Media Bias

The Washington Post tumbles down the ski hill

Featured image Jim Dueholm was a law partner of John and Scott in Minneapolis. In retirement, Jim lives in Washington, D.C. Here, he attends key Supreme Court arguments, extends his already vast knowledge of American history, and sometimes writes letters in which he attempts to set the editors and readers of the Washington Post straight. Jim’s latest letter concerns the Post’s coverage of the Trump-Ukraine affair and the rush to impeach the »

Illegal Alien? What’s That?

Featured image At Liberty Unyielding, Jerome Woehrle points out an astonishing instance of journalistic ignorance: The Chicago Tribune falsely reported on October 4 that the term “illegal alien” isn’t used in laws or legal circles. It has since failed to fix the error even though lawyers pointed out its error on Twitter and in correction requests. The Chicago Tribune made an error on October 4 that it seemingly refuses to fix, out »

Navigate this

Featured image The Washington Post declares, in the headline to a paper edition article, that Chief Justice Roberts “must navigate a highly divisive docket as 2020 campaign rages.” I didn’t realize it was the Chief Justice’s job to “navigate” a docket or to worry about political campaigns. I thought it was his job, along with that of his colleagues, to reach correct conclusions about the merits of each case on the Court’s »

The Ad That CNN Wouldn’t Run

Featured image CNN refused to run this Trump ad on the Biden Ukraine scandal. Why? “CNN is rejecting the ad, as it does not meet our advertising standards,” a network spokesperson told The Daily Beast. “Specifically, in addition to disparaging CNN and its journalists, the ad makes assertions that have been proven demonstrably false by various news outlets, including CNN.” I have no idea what “assertions” have been “proven demonstrably false.” That »

Surf Nazis—I Hate Those Guys

Featured image What would we do without the New York Times warning us about the menace of . . .  (checks notes) . . . surf Nazis! From yesterday’s Times: The first time I saw a swastika in the wild, I happened to be carrying a surfboard. . . At the time, the term “surf Nazi” often got applied to any surfer ferociously committed to the sport and territorial about his local »

New York Times: Wrong Again!

Featured image President Trump met with Wayne LaPierre, President of the National Rifle Association, at the White House on Friday. This isn’t particularly big news; “President meets with political ally” is about as yawn-inducing a headline as a paper could produce. So the Times decided to spice it up, reporting that “in return for” the NRA’s support, LaPierre asked the president to “stop the games” over gun control legislation. Such a quid »

Double standards, anyone? [UPDATED]

Featured image From today’s Washington Post: Trump. . .falsely accused Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) of threatening to cut financial assistance to Ukraine over reports that officials impeded cooperation with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation. Trump cited a letter the senators sent to Ukraine’s top prosecutor in May 2018, but at no point in the correspondence did they »

Democrats Play Dumb

Featured image I wasn’t able to watch President Trump’s press conference today, what with having a job and all, but from the parts I have seen he did well. The Democrats’ main line of attack seems to have come from this reference to Nancy Pelosi at the end of the event. The president responded to the question, “Did you ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to find a way out of impeachment yesterday?” »

The New York Slimes

Featured image The New York Times is getting plenty of much-deserved abuse for its dishonest attempt to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh. As Paul wrote, its reporters and editors can’t pass the buck to one another, and all who were involved in the libel deserve condemnation. Michael Ramirez produced this graphic, which I suspect we will have many occasions to use in the future. Click to enlarge: Mockery is a powerful tool, and »

New York Times reporters blame editors for key omission in Kavanaugh story

Featured image The New York Times is under well-deserved fire for excluding from its Kavanaugh penis-thrusting tale the fact that the alleged victim has no recollection of such an incident. Even CBS News has attacked the Times’ shoddiness in this regard. Now, the two authors of the story — Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly — are blaming their editors for the omission. They claim they included the alleged victim’s statement in the »

Gut check

Featured image The new claim of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh at Yale many decades ago comes from a book by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly. Pogrebin and Kelly also wrote the New York Times story presenting this claim. In their book, Pogrebin and Kelly acknowledge that the alleged victim of the alleged misconduct has no recollection of it. In their original Times article, the two omitted this fact. In their book, »

The renewed smearing of Justice Kavanaugh

Featured image The left has managed to keep Anita Hill’s trivial and uncorroborated allegations against Clarence Thomas alive and talked about for nearly 30 years. Thus, it’s not surprising that the left is still out to smear Brett Kavanaugh along similar lines. The focus now is on how Kavanaugh behaved, or is alleged to have behaved, towards women at parties during his freshman year at Yale 35 years (or so) ago. Unless »

The NY Times Never Disappoints (2)

Featured image It is increasingly clear that the real problem with the country is not “white privilege,” but the woke privilege of the New York Times. Further to John’s item immediately below about the Times‘s newest attack on Justice Kavanaugh, and my item last week on how Times seems to have decided to operate without editors, behold this Tweet the Times issued in support of their latest hit piece: Apparently the night »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 144: “Guilt Is The Greatest Form of Self-Indulgence”—Breaking Down the 1619 Project, Part 3

Featured image “Lucretia,” Power Line’s international woman of mystery, is back with me again this week with the third installment in our special series confronting the pernicious New York Times “1619 Project,” this time taking on the argument that slavery is the central factor in the rise of modern industrial capitalism—a proposal so laughable that we actually spend a lot of our time talking about entirely tangential subjects. (For listeners interested in a serious compilation »

The NY Times Never Disappoints

Featured image The sharp-eyed Prof. Joshua Dunn of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs spots this early morning tweet from the New York Times: “Airplanes took aim”??  Josh comments: “Got to get those airplanes under control, keep them from hijacking hapless terrorists.” Maybe Ilhan Omar can go with this: “Some planes did something.” Apparently the Times still employs at least one editor. They’ve deleted the tweet. But I doubt they have »

Trump honors Jerry West, New York Times implies racism

Featured image President Trump honored NBA basketball legend Jerry West by awarding him the Medal of Freedom. If athletes are to be given this award, and presidents from both parties have done so, then West clearly deserves it. West is underappreciated. When folks talk these days about great guards of the 1960s, the focus is always on Oscar Robertson. Robertson is an all-time great, but so is West. He averaged 27.0 points »

Reversible Bumper Sticker, Reversible Press

Featured image The indispensable Babylon Bee features a reversible bumper sticker. It can say either “Coexist” or “Resist” depending on whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican: Mandatory Tolerance, LLC is a Santa Cruz-based internet company that manufacturers bumper stickers, T-shirts, and other merchandise for the left, offering their goods and services on the free market in exchange for money in order to end capitalism. Their latest product is a »