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NAACP offers Obama political cover on gay marriage

Featured image What a coincidence. Less than two weeks after President Obama “evolved” into openly supporting same-sex marriage, the NAACP has passed a resolution supporting it too. “Civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law,” NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous explained. He added that “the NAACP’s support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and equal protection of all »

Conservative PACs outpacing Liberal ones

Featured image The Washington Post reports that conservative interest groups have “dumped” well over $20 million into congressional races so far this year, outspending their liberal opponents 4 to 1 (do lefty PACs dump money too, or do they distribute it?). Part of this phenomenon can be explained by the money attracted by high profile Republican Senate primary races. Reportedly, primary races in Indiana and Texas alone brought in around $4 million »

The limits of pledging

Featured image Politico reports that a few freshmen Republican Congressmen are publicly backing away from the pledge they made not to vote for any tax increase. Politico cites Scott Rigell (Virginia), Allen West (Florida), and Reid Ribble (Wisconsin). They made the pledge, as many others did, in response to Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform group. Rigell and Ribble say they are backing away from the pledge because it precludes »

Does Jeremiah Wright have a place in this campaign? Part Two

Featured image Yesterday, I opined that Jeremiah Wright should not be off-limits in the 2012 campaign unless research demonstrates that bringing up the Obama-Wright relationship will not hurt Obama. My suspicion is that Obama has some vulnerability here. That suspicion is confirmed, I think, by the Obama campaign’s shrill reaction, and that of its MSM friends, to reports that a PAC might inject Wright into the race (the PAC decided not to). »

Does Jeremiah Wright have a place in this campaign?

Featured image Word that a conservative super-PAC was contemplating an ad campaign, to the tune of up to $10 million, attacking President Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright has generated plenty of buzz. It now appears, however, that no such campaign is forthcoming. The PAC that was considering this approach, the Ending Spending Action Fund of billionaire Joe Ricketts, says that, although the idea was put forth as a possible direction to take, »

No moment of silence to honor victims of Munich Olympics Massacre

Featured image This year marks the 40th anniversary of the massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games of 11 Israel athletes and coaches by Palestinian terrorists. As a reminder of this atrocity, the Israeli Olympic Committee asked that there be a moment of silence to honor the victims at the commencement of the Games. The International Olympic Committee has refused to agree. The best IOC President Jacques Rogge could do was to promise »

Is there trouble ahead for NPR?

Featured image NPR is hurting financially. According to its new chief executive, Gary Knell, it has seen a sharp downturn in corporate “underwriting” and thus finds itself facing an annual operating deficit. Actually, NPR has operated at a deficit in three of the last four years. However, the hole is growing deeper this year. In addition, NPR’s audience is no longer expanding. In fact, ratings fell by a little more than 1 »

Food for thought

Featured image Elizabeth Warren cannot document her claim to be part (a very small part) Cherokee Indian. But in 1984, identifying herself as a Cherokee, she contributed recipes to a cookbook edited by her cousin called “Pow Wow Chow.” If that helps. It may not. According to the Boston Herald, outraged members of the Cherokee tribe — including a Warren supporter — are demanding that the candidate release her employment records following »

A giant stands on the shoulders of dwarfs

Featured image Great religious prophets, when they create a new religion, usually treat the greatest prophets of pre-existing great religions as their precursors. In this way, they gain credibility while putting the earlier prophets in their place. Barack Obama is trying to do something like this when it comes to previous presidents, as Seth Mendel of Commentary discovered when he visited a White House website that provides biographies of former presidents. Mandel »

Obama calls debt ceiling fight “not acceptable,” whatever that means

Featured image President Obama today warned congressional leaders that a replay of the debt ceiling fight of last summer is “not acceptable” and that he will not tolerate it. Obama added that he expects a “serious bipartisan approach” to tackling the budget and growing federal deficit this year. House Speaker John Boehner said yesterday that he was prepared for another debt ceiling fight, if that’s what it takes to force action to »

Boehner seeks action on debt reduction

Featured image Speaker John Boehner is calling on Congress to deal with the issues of budget reductions and the Bush tax cuts before the election. And he is threatening to block an increase in the federal debt ceiling unless significant new cuts occur. The case for tackling these issues now is straightforward. If they are put off until the lame duck session, there will be little time to avoid the train wreck »

An upset in Nebraska

Featured image In Nebraska, State Senator Deb Fischer has upset Jon Bruning, the state’s attorney general, to win the Republican nomination for the Senate seat held by Democrat Ben Nelson, who is retiring. Late returns had Fischer leading Bruning by 40-36. She will face former Senator Bob Kerrey. Until recently, Bruning had been leading in the polls. Fischer had been running third, behind Don Stenberg, the state’s treasurer, who was endorsed by »

Who is the reality-based presidential candidate? Part Two

Featured image Yesterday, I asked which presidential candidate – Mitt Romney or President Obama – is, by training and background, more “reality-based” and which is less driven by ideology. In claiming that Romney is more reality-based and less driven by ideology, I showed how his education and decades of work at Bain and Bain Capital focused heavily on diving into, and finding answers in, data, with no real reference to ideology. Let’s »

What is judicial activism and do we need the concept?

Featured image Today, I attended a debate sponsored by the Federalist Society about “judicial activism” between our friend Ed Whelan and Prof. Jeffrey Rosen. At the heart of their debate was a disagreement over the definition of judicial activism. Ed defined judicial activism as a form of legal error – the type that occurs when a court wrongly decides that a statute is unconstitutional. Rosen defined it as the judicial overturning of »

Team Obama flips out over mildly adverse New York Times poll

Featured image If a left-wing president were to lose the New York Times, there would be good reason for him and his operatives to flip out. President Obama hasn’t lost the New York Times; he has merely “lost” a new poll by CBS/New York Times taken five months before the election. It shows him trailing Mitt Romney 46-43, and trailing among women by 46-44. And he hasn’t “lost” that poll in any »

Who is the “reality-based” presidential candidate? Part One

Featured image One of the American left’s most persistent self-congratulatory themes is the claim that, unlike the right, its views aren’t based on ideology, but rather on facts. Indeed, the left likes to call itself the “reality-based” community, so data-driven does it fancy its position to be. The delusional nature of this pose is a subject for another post. It is also, I understand, a subject of Jonah Goldberg’s new book, The »

Tom Cotton surges ahead

Featured image We’re happy to report that our friend Tom Cotton has taken the lead in polling of the Republican primary in Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District. The latest survey of likely primary voters, taken by Talk Business-Hendrix College, shows Tom with 51 percent of the vote, compared to 33 percent for Beth Anne Rankin, his main opponent. Rankin was the Republican nominee in 2010, before redistricting made the seat more favorable for »