Shoe-Thrower a Sadrist After All

In its zeal to make Muntader al-Zaidi, the goofball who threw his shoes at President Bush, into an Iraqi everyman, the Associated Press placed Zaidi in the middle of the Iraqi political spectrum:

Over time, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, a 28-year-old unmarried Shiite, came to hate both the U.S. military occupation and Iran’s interference in Iraq, his family told The Associated Press on Monday. …

“He hates the American physical occupation as much as he hates the Iranian moral occupation,” Dhirgham said, alluding to the influence of pro-Iranian Shiite clerics in political and social life. “As for Iran, he considers the regime to be the other side of the American coin.”

Ridiculous! his family now says. Zaidi loves the Mullahs:

On Saturday, Uday, al-Zaidi’s other brother, spoke to FNA and rejected the report by the Associated Press.

Uday claimed none of his family members had made any anti-Iran comments.

“AP has completely lied in its report. None of our family members has made any comments about my brother’s opinion on Iran… Muntader is a Shiite who is fond of Iran,” Uday said.

It’s possible, of course, that Zaidi’s brother misled the AP in order to put Muntadhar in a better light with Iraqi authorities. Sadly, however, “AP has completely lied” is a plausible claim in any political context that implicates the news agency’s commitment to liberalism.

Via Gateway Pundit.

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