would have thought that sense and resolve against statue-toppling repudiation would come from the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. The Daily Wire reports: “We »