DeSantis must be destroyed

Featured image All things considered, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looks to be the most successful governor in the United States. The Florida contingent of the garbage media is therefore determined to destroy him one way or another. At RedState, Sister Toldjah patiently explicates the current media campaign in “A Fed up Ron DeSantis Rips Miami Herald a New One Over ‘Poorly Executed Hit Piece’ on Senior Vaccinations.” Ms. Toldjah’s post is »

Coronavirus in one state (156)

Featured image Although Governor Walz continues to exercise one-man rule and we continue to suffer the effects, the local news on the epidemic has reduced to vaccines and vaccinations. When will Governor Walz give it up and restore regular order? When is the public health “emergency” over? I appear to be alone among the local media in asking the question. I submitted the three questions below on February 21. Legally obligated to »

NY Times Takes Up Satire

Featured image The New York Times has put out a job listing for its editorial page that shows it has decided to branch out into satire. Here’s some of it: The New York Times is looking for a proactive, creative, digitally-experienced editor to shape its Opinion report and help lead the department. . .   We’re looking for an editor with a sense of humor and a spine of steel, a confident point »

The whole world is watching

Featured image The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd will be live streamed by Court TV when it commences this Monday morning. I think the live stream is accessible online here. Court TV otherwise explains how to watch here. I plan on covering the trial from the Media Business Center across the street from the Hennepin County Government Center where the trial is to »

Shapes of things (25)

Featured image The New York Times is a sick institution, but it is representative in a way that signifies. It is in the grip of the cultural totalitarian madness that has become something like regular order in the schools, the press, Big Tech and corporate titans, the world of the prestige nonprofits, and other precincts where the sick left holds sway. I would like to say other precincts where reality is optional, »

Venue and the mob

Featured image Is it possible for any of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd to receive a fair trial? In Minneapolis? If not in Minneapolis, anywhere else in Minnesota? Is it possible that a Hennepin County jury won’t have the secondary effects of not guilty verdicts in mind when they retire to deliberate? I’ve had those questions in mind since expedited criminal charges were filed »

Two Chauvin trial notes

Featured image I spoke yesterday afternoon noon with Hennepin County District Court press contact Spenser Bickett about the live stream of the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is charged with responsibility for the death of George Floyd. Spenser explained to me that the live stream will be carried on the Internet by Court TV. It is therefore accessible to the public online. The Court TV home page is »

Derek Chauvin trial preview

Featured image Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is charged with the murder of George Floyd last year on May 25. Floyd’s death set off ten days or ten months that shook the world. These notes are intended as a preview of the trial. Beginning with jury selection, the trial begins one week from today in Hennepin County District Court before Judge Peter Cahill. John Hinderaker offered a good overview in “A »

Sen. Cotton at CPAC

Featured image Senator Tom Cotton spoke to the assembled multitude in free Florida at CPAC yesterday. Among other things, he recalled the chaos he sowed inside the New York Times with the publication of his column calling for federal troops to restore order in riot-torn cities last year. Times staffers protested that the column put the lives of “Black @NYTimes staff in danger.” The column caused a “total meltdown with the little »

Investigative journalism, Russian style

Featured image New York Times media reporter Ben Smith has the intensely interesting story “How Investigative Journalism Flourished in Hostile Russia.” The crazy brave dissident Alexei Navalny turns up in Smith’s bullet points: Mr. Navalny’s foundation flew drones over Mr. Putin’s palace, a vast estate on the Black Sea that Mr. Navalny labeled “the World’s Biggest Bribe” in a scathing, mocking nearly two-hour video he released on his return to Russia last »

Coronavirus in one state (155)

Featured image In the words of John Lennon, war is over (if you want it) — the war in this case being the war on COVID-19. The public health emergency is over and yet governors such as Minnesota’s egregious Tim Walz continue to control the “dials” of our lives, as the authorities here refer to them. They have us fighting on like Japanese soldiers who haven’t heard that the Emperor surrendered. Kevin »

Shapes of things (19)

Featured image “Death to me!” is the title of the best column I have read on the sordid ritual of public confessions following the “woke” party line. By David Mikics, the column draws on the history of false confessions by Communists caught up in the purges of the Soviet Union’s Stalin era. It is a history with which every literate American should be familiar, but it appears to be as obscure in »

Half a mind to be president

Featured image Sky News Australia’s Cory Bernardi takes up the question of the cognitive capacity of the gentleman from Madame Tussauds. He doesn’t appear to be firing on all cylinders. Even operating with diminished capacity, however, he was the best candidate the Democrats had to offer this side of Bernie Sanders. My own motto for the Biden campaign was “He’s got a half a mind to be president.” With Biden you get »

A message to Jennifer Bjorhus [updated]

Featured image The Star Tribune is a major metropolitan daily backed by the resources of a billionaire owner with an incredibly high tolerance for mediocrity and embarrassment. In addition to the Star Tribune he also owns the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves. The Star Tribune could serve as a constructive force opposing the civic degradation of Minneapolis, but it is crippled by cowardice and left-wing hackery. The paper’s inability to serve a constructive civic »

Bo Snerdley recalls Rush

Featured image I’m quite sure that this is one question that would stump Star Tribune editorial editor and vice president Scott Gillespie as well as editorial cartoonist Steve Sack: “Who is ‘Bo Snerdley’?” You have to have listened to Rush Limbaugh’s show some time in the past 30 years to have any idea who “Bo Snerdley” is. Gillespie and Sack don’t have a clue. Last night Sean Hannity had “Bo Snerdley” (James »

Why I hate the Star Tribune, part MMDXXI [With Comment by John]

Featured image The Star Tribune observed the death of Rush Limbaugh with an editorial cartoon that is a variation of the old joke I first heard from Moms Mabley. “They say you shouldn’t say nothin’ about the dead unless it’s good,” she said. Referring to her husband, she added: “He’s dead. Good!” By editorial cartoonist Steve Sack — I think of him as Steve Sack of — the cartoon could perhaps be »

Coronavirus in one state (154)

Featured image In the questions I submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health last week, I sought to learn why one of our internist readers was unable to get his prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin filled by a major pharmaceutical chain for his patients’ off-label use. In their responses MDH professed not to know. They referred me to the Board of Pharmacy. I called the executive director of the Board of Pharmacy. »