Media Bias

Leaked DHS Document Is Another Democratic Party Scandal

Featured image At, Michael Patrick Leahy has what strikes me as an explosive story: “Mystery Surrounds Leaked Leaked Draft DHS Document at Center of Controversial Travel Ban Decisions by Two Federal Judges.” Actually, though, it doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery. On February 24, AP reporters Vivian Salama and Alicia Caldwell published an AP “exclusive”: “DHS report disputes threat from banned nations.” The story was based on an anonymous »

Scott Pelley Has Always Been a Democratic Party Hack

Featured image The Washington Post publishes an admiring profile of CBS nightly news anchorman Scott Pelley, heir to the reprehensible Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. Pelley, the Post tells us, is notable for his incessant attacks on President Trump: With the words “credibility questioned” prominent on the screen, Scott Pelley once again is doing what network evening-news anchors generally don’t do: abandoning careful neutrality in favor of pointed truth-telling. He is talking »

More Fake News From the New York Times

Featured image This lengthy New York Times story is unintentionally hilarious. Here is the headline: “Amid ‘Trump Effect’ Fear, 40% of Colleges See Dip in Foreign Applicants.” Just for fun, a screen shot: Note that the headline doesn’t say there has been a 40% drop in foreign applications, but rather that 40% of institutions have seen a drop. Meaning that 60% haven’t. But the article is all about how Donald Trump is »

NY Times Publishes, Then Retracts, Fake News

Featured image On February 28, the New York Times magazine published a long, dark essay by left-winger Emily Bazelon on the prospects for President Trump’s Department of Justice–or, as the Times headline put it, “Department of Justification.” The article, which focuses on Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, isn’t worth reading. It exemplifies the far-left hysteria with which we are all too familiar. A prominent theme is that Republicans don’t care »

How Would You Like Big Bird Served?

Featured image One of the great lies of public broadcasting is that taxpayer support amounts to only a tiny portion of their budget. For example, here’s what NPR said two years ago: On average, less than 1% of NPR’s annual operating budget comes in the form of grants from CPB [the taxpayer-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting]  and federal agencies and departments. Yet the same piece says: Federal funding is essential to public radio’s service »

Rachel Maddow proves Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes in one year

Featured image Last October, the New York Times breathlessly published a story called “Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found.” I had always thought newspapers existed to report things that happened, not things that could have happened. But Election Day was near, and Trump had to be stopped. Hence, the Times’ hit piece. It turns out that, far from dodging tax liability »

AP Fact Checkers Finally Go After Someone Other than Trump

Featured image The Associated Press has initiated an aggressive “fact check” campaign. Always on the alert for fake news, the AP seeks to protect its readers. Only thing is, almost all of the AP’s “fact checks” relate to President Trump. For example, just in the last three or four weeks: AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s iffy grasp of autism research AP FACT CHECK: Misplaced blame for nomination failure [Republicans were responsible] AP FACT »

Fake Entertainment News From the NY Times and Associated Press

Featured image The New York Times devotes a long article, with video clips, to last night’s Saturday Night Live show. It appears that the entire program was devoted to attacking President Trump, or members of his administration or family. The opening sequence portrayed Trump as a coward. There is an alien invasion: Mr. Baldwin … began by asking, “Who here loves Trump?” “I know this guy over here, he loves Trump,” he »

The Press Destroyed Gonzales, Why Not Try With Sessions?

Featured image This may be the dumbest news story of the day, courtesy of the anti-Republican Associated Press: “Attorney general seeks resignations of 46 US attorneys.” This was blared as a breaking news story on newspaper sites across the country. Of course the administration is asking the prior administration’s U.S. Attorneys to resign. U.S Attorneys are political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the president, just like the Secretary of State »

The AP Debates Trump On Jobs

Featured image The Associated Press is bidding to overtake the New York Times as the most biased news source in America. To perhaps a greater degree even than the Times and the Washington Post, the AP has set itself up as the opposition to the Trump administration. Often, its bias has to be seen to be believed. As with this story: “Jobs report no longer phony, Trump says, now that it’s his.” »

Remy on Fake News

Featured image This is the satire you’ve been waiting for—two minutes on fake news from CNN from the great Remy: »

Trump Isn’t Intimidated, Either

Featured image The Associated Press headlines: NBC chief to Trump: We won’t be intimidated. The chief of NBC News has a message for President Donald Trump: We’re not going to be intimidated. NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said on Tuesday that the president’s attacks on some media outlets won’t deter his organization from doing its job. Actually, Trump was trying to encourage news organizations to do their jobs, not deter them. I »

Is ESPN unraveling?

Featured image I don’t know, but it’s certainly hurting. Clay Travis reports: Two years ago ESPN cut several hundred behind the scenes jobs to save hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly costs. Since that time ESPN’s subscriber losses have accelerated, averaging over three million lost subscribers a year. Now new jobs cuts are coming, only this time you’re likely to know some of the casualties — different sources [say] that ESPN »

Trump picks strong critic of Putin for key post

Featured image Lost in all the fake news about President Trump’s alleged affinity for Russia is the real news that he has tapped a harsh critic of Vladimir Putin to be the White House senior director for Russia and Europe. The Putin-critic he reportedly has selected is Fiona Hill, a former intelligence officer now with the Brookings Institution. Hill was on the National Intelligence Council from 2006-09, serving under Presidents Bush and »

Revisiting Obama’s Energy Lies

Featured image These days, the press is carrying on a running battle with the Trump administration. Pretty much every news story, every day, is intended to undermine President Trump and perhaps drive him from office. The New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press are the worst offenders, but almost every news outlet is in this category. It wasn’t always that way. Until January, our press slavishly reported every pronouncement of the »

Fake News From the Associated Press on FISAgate

Featured image The Associated Press purports to give us the latest news on FISAgate. There is one item of actual hard news: the House Intelligence Committee will investigate. House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes says President Donald Trump’s allegations that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower last year will become part of his panel’s investigation. *** The California Republican says in a statement his committee “will make inquiries into whether the government was »

Observations On Some of the Day’s Lesser Stories

Featured image There has been a spate of bomb threats against Jewish institutions lately, some of them coordinated. Naturally, the Democrats are peddling the claim that the perpetrators are Trump supporters. I don’t believe the authorities have yet gotten to the bottom of the coordinated ones, but the first person to be arrested for a series of anti-Semitic bomb threats is a left-wing African-American journalist apparently motivated by spite against a former »