The Times Weighs In

Featured image Check out this headline from today’s New York Times, on the criminal trial that is under way in Manhattan: “Will a Mountain of Evidence Be Enough to Convict Trump?” I understand that readers of the Times tune in mainly to get their daily dose of Trump-hate, but is the Times even pretending to be a newspaper anymore? The trial, which could brand Mr. Trump a felon as he mounts another »

NPR Goes Full Gulag

Featured image We noted here last week the withering critique of National Propaganda Radio (NPR) by longtime NPR editor Uri Berliner. Turns out that NPR recently hired as its new head a complete commie, Katherine Mayer. How commie? Nate Hochman has some of the very many receipts: And just as James Damore was cashiered from Google when he questioned leftist orthodoxy, National Review is reporting that Uri Berliner has been suspended without »

Biden does Sharpton

Featured image President Biden paid his respects to Al Sharpton and his National Action Network yesterday. In prepared remarks read from his teleprompter (transcript here), Biden spoke virtually at NAN’s annual convention. At the top of his remarks, video below) Biden celebrated Sharpton: “Look, we’ve known each other for a long time. I’m grateful not only for your leadership and partnership but, quite frankly, more importantly for your friendship.” In his remarks »

This Will Be a Doozie of a Correction

Featured image I don’t really have much of a comment on this. I suppose it reflects the obsession with Donald Trump that has driven most of the traditional media off a cliff. But still, it is weird at best: Quite a mistake. — Byron York (@ByronYork) April 11, 2024 It will be interesting to see whether the Times’ correction tries to explain the error. It would be hard to explain without »

NPR: Gross Distortions

Featured image Tom Ashbrook treated him fairly but Steve slams NPR’s Susan Stamberg and Noah Adams in fine style. Consider also NPR host Terry Gross, who conducts fascinating interviews with writers, musicians and artists. With guests on the political side, on the other hand, the critical skills and background knowledge seem to disappear. In February of 2019, Gross interviewed former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, author of The Threat: How the FBI »

NPR: National Propaganda Radio

Featured image One of the classic articles from 30 years ago that still gets recalled fondly was Glenn Garvin’s “How Do I Hate NPR? Let Me Count the Ways,” which I think first appeared in the late Washington DC City Paper. Even back then I referred to NPR’s two main shows, “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” as “Morning Sedition” and “All Things Distorted.” The very voice tones of Susan Stamberg and »

Tariq speaks

Featured image The IDF has released video of the highlights of its interrogation of Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesman Tariq Salami Otha Abu Shoulf. As IDF Lt. Col. (reserve) Peter Lerner puts it, “In his interrogation he reveals in simple terms how they organize the mass manipulation of the media.” As we have all seen over the years, it’s not too difficult. The terrorists and their allies have had it worked out for »

Proofread this

Featured image I’m not a fan of the Star Tribune, yet keeping up with it is an occupational necessity for me. The Star Tribune dominates the local news in roughly the same fashion that the New York times dominates the national news. It sets the agenda for other outlets that chase its tail. Over at Alpha News, we seek to fill the void created by the Star Tribune and its uncompetitive competitors. »

Olbermann Stalks Sage Steele

Featured image Of COURSE it was scripted. If it hadn’t have been @sagesteele – the dumbest person I’ve ever worked with in sports or news – couldn’t have gotten through it. I mean Jesus, if this happened to you, you’d just assume it WASN’T being done to protect the network from you humiliating it – and yourself? That was Keith Olbermann, after Sage Steele revealed that her 2021 interview with Joe Biden »

The Coming Disinformation War

Featured image In the Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins reviews the dishonorable role that the intelligence community played in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and predicts more of the same. In 2016: A Democratic presidential campaign, representing the incumbent party, fabricated evidence that its Republican opponent and the eventual president-elect was a Russian agent, and the in-power party’s FBI legitimated the evidence in the eyes of the media so it would be »

Their story

Featured image President Biden used the IDF’s accidental killing of the seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza to demand that Israel capitulate to Hamas. That’s my translation of the White House readout of Biden’s April 4 phone call with Prime Minister Netanyahu. I posted the crucial excerpt here last week. I also noted that Secretary of State Blinken added a twist in his April 4 press conference. He declared that »

Sage Reveals the Script

Featured image And I was told, “You will say every word that we write out, you will not deviate from the script.” To the word. Every single question was scripted, gone over dozens of times by many editors and executives. Absolutely. I was on script and was told not to deviate. . . It was very much “This is what you will ask. This is how you will say it. No follow-ups.” »

Trump Made Them Do It!

Featured image This morning’s New York Times email tells its subscribers that Russia and China are rooting for Donald Trump to win the 2024 presidential election: America’s biggest adversaries evidently want Donald Trump to win the 2024 presidential election. Vladimir Putin’s preference for Trump has long been clear. And now China’s government is taking steps to help Trump’s presidential campaign. The idea that either Russia or China prefers Trump to Joe Biden, »

The AP photo of Shani Louk

Featured image The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri awarded the Associated Press with a Pictures of the Year award for photos including Hamas savages absconding in a pickup truck with the corpse of Israeli/German victim Shani Louk (below, in the Team Picture Story of the Year category). The citation accompanying the award is itself a piece of work, but never mind that. (Credit: Ali Mahmud/Associated Press) Controversy »

Outrage of the day

Featured image The St. Paul Saints are the Minnesota Twins’ minor league affiliate across the river. Dating to 1992 in its current incarnation, the Saints were owned by Marv Goldklang, Mike Veeck, and Bill Murray and independent of major league baseball. The Saints have since become the top minor league Twins affiliate and, as of last year, been sold to Diamond Baseball Holdings. As you might guess from the Veeck and Murray »

Sorry, wrong number

Featured image Karine Jean-Pierre dropped in for an outside-the-beltway visit on local radio in advance of President Biden’s rare joint appearance yesterday with Vice President Harris in Raleigh (White House text of their remarks here). In the audio clip below, KJP’s radio hosts ask about Biden’s mental decline and the obvious effects of Bidenomics. KJP treats the hosts with indignant incredulity before she abruptly hangs up. Was it something they said? Wow. »

The Todd connection

Featured image The public shaming of Ronna McDaniel by NBC/MSNBC’s partisan talent represents an almost unbelievable failure of self-knowledge. One wants to shout Look in the mirror, you fools! The mob in this case was led by Chuck Todd, who is himself a pathetic excuse of a journalist. Todd’s role in this episode rankles. He was among the many of his tribe who promoted the Steele Dossier and the Russia hoax during »