Media Bias

Who’s Fiddling?

Featured image I don’t watch television, so I am spared much of the madness that most people have to absorb. But I take it that the Democrats and their press are still doing their best to blame COVID-19 on President Trump. This makes no sense, obviously, but when has that ever stopped them? On CNN on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi said, “As the President ‘fiddles,’ people are dying.” That is an absurd way »

Cuomo Is No Hero [Updated]

Featured image New York Governor Andy Cuomo, like President Trump, is delivering daily coronavirus briefings. Unlike President Trump, he is being swooned over by liberal reporters. At American Greatness, Julie Kelly collects some examples. Here is just one: “If social media is a reflection of how people are feeling, Cuomo’s image during the coronavirus outbreak is one of authority, yet hope—a role people value enough to begin visualizing his presidency,” one smitten »

Democratic Networks Tune Trump Out

Featured image The Trump administration’s daily coronavirus briefings have been carried live by Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, as well as the broadcast networks. These briefings have been highly informative, and apparently impressive, as recent polling indicates that a clear majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan virus issue. This caused MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to urge on Friday that television networks stop covering the press conferences because of »

Our Garbage Media in One Story

Featured image We noted here a couple days ago how the New York Times actually appeared to be reporting the truth about congressional Democrats for a change. Well, it didn’t last long, as this progression makes clear. They must have got the memo from Nancy. Time to amend the old joke: How do you tell when the New York Times editors are lying? When their lips move. »

Pushing Back on Chinese Virus “Racism”

Featured image This comes, I think, from today’s COVID-19 press briefing. A reporter from One America News asks President Trump whether he considers it alarming that American reporters–“even in this room”–are echoing Chinese Communist narratives by asserting that calling a Chinese virus a Chinese virus is “racist.” Trump responds: The faces made in the room as @ChanelRion asks Trump: Is it alarming that major media players…are consistently siding with a foreign state »

Robert Costa’s latest “drive by” assault on conservatives

Featured image Robert Costa of the Washington Post seems determined to give Philip Rucker a run for his money as the most partisan and intellectually dishonest member of the Post’s stable of Trump-hating reporters. His latest entry is called “Some in GOP remain skeptical of illness’s reach and official reaction” (paper edition, the headline on the internet is only marginally better). The title itself is silly. Everyone should be skeptical of reports »

More Lies From the New York Times

Featured image The Democrats are desperate to blame President Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus, and to criticize any measures his administration may take. They are shameless, too; at first, his response–an early ban on travel from China, which undoubtedly saved lives–was racist and xenophobic, while now anything he does is too little. Meanwhile, one country after another, Germany and Canada most recently, is closing down its borders. I guess there are xenophobes »

Steve Wynn Vindicated

Featured image In 2018, the “me too” movement claimed casino owner Steve Wynn as one of its most famous victims. The Associated Press obtained a police report showing that a woman named Halina Kuta had accused Wynn of raping her in the early 1970s. The AP ran with the story, and it was repeated by other news outlets. This is the New York Times version: The fallout for Mr. Wynn and his »

The Bad Faith of the News Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image I know our readers don’t need to have the fundamental bias and bad faith of the mainstream media explained, but in light of the fact that the media is now saying that calling COVID 19 the “Wuhan virus” is—wait for it—raaaaccciiisttt, kudos to the Media Research Center folks for this compilation of the mainstream media—and especially CNN—for using that very term three dozen times. I guess that was before they »

Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy Is Dangerous [Updated]

Featured image Before this New York Post story, I had never heard of Carlos Maza. But a lot of people had; he has 150,000 followers on Twitter and YouTube. Maza is a social justice warrior, and he hates rich people. This is how he describes himself in his Twitter profile: “Marxist pig. Liberal fascist. Queer scum. He/Him. YouTube profits off of hate speech. IG: gaywonk.” He has specialized in exposing the hypocrisy »

Math Is Hard for Liberals

Featured image Forget fake news. The media has come up with fake math. If you want to understand better why “progressives” like Bernie Sanders and Lizzie Warren think it easy to provide free stuff to everybody, get a load of the common core math at work in this short 45-second clip: Seriously, I know Brian Williams was there when Einstein came up with theory of special relativity and when the first atomic »

Why did MSNBC sack Chris Matthews?

Featured image Earlier this week, Chris Matthews announced on his MSNBC show “Hardball” that he was quitting. He then walked off the set. Later, we learned that the network forced him to resign. Why? One explanation is that Matthews made female guests on his show and some female employees “uncomfortable” with sex-charged banter. But reportedly, Matthews has been doing this forever. It’s true that an obscure journalist recently called Matthews out for »

Is Coronavirus a Hoax?

Featured image Democratic Party media are claiming that last night in South Carolina, President Trump said that the coronavirus epidemic is a hoax. Politico headlines: The Telegraph, by no means Britain’s most left-wing newspaper, headlines: The talking point has been taken up by numerous other Democrats: Did Trump actually say the corona virus is a hoax? Of course not. The claim is idiotic. If the president thought the virus is a hoax, »

Our Wacky News Media

Featured image It is no surprise to any reader of this site that our “mainstream” news media have gone stark, raving mad. Maybe it is good that they have come out of the closet, once and for all. Their insane hatred of President Trump is, if nothing else, clarifying. Here are two examples from the last 24 hours. First, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who says that Vladimir Putin dictated the appointment of Richard »

The Fox Butterfield Effect Notices Immigration and Wages

Featured image Many readers will be familiar with the notorious “Fox Butterfield effect,” after the typically clueless New York Times journalist who wondered why crime was falling even though the number of inmates in prisons was going up. As they saying goes, there’s no fixing certain kinds of stupid (and note that the Butterfield Effect about crime is now Democratic Party orthodoxy). I think the Butterfield Effect can be better generalized than »

How Far Left Are Journalists?

Featured image Everyone knows that journalists tilt to the left, but this paper makes an interesting effort to quantify journalists’ biases. This chart shows the political self-identification of journalists (those, that is, who don’t claim to be scrupulously neutral): This one is based on original research; the authors counted whom journalists follow on Twitter. Their conclusion is that the average journalist falls somewhere between Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Twitter is relevant »

The Washington Post pulls the old switcheroo on Trump

Featured image The front page of today’s Washington Post exemplifies Steve’s view that there is no longer any distinction between a “news analysis” article (the precious term for “opinion piece on the news page”) and a supposedly straight news piece. The Post’s supposedly straight new pieces consist of an article blaming Trump for school bullying, an article attacking him for saying nice things about Xi Jinping, and a piece claiming that Trump »