Media Bias

NPR Doesn’t Care About Truth

Featured image One signal aspect of the current historical moment is that prominent liberal news sources–the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and, here, National Public Radio–no longer make any pretense of being objective journalists. They are left-wing activists, and proud of it. When they are shown to be wrong on the facts–the Russia collusion hoax is perhaps the most notorious instance, although just one of many–they are unapologetic. They served »

Great Moments in Media Probity

Featured image The media consults “experts.” And then get the story completely wrong. There’s a deeper story at work right now, and it is simply this: all the action on constitutional interpretation now is on the right—the reverse of circumstances of the Warren Court era in the 1960s, when elaborate new liberal theories beloved of the “living Constitutionalists” were spinning forth from law schools every day. Today’s reversal is not merely because »

Uses and abuses of the past

Featured image Lani Guinier, the law professor and civil rights attorney, died on January 7. The Washington Post’s obituary is here. The Post uses its obituary to settle old scores against Republicans and to make political/ideological points. Accordingly, the obit begins this way: Lani Guinier, a lawyer whose innovative and provocative writings on racial justice and voting rights were used to undermine her nomination to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division »

NYC police chief deeply troubled by Manhattan DA’s new policies

Featured image My friend who reads the New York Times has been waiting for it to provide frontpage coverage of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s memo instructing prosecutors not to seek jail or prison time for all but the most serious crimes and to cease charging a number of “lower-level” crimes. Having previously relegated the matter to page 18, the Times finally elevates it to the front page in discussing pushback by New »

Jerusalem and the New York Times

Featured image Last October, the New York Times printed a review of a book about Henry Kissinger by Martin Indyk. The review was titled Henry Kissinger and the Puzzle of the Middle East. The Times piece was updated two months later, on December 22, and was corrected today: A review on Dec. 19 about “Master of the Game: Henry Kissinger and the Art of Middle East Diplomacy,” by Martin Indyk, referred imprecisely »

Washington Post rewards editor who led its unfair assault on Trump

Featured image The Washington Post has announced that it will promote Steven Ginsberg, its national editor, to the position of managing editor. Ginsberg will now oversee the Post’s main news sections, including the national, metro, and sports sections. The Post informs its readers that as national editor, Ginsberg “led the organization’s political coverage through the Trump years and helped propel the company to one of its most successful periods with reporting that »

Dem staffers quit jobs due to Jan. 6 events, says Washington Post

Featured image The Washington Post reports that many people who worked at the U.S. Capitol have left their jobs because they were traumatized by the events of January 6. Among those who have quit are an unspecified number of congressional staffers. The few staffers cited by the Post all worked for Democratic members. How many staffers were injured on January 6? I believe the answer is zero. Yet, the Post describes the »

Ted Koppel takes on the Andy Griffith show

Featured image So there was Ted Koppel, innocently working out on a treadmill, when he came across an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. Later, he went online and discovered that the show was one of the most watched television programs of the 1960s. Koppel had also heard a conservative complain about how “woke” the Washington, D.C. area has become and how much nicer it is to live in the south, where »

The Guardian “cancels” J.K. Rowling as person of the year

Featured image On December 15, the Guardian, a lefty British newspaper, ran a “person of the year” contest. The paper asked: “Time Magazine chose billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk – but who would be your choice?” The Daily Wire reports that J.K. Rowling quickly emerged as the runaway leader in the poll. Whereupon the voting form disappeared, as did the results. A message in small print stated: “This form has been deactivated »

Kamala’s defense: The issues in her portfolio are too tough

Featured image My friend who reads the New York Times tells me that the front section of today’s Times has nothing about the two Democratic lawmakers’ carjackings — Rep. Mary Scanlon’s in Philadelphia and Illinois state Sen. Kimberly Lightford’s in a Chicago suburb. My friend adds that the Times might run something about this in the coming days, but that the absence of one now is of interest. Of interest, and not »

Washington Post readership declines sharply now that Trump has left town

Featured image According to this piece in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post is shedding readers at a rate that alarms its top executives: The Post, like most major publications, experienced an audience surge during the Trump years, when readers flocked to stories about the controversial Republican administration. Now, the Post is facing a slump that has triggered some soul-searching at the paper, including over the need to invest more in »

From Media Bias to Outright Partisanship

Featured image I wrote here about participating in the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend last month. I was on a panel on the media with The Hill’s Joe Concha, moderated by Daniel Greenfield. I thought our readers might be interested in my comments, so I typed up the notes for my talk in narrative form. Here they are: The issue of media bias has evolved considerably over the last 20 years, »

The Post Is Looking For a Hit Man

Featured image The Washington Post is looking for someone to investigate and report on those alien beings, conservatives: The Washington Post is looking for an enterprising reporter to cover the political right in the United States. This reporter will be expected to break news and produce distinctive stories that explore the forces and personalities driving the Republican Party at every level of government and culture. This includes writing with clarity about the »

Jay Rosen’s dishonest double game

Featured image Jay Rosen is a journalism professor and media critic. Like most who make their living this way, he’s a hardcore partisan leftist. Rosen considers the GOP an authoritarian party. He views it as abnormal, unlike the Democrats. He believes, therefore, that it’s a mistake for journalists to report on politics as if there are two normal parties. Rather, their reporting should reflect the fact (as Rosen sees it) that we »

Most Outrageous Quotes of 2021

Featured image There were, of course, too many to count let alone fit into a short video. But here are the Media Research Center’s nominees, and they are doozies. How crazy are liberals these days? This crazy: The most appalling quotes of the year go to… 🏆 @donlemon and @DavidChalian 🏆 — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) December 15, 2021 »

The Times Is Worried

Featured image We have written here and here about Eric Zemmour’s candidacy for the presidency of France. Zemmour is a French patriot who is concerned about mass immigration from the third world. This makes him a virtual Satan in the eyes of the New York Times; the second linked post discusses a Times attack on Zemmour. Yesterday the Times printed another assault on Zemmour. The headline delivers, in the eyes of Times »

Dems investigate funder of election protest rally

Featured image Julie Fancelli, the subject of a Washington Post drive-by attack, has contributed millions of dollars to charity through a family foundation. She also contributes generously to conservative political candidates. In late December of last year, she made substantial contributions to groups sponsoring and promoting the January 6 protest rally in Washington, D.C. The money apparently was used to pay travel and hotel expenses for some of the pro-Trump protesters. Fancelli »