Media Bias

CNN Rails Against Trump’s Obamacare Order

Featured image President Trump’s first executive order, other than appointments, related to Obamacare. It directed agencies to interpret Obamacare regulations so as to impose as little financial burden as possible. CNN explained: Within hours of taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump on Friday night signed an executive order aimed at trying to fulfill one of his most impassioned campaign promises: Rolling back Obamacare. *** Republicans have been railing against the »

Associated Press Whitewashes Inauguration Protesters

Featured image This is what yesterday’s “protests” against the Trump inauguration looked like: The “protesters” also set a limousine on fire and threw concrete blocks at police officers, yelling “put the pigs in the ground.” None of this is surprising. This is what leftist protesters–read, criminals–always do. And yet, how did the Associated Press characterize the demonstrators just hours before they started smashing windows and attacking policemen? “Protesters make their mark on »

Washington Post snipes at Melania Trump’s bio

Featured image Is this garbage the kind of story the Washington Post will try to pass off as scandalous during the next four to eight years? Visitors to the newly revamped White House website get more than a simple rundown of first lady Melania Trump’s charitable works and interests — they also get a list of her magazine cover appearances and details on her jewelry line at QVC. Her biography starts with »

Valerie Jarrett’s daughter will cover Justice Department for CNN

Featured image Kerry Picket of the Daily Caller reports that CNN has hired Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura Jarrett to cover the Trump Justice Department. Valerie Jarrett was a senior adviser to Barack Obama during both of the ex-president’s terms. What qualifies Laura Jarrett for this gig? According to her CNN bio, she graduated from Harvard Law School in 2010. At Harvard she was an editor for the Harvard Journal of Law and »

Washington Post Disgraces Itself

Featured image Normally I’m able to keep my equanimity in the face of the relentless stupidity of the media and even academia, but once in a while something sets me to full boil. Such as this headline and story in the Washington Post, which is beyond a disgrace even for the worst of the comPosters: David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science adviser By Sarah Kaplan Now »

The White House Press Corps Bids a Slobbering Farewell to President Obama

Featured image In his final press conference today, President Obama said to the White House press corps: You’re not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to be skeptics, you’re supposed to ask me tough questions. You’re not supposed to be complimentary, but you’re supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here, and you have »

Associated Press Gives Credibility to Smear Against Tom Price

Featured image President-Elect Trump’s nominees are going through their confirmation hearings, and in pretty much every case the press is covering the hearings by highlighting the Democrats’ allegations against them, no matter how false or petty those complaints might be. A case in point is Dr. Tom Price, whom Trump has nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The AP headlines: “Pointed questions for Trump’s pick for health secretary.” It is »

Reporters Beg Martin Luther King III to Denounce Trump [Updated]

Featured image This is all from Newsbusters. Please do check out the original post. This afternoon, Martin Luther King III met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Following their meeting, reporters begged King–pleaded with him–to denounce Trump, in order to further their anti-Trump narratives. The naked partisanship of their questions would be shocking if we hadn’t seen it thousands of times before. These reporters are Democratic Party operatives, nothing more and nothing »

Rip Van Reporter

Featured image Are America’s reporters and editors our most inept occupational group? They are an obvious candidate for the honor. How many reporters had any idea that Americans were so unhappy with the Washington status quo that Donald Trump would be our next president? Approximately zero. (I, on the other hand, predicted that Trump would win, mostly because I understood what a historically awful candidate Hillary Clinton was.) Political reporters are part »

The AP Spins Lewis vs. Trump

Featured image The biggest news story of the day, apparently, is the dustup between Rep. John Lewis and Donald Trump, about which I wrote this morning. Although the story has little real significance, the Associated Press, the most influential news source in the U.S., spins it furiously to drive its anti-Trump narrative. Start with the headline: “Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights legend.” Most people only read headlines, and this one »

Journalists: How Should We Cover Trump?

Featured image We all know the answer to that question. But The Hill reports that on January 25, representatives of Slate, the Huffington Post, Univision, the New Yorker and CNN will put on a public program on the topic at NYU: Journalists from The Huffington Post, Slate and Univision will gather days before Donald Trump’s inauguration to publicly discuss “how the news media can and should proceed to cover” the president-elect. Slate »

Trump Bestrides the Liberals’ World Like a Colossus

Featured image As we and others have documented countless times, the liberal world has gone bonkers over Donald Trump. It is an odd thing: Trump isn’t even a conservative, or wasn’t until recently. Yet liberals have gone nuts over his ascendancy in a way that is unprecedented. They make fools of themselves hour by hour, and, weirdly, don’t seem to notice. The current issue of Vanity Fair, a celebrity-oriented Democratic Party magazine, »

Sessions Sailed Through, But Does It Matter?

Featured image As Paul reported earlier, Jeff Sessions waltzed through his confirmation hearing today. The Democrats’ questioning was desultory, and none of the Democratic Senators laid a glove on the nominee. Only the inept Al Franken even tried. As Byron York put it, the anticipated “showdown fizzle[d].” But perhaps the Democrats had the last laugh. All they had to do was send their talking points to the television networks, and they got »

Emperor’s New Clothes Moment on Meet The Press

Featured image CNBC’s Rick Santelli committed the unpardonable sin on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning. He called out Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell for their pro-Hillary bias in the most direct and embarrassing way possible. Mitchell and host Chuck Todd didn’t like it one bit to get called out by one of their own, so they stamped their feet, insisted that the media emperor is too wearing a fine suit of »

Trump Is Right: Intelligence Agencies Leak Like a Sieve

Featured image Someone in the U.S. intelligence community–if it has been reported exactly who, I haven’t seen it–has prepared a 50-page report on, among other things, alleged Russian efforts to “meddle” with the 2016 presidential election. That report was delivered to President Obama today, and will go to Donald Trump tomorrow. Naturally, it took only a matter of hours for the Washington Post to be briefed on the report’s contents. One point, »

The BBC Follows Up On Hate Crime In Chicago

Featured image I wrote last night about the horrific crime in Chicago, where four young African-Americans kidnapped a mentally challenged white youth and tortured him for somewhere between 24 and 48 hours, while unaccountably documenting a portion of their vicious assault on Facebook Live. On the video the perpetrators can be heard shouting “F*** white people!” and “F*** Trump!.” I pointed out that the Associated Press’s account of the crime completely failed »

Dan Rather Teaches Truth!

Featured image Given the Left’s current obsession with “fake news,” it is entertaining to see that Dan Rather, perpetrator of the most notorious “fake news” episode in American history, is now charging students to teach them about truthful reporting: Raising eyebrows among some critics, former CBS anchor Dan Rather is now teaching an online course focused on ethics in journalism. Called “Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News” and offered through »