The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 26: The Amateur (Bumped)

I am taking the liberty of re-posting Episode 26 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience. I originally posted it on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and I am afraid that a lot of readers who would have found it interesting may have missed it. In particular, may have missed our extremely interesting interview with Ed Klein, author of The Amateur, which has rocketed straight to number one on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list. Don’t miss the book, and don’t miss the interview! Here is what I said about the podcast when I posted it on Saturday:

Episode 26 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience features an entertaining and explosive interview with Ed Klein, author of The Amateur. In turn hilarious and appalling, Klein’s book, based on 200 interviews with White House insiders and others, paints a picture of a president who has, quite literally, no idea what he is doing, and is too narcissistic to learn.

In addition, Brian and I weighed in on the news of the day, including President Obama’s newfound persona as a fiscal conservative. And, of course, we awarded our Loon of the Week and This Week In Gatekeeping prizes. It’s a podcast you won’t want to miss.

You can listen to the podcast by playing it right here, or you can go to Ricochet to download or subscribe to the podcast in various ways, or you can hit the subscribe button in the graphic above to subscribe on iTunes or elsewhere. Or you can use Stitcher. There are many ways to experience the Hinderaker-Ward Experience!

UPDATE: Listen here.


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