Out Today: ‘American Requiem’ on Fox Nation

Featured image For those of you who are subscribers to Fox Nation, you may wish to take in a new documentary that dropped today, “American Requiem.” Here’s the one-minute trailer for the film, where you may just see a familiar face (actually several familiar faces): And if you aren’t a Fox Nation subscriber, here’s a two-minute highlight reel of a certain familiar face from the film: »

Your Chance to See Academic Superheroes in Action

Featured image Needless to say the academic scene in America is dismal, but there are some excellent conservative academics scattered around. I’m delighted that the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has organized a two-day conference taking place on February 23-24 in Fort Lauderdale featuring many leading conservative professors, under the general title “American Politics and Government Summit.” There is a modest registration fee, but the conference is open to the general public as »

Live Podcast: PLU on The Federalist, Session 6

Featured image Power Line University will be back in the seminar room again tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 5 pm Pacific time/8 pm Eastern, to resume our leisurely stroll through The Federalist Papers.  We’ll begin this week’s session with a detour into why and how the Progressives attacked the separation of powers along with rejecting the natural rights philosophy of the Founding, both of which were necessary for their project of creating the »

How to read Power Line with RSS

Featured image Google has slowly been deprecating (shutting down) the RSS feed features associated with the Feedburner service. Consequently, Power Line has had to adapt to a local RSS feed. So if you have been looking for the right way to read Power Line through RSS feeds, this post is for you. The correct URL to use to read Power Line’s RSS feed is: This feed is also accessible by clicking »

Reminder: Power Line University in One Hour!

Featured image Just your 6 pm Eastern time reminder that our next Power Line University class on The Federalist begins one hour from this posting (7 pm Eastern time). Lucretia has had some unavoidable scheduling problems crop up today and will be late for class, but I’ll be there to launch on time and carry on solo as long as possible. If you’re able to join us live, use this Zoom link. »

Reminder: Power Line in the Classroom at 7 pm (EST) Today

Featured image Reminder that we’re less than two hours away from Power Line University’s first live webinar on The Federalist, today looking at the first ten (but most especially Number 10). It’s open to all comers: Use this Zoom link to listen and participate. There will be no homework, assignment, exams, or term papers. Drinking during class is not only permitted; it is encouraged. Needless to say, we shall not be observing Stanford »

My unpaid sick day

Featured image I need to take an unpaid sick day or two to recover from the nasty flu virus that has descended upon me. I will survive. I hope to be back Saturday or Sunday. If not, I will be chalking up a few more unpaid sick days. More importantly, I hope to have something to say about the news of the day. If it were Covid, perhaps I could attribute my »

Laurence Silberman, RIP

Featured image Two weeks ago Judge Laurence Silberman traveled to Hanover, New Hampshire, to meet up with classmates celebrating their sixty-fifth reunion at Dartmouth College. While in town Judge Silberman gave a Constitution Day talk defending free speech under the auspices of the college’s Rockefeller Center. We posted a link to the text published by the Wall Street Journal and the related video of the event over the weekend in “Bravo, Judge »

A Preview of Coming Attractions

Featured image This week Power Line readers can look forward to two new regular features, the first of several contemplated changes and potential new initiatives on the site. First, I have decided for two reasons to retire my irregular and episodic “Geek in Pictures” category that was the nerd’s homage to the Week in Pictures, even though I know the item is somewhat popular with many readers. The first defect of the »

For Your Video Viewing Pleasure

Featured image First, an announcement. As you get ready for the launch of the new NFL regular season on Sunday, you can take in me on C-SPAN Book TV at noon eastern on one of their “In-Depth” conversations. I’ll be taking questions about my books from C-SPAN’s John McArdle, and there will be live call-ins from viewers! Here are the details and the billboard: In the meantime, as readers wait for Saturday’s »

Our mysterious disappearing newsletter

Featured image I didn’t even know we had a daily email newsletter until we started receiving complaints that it was no longer showing up in readers’ inboxes. It occurred to me to ask our publisher about it. What happened? I have good news and bad news. This is the bad news. I am advised that Google has deactivated the RSS parsing service we were relying on to send the email newsletter. This »

Today’s Live Podcast Taping at 6 PM Eastern

Featured image For those of you able to join us at 6 pm eastern time this evening for a live taping of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast, click on this Zoom link. You may need to bear with us, as we have a couple of technical challenges today on account of equipment and far-flung locations. And if you aren’t able to join us live, the audio version will be posted up »

Announcement: Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow

Featured image Since I’m tanned, rested, and ready from five weeks away, and armed with pages of notes on whisky discoveries, I’ll be resuming the helm of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast with a *live* taping tomorrow afternoon at 6 pm Eastern time (3 pm Pacific, etc). This session will be open to all comers, and I’ll post the Zoom webinar link here tomorrow shortly after noon Pacific time. So tune »

Summer Hiatus Alert

Featured image Listeners to the 3WHH weekend podcast will have heard the news that I am traveling overseas for the next five weeks, with half of the time spent trekking the Scottish highlands and visiting as many whisky distilleries as my liver will permit, starting this Friday (though really today), and I’ll be on hiatus from Power Line (except when I have some really good whisky reviews to pass along—or Boris Johnson »

A Few More Thoughts

Featured image Scott has already covered many of the highlights of our first 20 years. I would add just a few more. 1. Scott and I have been writing together since, as I recall, 1990. It isn’t easy to sustain a partnership of any kind for more than 30 years; most of the credit goes to Scott. 2. Paul Mirengoff joined the site in August 2002 and contributed greatly to the site »

20 years, 20 thoughts

Featured image I think I accumulated my first 10 thoughts for our tenth anniversary online. I hoped to have one big one or 20 new ones in honor of our twentieth anniversary next year, but I’m borrowing from previous editions to note the occasion today. It was 20 years ago this weekend — 20 years ago today, I think, but maybe tomorrow — that John Hinderaker went to Blogger and set up »

At the Bradley Prizes

Featured image The Bradley Foundation held its annual Bradley Prizes award ceremony this week in Washington on May 17. Moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s own former Bradley Prize-winning Kim Strassel, the event honored 2022 recipients Wilfred McClay, Glenn Loury, and Chen Guangcheng. Having been sent a link to view the ceremony via live stream, my wife and I watched at our kitchen table. When the great Bill McClay finished speaking, my »