Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Tomorrow Morning

I’ll be guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show tomorrow (Thursday). My on-air guests will include Jean Yarbrough, author of a fine book we’ve mentioned here before, Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition; Paul Reid, co-author of the third and final volume of The Last Lion biography of Winston Churchill; and Ed Pinto of the American Enterprise Institute, who will be coming out first thing Thursday morning with a frightening new study about how the Federal Housing Administration is about to turn turtle on us (unexpectedly!), and we’ll get the story first on the Bill Bennett show.  And you thought the housing crisis was over!   (Ed has my old office at AEI, the poor guy.)   I’ll wrap up at 8:35 eastern time with the incomparable Michael Barone.  Plus I will go through one of Ronald Reagan’s greatest speeches that we’ve tended to overlook but which speaks perfectly to our political predicament today.  Plus, I’ve also encouraged a guy named Hinderaker to call in if he can!  So tune in for some good times.


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