Tune In Tomorrow

I haven’t plugged the radio show that I do every Saturday with my friends from Fraters Libertas lately, for no particular reason. We’re still going strong, on the air from 11 to 1 central time. If you live in the Twin Cities, we’re on 1280AM the Patriot; if you’re not, you can listen here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting the show by myself, as Chad and Beth have just had a baby and Brian and Rachel are in Chicago for the weekend. So I’ll be on my own; it would be great if some of our readers would call in and keep me company.

At noon central, I’ll have a guest, Andrew Meier, author of The Lost Spy. The Lost Spy is the story of Cy Oggins, an American who spied for Stalin around the world, from the U.S. to Paris and Berlin and the Far East.

Oggins’ story is a tragic one–like so many loyal Communists, he was ultimately murdered by Stalin–and one that has only recently become known.

So, tune in tomorrow, and call in if you are so inclined. It should be fun.

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