A New Power on the Center Right

If you haven’t been reading the Washington Examiner, it’s time to start. The paper is read most widely on the web, but also in a print version which is distributed for free in the DC area. The Examiner turned a lot of heads when it hired Byron York, a top-notch talent, away from National Review. Now it has lured Michael Barone, the foremost authority on the nuts and bolts of American politics, away from U.S. News. Our own Paul Mirengoff was way ahead of the curve, and has been writing occasional columns for the Examiner for some time.

The Examiner obviously has some financial muscle behind it. Flying somewhat under the radar, it has gained a considerable following in Washington. With writers like York and Barone contributing reporting and commentary, the Examiner could become the center-right equivalent of the liberal Politico. That would be a good thing; in the meantime, the paper is well worth reading.


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