Media Bias

Washington Post moans about cost of Justice for J6 rally

Featured image In the lead story in its local news section, the Washington Post reported last week that the Justice for J6 rally in D.C. cost government agencies that assisted Capitol Police at least $790,000. The Post seems bothered by this expenditure. So I infer from the fact that the paper rarely reports on the price tag of marches and protests by leftists or, for that matter, their rioting. Whatever one thinks »

Lies of the NY Times

Featured image Well, it appears Nicole Hannah-Jones, the impresario of the New York Times‘s egregiously awful 1619 Project, is at it again. No stealth corrections? How, then, does she explain these changes? Was the Times hacked? Move along, nothing to see here. (Hat tip: Phil Magness.) Chaser from the Times today: Jefferson Statue May Be Removed After More Than 100 Years at City Hall Black, Latino and Asian City Council members who »

Why People Hate the Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image Katie Couric is out with a memoir from her Morning Show days that apparently dishes on everyone. I have no idea because I haven’t read it and I’m not going to. But the indispensable New York Post has a scandalous story today containing an excerpt from Couric about how she suppressed a comment by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about athletes kneeling for the National Anthem because it ran »

The New York Times does CRT

Featured image My friend who keeps me informed about reporting/editorializing at the New York Times sent me this message about two Times articles on Critical Race Theory. The NYT usually avoids the controversy over Critical Race Theory, but this week has been different. We’ve had two front page articles on the CRT battle so far this week. On Monday, an article on a Maryland CRT controversy took up the entirety of two »

The COVID Mask Slips

Featured image So what’s the real story with Southwest Airlines cancelling over 2,000 flights the last few days? The airline said it was weather and air traffic control related, but somehow these conditions didn’t seem to affect any other airlines very much, and in any case there was not much weather to speak of in the southeast where most of the cancelations occurred. Southwest’s labor union was quick to deny that there »

Ruling Class in Free-Fall?

Featured image I’m going to have a long piece up here later today or over the weekend with a novel theory explaining the vindictiveness of the left today, but for the moment, let’s take up a sidebar about collapsing public approval of President Biden, Democrats, and the news media. First, the Quinnipiac Poll that reports Biden’s public approval rating collapsing to 38 percent, with respondents finding Biden “not competent.” I can’t remember »

The NBA, covid, and sportswriting

Featured image It’s an inconvenient truth that resistance to the coronavirus vaccine is relatively strong among Blacks. This reality is too inconvenient to receive much attention from the mainstream media. It would rather talk about resistance among rural Whites. However, the inconvenient truth on this subject cannot easily be suppressed on the sports page. When high profile black athletes refuse to be vaccinated, that’s sports news. And a number of black stars »

Dems Blame Potential Shutdown on GOP

Featured image It is a basic rule of politics that if there is a government shutdown, it is the Republicans’ fault. If a Republican president or governor vetoes Democratic spending bills and portions of the government are briefly shuttered, it is the Republicans’ fault. Conversely, if a Republican Congress or legislature passes spending bills that a Democratic president or governor vetoes because they are not large enough, it is also the Republicans’ »

“Heil Hitler” on a bathroom wall. What could it possibly mean?

Featured image A reader responded to my article about American University’s seeming uncertainty about the meaning of a swastika on a bathroom room wall by pointing to a similar case of bafflement from Georgia. At two suburban Atlanta high schools, a swastika and the phrase “heil Hitler” appeared on bathroom walls. According to our reader, the principal at one of the schools worked out that this was “hateful language,” but in a »

Today in Leftist Absurdity

Featured image My old mentor Stan Evans (bio coming next spring!) liked to quip that “Whenever there is a pressing public policy issue, I want to know what celebrities think. It is important for our lawmakers to hear from Bono.” Behold CNN: But wait—there’s more! Scientific American offers us this commentary on the problematic aspects of Star Wars: The acronym “JEDI” has become a popular term for branding academic committees and labeling »

A New Excuse for Biden

Featured image Joe Biden announced the new AUKUS defense pact in a video appearance with Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Biden remembered Boris Johnson’s name–kudos for that–but blanked on the name of the Australian P.M., even though he was looking at him on the screen, and called him “that fella from down under.” That is pretty much all in a day’s work for Biden, but he has taken a »

When the New York Times notices Haitians under the bridge. . . .

Featured image My friend who notifies me of rare instances when the New York Times provides less than favorable coverage of the Biden administration writes: Today’s NYT has a front page article with a picture on the border surge. This is unusual. Fox talks about the open border all the time, but the mainstream press generally ignores the issue to the extent that it can. Not today. The article even quotes Republican »

Newest Dem Idea: Subsidies for Newspapers

Featured image We should never be surprised at what handouts and special interest giveaways will be found in the fine print of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spendapalooza blowout bill, but would you believe it even includes subsidies for newspapers? Here it is. In plain English, the federal government will pay the employer’s side of the payroll tax for “news journalists,” or, to use equally plain English, “Democrats with bylines.” And that’s not »

Rolling Stone Gathers Moss Again [Updated]

Featured image It was seven years ago that Rolling Stone magazine ran the 9,000-word cover story on an alleged rape at the University of Virginia that turned out to be a complete hoax. (File it next to Dan Rather’s Texas Air National Guard story.) Well, it looks like Rolling Stone has done it again. I don’t know what’s up with the controversy over the use of ivermectin, normally a drug treatment for »

The horror: Conservative experts criticize Biden on liberal cable outlets

Featured image The Washington Post is upset that cable news channels invited former high-level defense and national security officials to discuss the Afghanistan debacle. Among those whom the Post questions whether we should have heard from are two former National Security Advisors (H.R. McMaster and John Bolton), a former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and architect of the successful surge in Iraq, (David Petraeus), a former Secretary of Defense (Leon Panetta), »

Still Crazy About Trump

Featured image As Paul and Steve have noted, the ultra-left New York Times has struggled to defend Joe Biden’s Afghan catastrophe. What to do when your man can’t be defended? Change the subject. To what? Donald Trump, of course. Thus, we find one columnist in today’s Times trying to blame the Afghan debacle on Trump. Good luck with that: More notably, the Times Editorial Board–perhaps the most far-left assemblage outside the Politburo–but »

Biden Proved Right On Afghanistan

Featured image That is CNN’s take in the wake of today’s terrorist attack at Kabul airport: “Biden braces for fallout as his dire warnings of a Kabul terror attack come true.” If only we had listened! Terrorist explosions outside Kabul’s international airport on Thursday that killed multiple US service members came after days of public and private warnings from President Joe Biden of a potential attack that could disrupt the massive airlift »