Sticking With the Narrative, Dammit!

We generally write our own stuff and don’t just quote others, but sometimes you have to make an exception for Mark Steyn:

In turbulent times, it’s good to know some things never change. After a week in which President Obama thanked himself for inviting him to the White House, compared AIG executives to suicide bombers, and did the first Presidential retard joke on national TV, I was impressed to find that Slate is bravely keeping up its Bushism Of The Day feature.

Four more years!

Yes, a lot of Democrats are saying to themselves, This isn’t happening…it can’t be happening!

PAUL adds: It’s surprising, perhaps, how politically incorrect Obama can be. Recall how, during the campaign, he responded to tough questioning from a female reporter by calling her “sweetie.”

If there is a real Barack Obama, I wonder whether he isn’t a guy enjoying a smoke and sneering at everyone who isn’t like him, which means virtually everyone.


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