Media Alert: Radio Monday & Tuesday

I’ll be behind the microphone again guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show from 6 to 9 am eastern time this Monday and Tuesday.  If it’s not broadcast in your local area, you can listen to the online livestream at  Monday guests will include film critic James Bowman (I’d booked him specifically to talk about “blockbuster” summer movies like “Dark Knight” before the Aurora massacre); CRB contributor Michael Anton, to talk about the Beach Boys and the decline of California; and AEI president Arthur Brooks, to discuss his recent piece “Five Myths of Free Enterprise,” to which he obviously needs to add a sixth myth (“That President Obama Understands Free Enterprise”).  We’re still working on the Tuesday line up, but it looks like I’ll get David Brooks from the New York Times to come on the show so I can grill him on the subject–“So, how do you like Obama now, smart guy??”

So please tune in if you can, and if you can call in, tell Dave, the call screener, that you’re a Power Line reader, and I’ll try to put you at the top of the waiting list, though of course I have some constraints in that department depending in the topic and the guest of the moment.


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