Swing States Swinging to Romney

There has been a lot of talk lately about Barack Obama abandoning states like Florida, Virginia and North Carolina and trying to erect a “firewall” that includes Ohio. There is much to be said about that; for the moment, let’s just note that some key swing states are indeed swinging against the president. Today’s Rasmussen Reports finds Romney leading Obama 50%-47% in Virginia and a whopping (by swing state standards) 51%-46% in Florida. Yesterday Rasmussen found Romney pulling away in North Carolina, 52%-46%. So if the Obama campaign is seeing the same thing in their polling, it is understandable that he may be giving up on those states.

All eyes, at this point, are on Ohio, where Rasmussen has it a virtual dead heat, 49%-48% Obama. Everyone talks about how a Republican needs to win Ohio, but at this point it is actually easier to see how Romney can get to 270 without Ohio than how Obama can do it.

UPDATE: One more–Missouri has generally been regarded as a swing state in recent cycles, but Rasmussen currently has it way out of reach at 54%-43% Romney. That should bode well for Todd Akin as well.


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