Tonight on FNC: Boomtown

Our friend Peter Schweizer writes to alert us that he is narrating a one-hour Hannity special airing tonight called “Boomtown” on the Fox News Channel at 9:00 pm EST.  The show promises to provide a look at how cronyism has made a lot of people rich in Washington, D.C.  A preview clip is posted here. And there’s a nice notice in the New York Times Friday listings:

In this edition of “Hannity,” the host, Sean Hannity; Peter Schweizer, the president and co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute; and Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News and co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute, investigate what they call crony capitalism among the city’s power elite and the tactics used by lobbyists, bureaucrats and legislators to finance their lifestyles with taxpayer money.


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