Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Fox Business at 5:45 Central, 6:45 Eastern with Liz MacDonald, discussing the embarrassment that Venezuela’s failed socialist regime has become for American would-be socialists–who nevertheless seem determined to defend Maduro’s corrupt, oppressive regime. President Trump has rightly focused on the Venezuelan catastrophe in denouncing the Democrats’ drift toward socialism, and many Democrats–shockingly, one would think–appear to be lining up behind Maduro. »

Coup’s next (2)

Featured image Victor Davis Hanson pieces together much of what we have learned so far in the efforts to prevent and then undo the election of Donald Trump — the affair that I refer to in whole as the Mueller Switch Project — in “Autopsy of a dead coup.” It’s an excellent and needed column by a great historian. With a timely endorsement by Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Hanson’s book The Case For »

Media alert

Featured image Later this afternoon, I will be the guest of Seth Leibsohn on KKNT 960—”The Patriot”—in Arizona. I’m scheduled to appear at 6:00 Eastern Time. We will be discussing the bipartisan funding bill and President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund more fully a border wall. »

If you get your news from the Star Tribune

Featured image Star Tribune owner Glen Taylor also owns the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves franchise. He recently fired Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau in his third season at the helm. “We would like to thank Tom for his efforts and wish him all the best,” Timberwolves owner Taylor said in a statement. “These decisions are never easy to make, but we felt them necessary to move our organization forward.” The Star Tribune is Ilhan »

Amy Klobuchar does Special Report

Featured image Senator Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota’s own 2020 Democrat presidential candidate — appeared for an interview on Special Report with Bret Baier yestereday. The video clip is accessible here. I thought the interview showed Senator Klobuchar’s at her best. She was likable. She did well. Her campaign theme — we need to stop governing from chaos and move to opportunity — needs some work. It seems to me to have been »

Fake News: If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

Featured image I am so old, I can remember when liberals invented the term “fake news” to refer to pro-Trump commentary on Facebook. Those days are long gone, of course, and President Trump has made the phrase his own. “Fake news” now refers to the partisan falsehoods that dominate the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and many other news outlets. Which you can tell by the fact that »

Klobuchar kicks off

Featured image All signs indicate that Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will announce her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination early tomorrow afternoon at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. Klobuchar will emphasize the broad appeal she has demonstrated in three impressive statewide wins. Even if all is not as it appears, she has an appealing public persona. I experienced it myself when she called to thank me for something I wrote on Power »

Omar (de)rides again

Featured image Minnesota Fifth District Rep. was late piling on Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann and his schoolmates, but she didn’t want to miss out. She libeled the teenager to an audience of her 450,000 followers on Twitter. When some adult aware of her potential liability for defamation performed an intervention, Omar deleted the Tweet. I captured it in the post “Isn’t it rich?” and followed up in “Ilhan Omar »

Glenn Reynolds: To the editors

Featured image Glenn Reynolds notes the Washington Post editorial calling for the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. According to the Post: “[Northam’s] shifting and credulity-shredding explanations for the racist photograph on his medical school yearbook page, and the silence into which he then succumbed for days — after initially promising to do ‘the hard work’ of atonement and apology to restore his standing with Virginians — is simply too much.” Glenn »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Howie Carr’s radio show at 4:30 Eastern, talking about the State of the Union and the latest Elizabeth Warren fiasco. Then, at 6:45 Eastern, I will be on The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald on Fox Business, talking about President Trump’s discussion of socialism and Venezuela in the SOTU, and the Democrats’ responses thereto. It should be fun, please tune in! You should be able to »

The truth in 15 minutes

Featured image The family of Nick Sandmann has retained the services of attorney Lin Wood to rectify the damage done to the young Mr. Sandmann’s reputation following flawed reports of the encounter with Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial last month. Among those who falsely disparaged the young Mr. Sandmann is Minnesota’s own Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar, though you would never know it if you get your news from the Star »

A Sandmann lawsuit preview

Featured image Nearly two weeks ago the family of Covington Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann retained Georgia attorney Lin Wood to explore a possible libel case for the brutal lies to which the young Mr. Sandmann was subjected as a result of his close encounter with so-called “tribal elder” Nathan Phillips. Wood is a fearsome libel lawyer. See, for example, the January 24 WCPO story “Nicholas Sandmann’s family hires ‘attorney for »

In the busy world of crazy

Featured image Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar makes a cameo appearance in Washington Free Beacon editor Matt Continetti’s column “Democrats lose their minds.” He writes: Let’s see … what else happened in the busy world of crazy … excuse me while I flip through my files … Ah yes, there was congresswoman Ilhan Omar, parroting the Kremlin-Havana-Tehran line on the democratic uprising in Venezuela, calling it “a U.S. backed coup.” A »

Newseum to close its doors

Featured image The Newseum is a museum about the American news media, principally newspapers. It’s the creation of Al Neuharth (full disclose, a one-time client), the founder of USA Today and former chairman of Gannett and the Freedom Forum. The Newseum is housed in a huge building on Pennsylvania Avenue. Neuharth’s operation bought the property it occupies for $100 million, reportedly the highest price ever paid for a chunk of real estate »

Mystery solved, Schiff & CNN hardest hit

Featured image We’ve written frequently about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting of Donald Trump, Jr. and campaign officials with the connected Russian lawyer Natalia V. Anyone who bothered to read the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony and absorb its contents would have been left with deep suspicions about the meeting. The Russian lawyer met with Simpson before and after the meeting for some reason or other. Lee Smith put the pieces »

To the attention of Ilhan Omar

Featured image Mark Mellman is the prominent Democrat who has taken the helm of the Democratic Majority for Israel. The group is new and badly needed. It resists the tide that is sweeping the Democratic Party toward anti-Semitic haters of Israel such as Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib et al. Jonathan Martin covered the birth of the new group for the New York Times here (accessible here via Outline). I wrote about »

McClatchy Circling the Drain?

Featured image Things are looking bleak for McClatchy Company: This morning, Craig Forman, CEO of McClatchy Company, emailed all staff to say about 10 percent of the newspaper chain’s employees would be offered voluntary buyouts. *** McClatchy publishes newspapers across the nation, including the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Idaho Statesman, Fresno Bee, and Charlotte Observer. Last August, the company cut about 3.5 percent of the staff, nearly 140 employees. The slow »