Media Bias

Democrats play the race card on behalf of Tanden and Becerra, Part Two

Featured image The mainstream media continues to peddle the obvious falsehood that certain of President Biden’s nominees are being opposed and stalled in the Senate because they are “of color.” I discussed Politico’s lame effort in this regard on the Democrats’ behalf last night. Not to be outdone, the Washington Post weighs in with this piece by Annie Linskey here. If you read far enough into Linskey’s report, you will learn that »

Democrats play the race card on behalf of Tanden and Becerra [UPDATED: AOC chimes in]

Featured image One side benefit of the defeat of Neera Tanden’s nomination (if that’s what ends up happening) is the enjoyment of watching identity politics bean-counters explode in anger, making fools of themselves in the process. Rep. Judy Chu, head of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and her colleague Rep. Grace Meng claim to detect a double standard in the opposition to Tanden (who is Asian, but not Asian Pacific, for »

Uses and abuses of Texas power outages [UPDATED]

Featured image Sen. Ted Cruz is under attack for flying to Mexico while Texas is facing severe winter weather and power outages. Cruz explained why he went there: With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon. My staff and I are in constant communication with state »

For Mike Pence, “a strange new respect”

Featured image During his presentation to the Senate, House impeachment manager Rep. Joaquin Castro showed footage of Mike Pence moving away from the angry mob that attacked the Capitol. Castro unctuously declared, “Mike Pence is not a traitor to this country — he is a patriot.” Before last month, did any Democrat ever suggest that Mike Pence is a patriot? I daresay none did, until he became a prop in the impeachment »

The Times Loses It

Featured image I rarely look at the New York Times, since it abandoned any pretense of being a real newspaper years ago. Still, I was shocked when I saw the Times’s online front page a little while ago. Here is a screen shot of the top of the page: Trump’s defense is “incendiary”? I guess that means his lawyers aren’t going along with the absurd charge against him. And by “reframing Trump’s »

How Dumb Are Reporters? [Updated]

Featured image Years ago, I had a lot of fun with the New York Times Corrections section, which documented the fact, day after day, that the paper’s reporters and editors had little knowledge of mathematics, science, literature or history. The gaffes that appeared in the Times were stunning to anyone with a halfway-decent education. I have been off that beat for a while, but our reporters’ educational deficiencies continue to amaze. Thus »

TV Network Standards, Then and Now

Featured image Back in 1973, the liberal journalist Nicholas von Hoffman, the first Point-Counterpoint commentator on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” was fired by producer Don Hewitt for an on-air comment that Hewitt deemed offensive and inappropriate. Hoffman referred to President Nixon, then well into the agonies of Watergate, as “the dead mouse on the kitchen floor of America, and the only question now is who’s going to pick him up by his tail »

Variants and variations

Featured image Since the onset of the current pandemic about a year ago, I have referred to the disease causing the havoc as the “Wuhan coronavirus.” Doing so has two virtues. It identifies the culprit as a virus and it states where the virus originates. “COVID” does neither. At first, the mainstream media seemed to be okay with “Wuhan coronavirus.” But then came the “memo.” To say “Wuhan” or “China” in connection »

Coming Up, Four Years Of Slumber

Featured image Glenn Kessler is the “fact checker” at the Washington Post. That means that for the last four years, whenever President Trump said something, Kessler would parrot the Democratic Party line in opposition to it, and allege that Trump was “lying.” That practice will cease, of course, now that we have a Democratic president: Back on January 16, Kessler explained in a CNN appearance why he won’t keep a list of »

Lefty journalist smears Tom Cotton

Featured image Roger Sollenberger, a staff writer for Salon, has accused Sen. Tom Cotton of lying about his military service. Sollenberger writes: In his first run for Congress, Cotton leaned heavily on his military service, claiming to have been “a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and, in a campaign ad, to have “volunteered to be an Army Ranger.” In reality, Cotton was never part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, the »

Who’s the Hatemonger?

Featured image Character assassination is the Left’s weapon of choice; these days, indeed, its only weapon. Recently, David Horowitz has been viciously defamed by an alleged journalist named Jean Guerrero. As is so often the case, Guerrero’s lies about David are mostly a pretext to smear President Trump. In this piece, written for Power Line, David describes his most recent encounter with the dishonest Left. It is well worth your attention as »

Liberal Journalist Calls For Pelosi To Be Expelled From House

Featured image Yesterday, while debating the Democrats’ impeachment resolution, Congressman Louie Gohmert pointed out that Nancy Pelosi had (unlike President Trump) condoned rioting and civil disorder: “Here’s a quote: ‘I just don’t even know why there aren’t more–why there aren’t uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be,'” Gohmert began. “Or, ‘Sadly, the domestic enemies of our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with »

The Tragedy of Donald Trump

Featured image Good grief, I go away for a day, listen to sports talk radio, music, and podcasts on political philosophy in my car driving back home all day from LA because I was too depressed about the Georgia election outcome to want to hear the news, and discover that all this happened. I have quickly written a long piece at the request of a magazine, and if they run it tomorrow »

New York Times tries to justify racial discrimination in Oregon

Featured image Suppose that two similar small businesses in the same state seek funds from that state to relieve the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Suppose that one of the businesses is owned by a Black and the other by a non-Black. Which business should get state funds? To any fair-minded individual, the answers are either (1) both should get relief, (2) neither should get relief, or (3) if relief goes »

A Case Study in Media Bias

Featured image Guess which state has been more successful fighting back COVID-19—Florida or New York? According to the media, the answer is obvious: New York, on account of its totally awesome Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In fact the death rate per 100,000 people in Florida is about half that of New York (96 per 100K for Florida, versus 188 per 100K in New York). Over on Twitter, DC communications pro Drew Holden has »

NYT: Covering the Elites, Or Covering *for* the Elites?

Featured image Whatever else might have once been said about liberal bias at the New York Times, at least you could say that they covered the elites. What else can you say about their wedding announcements section, which, as I think David Brooks once joked, reads more like a mergers and acquisitions page, since the couples spotlighted are invariably ivy league uber-overclass climbers. But now it seems the Times mission is to »

The Media’s Double-Standards

Featured image I know, taking note of media double standards is an insult to shooting fish in a barrel, but every now and then you find something that stands out for special recognition. One of the things we hear endlessly from the media is that the Trump Administration has been hostile in unprecedented ways. Oh? As it happened, I stumbled across an account of the Kennedy Administration’s treatment of the media as assembled »