No Word Yet From the Times on Issa Hit Piece

I wrote here about a New York Times hit piece on Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that contained so many errors that if you subtract them all, there is not much left of the story. The article was by Times reporter Eric Lichtblau. The paper has so far issued a single correction, but Issa’s office has itemized numerous additional errors that go to the essence of the story, and has requested additional corrections.

I concluded my post by quoting an email that I sent to Mr. Lichtblau and to the paper’s Public Editor:

Eric, your article on Darrell Issa appears to be false in almost every material detail. I wrote about it here:

Do you have any evidence that any of Congressman Issa’s factual statements are incorrect? Beyond that, do you have anything to say in your own defense? I will be happy to publish any defense that you may wish to offer.

John Hinderaker

So far I have received in response only a form email from the Public Editor saying that “[i]f a further reply is warranted you will be hearing from us in a timely manner.” Nothing from Mr. Lichtblau.

We are not the only ones waiting to see whether the Times will correct the egregious errors in its attack on Congressman Issa. Chris Muir comments in today’s Day By Day strip:

So far, the Times has said only that it is “not seeing a need for any sort of retraction.” Perhaps additional emails directed to Mr. Lichtblau and to Art Brisbane, the Public Editor, will cause the paper to take a more serious look at Congressman Issa’s complaints.


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