Media Bias

The Immigration Fracas: Paging Daniel Boorstin!

Featured image Watching the collective media and political class freak out over the “crisis” of immigration enforcement at the border sent me to my bookshelf to dust off Daniel Boorstin’s classic 1961 book, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America. Step back for a moment from the whack-a-mole problem of sorting out fact from fiction in this current drama; the way this is playing out is a perfect case study in »

Does Trump have “dictator envy”?

Featured image Philip Rucker of the Washington Post claims that President Trump is “open[ly] embrac[ing] totalitarian leaders around the world.” Rucker also tries to persuade us that Trump’s “embrace” is rooted in a desire to be a dictator himself. Rucker is one of the most persistent and intellectually dishonest Trump-hater among the Post’s squadron of “resisters.” However, I don’t deny that Trump went overboard in praising the odious Kim Jong Un. Thus, »

More Fake News From Jane Mayer and the New Yorker

Featured image Jane Mayer is a failed reporter for the New Yorker who has tried to make a career out of smearing Charles and David Koch. Her latest effort is headlined, “One Koch Brother Forces the Other Out of the Family Business.” The story begins with the merest kernel of truth: David Koch, a 78-year-old cancer survivor, is in declining health. Accordingly, he is retiring from his positions at Koch Industries. David’s »

Non-resister replaced as Wall Street Journal’s top editor

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has replaced Gerard Baker, its top editor. Baker had been, as the Washington Post puts it, beset with internal criticism of his leadership in covering Donald Trump. The Washington Post should know. An organ of the anti-Trump resistance, it has hired ten WSJ reporters, at least some of whom defected due to Baker’s insufficiently antagonist approach to Trump, the Post indicates. Not that Baker showed partiality »

Wishful Thinking at the Associated Press [Updated]

Featured image The Associated Press takes up the topic of the day, President Trump’s tweet about presidential pardons. The AP story is titled “Can Trump Pardon Himself? Not If He’s Impeached.” The AP quotes Trump’s tweet as follows: Now, Trump says, he has the power to keep himself out of jail if he wanted, declaring an “absolute right to PARDON myself.” This time though, it seems, he isn’t joking. Trump’s full tweet »

MSNBC Learns About Reid Vapor Pressure

Featured image “Reid Vapor Pressure” is a phrase from petroleum engineering with reference to the volatility of gasoline at various temperatures, which is one reason why our refining industry switches to “summer gasoline” blends right around now, since the gasoline in people’s cars will be at a warmer temperature. However, MSNBC is discovering a whole new meaning to Reid Vapor Pressure, as it is under a lot of pressure because of the »

Google Does It Again

Featured image Efforts by the companies that dominate public discourse–Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube–to privilege the Left at the expense of conservatives have been in the news for a while. I was one of 63 conservatives who signed a letter to social media companies including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, calling for transparency, equal treatment, and free speech. Not that I expect it to do much good. Today Google informed anyone who searched »

Liberal Hypocrisy Turned Up to 11 (Updated)

Featured image Word around Hollywood is that Roseanne Barr is second only to Harvey Weinstein for being a horrible human being, and there is no reason for anyone to try to defend her tweet, or her show for that matter. I never found her either talented or entertaining, and the only reason I might have ever tuned in (I never watched a single moment of the original show 20 years ago or »

Behind the Scenes With an Unidentified Source

Featured image This is a case study in the genesis and propagation of fake news. It supports the view that we should never believe anything that comes from the New York Times, if it is attributed to an unidentified source. Reporters cannot be trusted. The subject is President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un. Mollie Hemingway–an increasingly important commentator–has the story at The Federalist. It starts with a media meme, the claim that »

The AP Is Scandalized: Trump Administration Doesn’t Buy Climate Extremism

Featured image For eight years, Barack Obama’s EPA coordinated constantly with left-wing groups, in particular climate alarmists. One of his EPA administrators, Lisa Jackson, used an email address in her dog’s name to communicate with these groups, off the books. As far as I can recall, this never bothered the Associated Press. But now that we have a Republican administration, and an EPA administrator who takes a more skeptical view of global »

Why Trump Tweets

Featured image When I talk to Trump-haters, invariably the first thing they cite against him is his tweets. And, in truth, they have sometimes been impolitic. But on the whole, I think Twitter has helped him. This Associated Press news story illustrates why. President Donald Trump’s attorney said Friday the special counsel in the Russia probe has narrowed the scope of potential questions for the president, even as Trump advanced an unverified »

The Invincible Mendacity and Hypocrisy of the Liberal Media

Featured image I know, “liberal media” is redundant, and pointing out the hypocrisy of the left is a tedious, never-ending chore, but the coverage of Trump’s comments about the MS-13 gang being “animals” is beyond even the most egregious examples of liberal mendacity. I’m pretty sure Americans understand by now that Trump is often clumsy in his statements, especially his off-the-cuff remarks. In the age of internet searches, it is a simple »

How to tell whether a government is authoritarian

Featured image There are a number of ways. Here’s one: If people living in the country want to be on a government’s enemies list, the government is not authoritarian. No one within the jurisdiction of an authoritarian government wants to be on its enemies list. Being on such a list isn’t healthy. One can easily end up in jail, go missing, or even be assassinated. Under non-authoritarian governments, being on an enemies »

Who’s An Animal?

Featured image You likely are already aware of one of today’s dustups, the press’s false claim that President Trump described illegal immigrants as “animals.” This lie has cropped up in so many places that there is no point in trying to catalog them all, but the New York Times, as usual, was one of the malefactors: Trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting, calling those trying to breach »

At the AP, the News Is What Didn’t Happen

Featured image Earlier today, President Trump met with a group of Republican senators. This is how the Associated Press headlines its story on the meeting: “GOP senators lunch with Trump, don’t bring up McCain remark.” The AP story begins: President Donald Trump appeared to be in a good mood Tuesday when he met privately with Senate Republicans, buoyed by primary election results and talks with North Korea, and bypassing any serious discussion »

New York Times embarrasses itself in hit piece on Pompeo

Featured image Is there any shot at the Trump administration too lame for the New York Times to eschew? After reading this report from Brian Flood at Fox News, I’m starting to doubt there is. On Tuesday, the Times breathlessly reported that Secretary of State Pompeo was absent from Washington when Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the nuclear deal with Iran. “At a Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat »

Guess That Party!

Featured image When the Associated Press reports on embarrassing conduct by an elected official but discreetly avoids telling us what party (s)he belongs to, you can generally guess. This one is an entertaining example: State Sen. Lena Taylor used a racial slur against a Milwaukee bank teller and was acting aggressively before being cited for disorderly conduct, according to police reports released Friday. The reports released to The Associated Press and other »