Media Bias

Weiss Out at NY Times

Featured image Ever since the defenestration of James Bennet at the New York Times last month I’ve been expecting that Bari Weiss would soon follow. And today Weiss handed in her resignation to the Times with a long open letter to the publisher. Very much worth reading the whole thing, but here are some highlights: [A] new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t »

A New Low In Trump Derangement?

Featured image I know, we reached absolute zero in TDS a long time ago. How can things possibly get worse? I don’t know, but USA Today is trying, via, perhaps, the dumbest “fact check” in history: Clarification: The claim that Trump 2020 has put out a T-shirt with a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle and is being criticized for it is true. Worth noting, the eagle is a longtime US symbol, »

NY Times: Oops, Never Mind

Featured image Over the years, we have tracked a number of newspaper corrections (as often as not featuring the New York Times) where, if you match the belated correction against the original article, the conclusion is that the article was pointless and never should have been published. This is a good example of that genre. Today the New York Times issued this correction on a front page “news” story attacking President Trump: »

Why No One Trusts “Experts” (or the Media)

Featured image Alright, let’s take in two news stories out over the last 48 hours, one from the well-regarded Nature magazine, and another reported this morning by NPR on the same World Health Organization (WHO?) study: Mounting evidence suggests coronavirus is airborne — but health advice has not caught up Converging lines of evidence indicate that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, can pass from person to person in tiny »

Our Worthless News Media

Featured image Scott Adams makes an important paint, succinctly. God help those who rely for information on what used to be called the mainstream media: The two biggest news stories in the country are Coronavirus and race relations. No news source reports the relevant death counts of either one in a form that would be useful to citizens. The press is no longer pretending to inform. It is straight propaganda. — Scott »

Sen. Tim Scott Steps Out

Featured image Did you know that Tim Scott is the only black Republican Senator? You probably do know that, because this is how everything he does is minimized and scoffed at by the Democratic Party press. Here are just a few of the thousands of examples we could offer: Scott himself complained in an email this morning about being anonymized by the Democratic Party press: Lost in the shuffle is the fact »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (9)

Featured image The craziness of our moment shows no sign of abating. In fact it appears to be settling down for another long march/stomping of our institutions. Here are some to today’s crazy highlights: • Someone—perhaps not students since campus is closed—toppled the statue of George Washington at George Washington University. Meanwhile, down in Nashville, the prestigious Harpeth Hall prep school has announced that it will do away with its annual George »

Big Tech Makes War on the Right

Featured image That is an evergreen headline. Here are a couple of instances from today’s news. First, Facebook has pulled Trump campaign ads under its “organized hate” policy. Sounds serious, right? No: the Trump ads were anti-Antifa, and, since Antifa is an organized hate group, you might think Facebook would approve of them. Just kidding. Still, what was the problem? The Trump campaign ads included a red inverted triangle. A Trump campaign »

The Campus Riot Reaches the Newsroom

Featured image A while back New York magazine columnist Andrew Sullivan wrote “We All Live on Campus Now,” noting that progressive campus craziness has burst out and now heavily infects big business and the media: When elite universities shift their entire worldview away from liberal education as we have long known it toward the imperatives of an identity-based “social justice” movement, the broader culture is in danger of drifting away from liberal democracy »

How much do black lives matter to blacks?

Featured image Black lives matter. Unfortunately, they don’t matter to blacks as much as they should. If they did, the number of blacks killed by other blacks would be much, much lower. And what about the black lives that have been lost at the hands of protesters and rioters this past week? Willis Krumholz identifies the known cases. There’s retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was shot and killed while »

Washington Post Dismayed By Great Economic News

Featured image The Washington Post was so confident that the May jobs report would show rising unemployment that it pre-wrote and actually tweeted a “grim milestone” story that it then hurried to retract: The Post sheepishly acknowledged deleting its original tweet: An earlier version of this tweet was deleted because it carried a headline that had not been updated after the release of today's unemployment numbers. This tweet is correct. — The »

The New York Times’ new standard for acceptable op-eds

Featured image As Scott recounted this morning, Tom Cotton entered the public’s consciousness in 2006 when Power Line published a letter he wrote that the New York Times had rejected. The letter attacked two Times reporters who had undermined U.S. anti-terrorism efforts by writing about a highly classified terrorist finance tracking program. Tom had a strong personal stake. The men he was leading on patrols through the streets of Baghdad were exposed »

Quote of the Day

Featured image White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany conducted a press briefing today in which she talked, among other things, about Rod Rosenstein’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She summed up the outrage of Obamagate succinctly: It’s a pretty grave thing to spy on an American citizen, to violate his Fourth Amendment rights, to not have a basis to do so, and to rely on a Russian dossier full of lies »

Soros-funded leftists dominate Facebook censorship board

Featured image Judicial Watch has taken an in-depth look at the members of Facebook’s recently-appointed oversight board that will decide which posts get blocked. It found that the board “is stacked with leftists, including a close friend of leftwing billionaire George Soros who served on the board of directors of his Open Society Foundations (OSF).” Indeed, more than half of the 20 board members have ties to Soros. The standout among the »

No news is better than fake news

Featured image The Washington Post complains that the Trump administration has decided not to release updated economic projections this summer. The administration says it won’t release projections because of the “unprecedented state of play in the economy at the moment.” In other words, although the economy clearly will be in bad shape for a while, and everyone knows it, no one has a clear idea of what the numbers will look like. »

Media Bias and Coronavirus on the Morning Answer

Featured image The Morning Answer is a terrific radio program on AM 560 in Chicago, featuring Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson. I have appeared on the show as a guest a number of times, including this morning. We talked about the lack of accountability for news outlets that trumpeted the Russia hoax for years, and about the coronavirus and shutdowns in Minnesota and elsewhere. It was a fun segment I think; here »

The biggest debunked conspiracy theory of them all

Featured image Of all the lies the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have told about President Trump, the claim that Trump is a tool of the Russians stands out for its audacity I’m not surprised that the Dems/MSM went big with their lying. However, it astounds me that intelligent people I know who are outside of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media somehow found merit in this claim. »