On Book TV: The legacy of jihad

Please fire up your Tivo to record Dr. Andrew Bostom tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 4:30 a.m. or on Tuesday, May 30 at 2:00 a.m. (Eastern) to see the indomitable Dr. Andrew Bostom discuss his monumental book The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims.

As per the C-SPAN 2 notice:

Description: Andrew Bostom discusses the history of Islamic fundamentalism throughout the Middle East…Dr. Bostom also talks about the treatment of non-Muslims living in Islamic countries, the threat to Israel posed by fundamentalists in the region, and the war on terror. Commentary is provided by Laurent Murawiec of the Hudson Institute and Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation.

Author Bio: Andrew Bostom is an associate professor of medicine at Brown University Medical School and a contributor to Frontpage magazine (www.frontpagemag.com). For more information on Dr. Bostom and his work, visit [his site].

Dr. Bostom notes in a message to us that he specifically discusses “the legacy of jihad in historical Palestine — ALL of it.” For a good discussion of the book’s contribution to the subject, see Dean Barnett’s Standard column: “All jihad, all the time.”

UPDATE: Dr. Bostom alerts us to the Heritage Foundation page with links to audio and video streams of his presentation that was broadcast overnight on C-SPAN 2.


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