My Homage to Chick-fil-A

So I looked up the nearest Chick-fil-A out here on the California central coast, and lo and behold the nearest location was smack in the middle of the Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo campus.  Cal Poly is nothing if not politically correct–it was one of the noxiously  PC campuses featured in Evan Coyne Moloney’s documentary Indoctrinate U.  So I hopped in the car and made the trek down to SLO.

That particular Chick-fil-A outlet is part of a student dining commons, and was, alas, closed for the month, since school is out of session.  Too bad; I suspect there might have been some local color if it had been open.

So unable to join the masses supporting Chick-fil-A, I did the next best thing: I rotisseried a chicken myself on the grill.  It was yummy.

Meanwhile, a sports rant: So I turn on the Olympics, and immediately wonder if I’m suffering a worsening of my astigmatism.  No–it’s synchronized diving.  Really?  What’s next: synchronized pole vaulting?  Synchronized high jumping?  Does Saturday Night Live really need this provocation?