Announcement: Live Podcast Saturday

Featured image This Saturday, “Lucretia” and I are going to record our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour in a live Zoom session open to all comers—not just VIP members. The event will go off at 4 pm Pacific time/7 pm Eastern time—which happens to coincide with happy hour just about everywhere except for our Australian listeners, except in my experience most Australians don’t need a later afternoon neon-advertised “happy hour” sign to »

Consider a Tip to Go With a Hat Tip to Dave Deeble

Featured image With Ammo Grrll, David Deeble is Power Line’s other unofficial comedian, and you can follow his daily quips on Twitter, his longer form humor articles on Ricochet and his own website, and you can find lots of him on his YouTube channel. (My favorite and very topical 10-second joke at the clip below.) Pretty sure he contributes to the Babylon Bee from time to time, too. Today he offers “Americans »

Announcement: Can the Liberal Arts Be Saved?

Featured image One of the problems with the liberal arts in college today is that they are dominated by liberals! Does that explain why majors in the liberal arts have been declining rapidly over the last two decades, or is that a function of the high cost of college these days? For readers who have time on their hands at 2 pm eastern time tomorrow (February 11), I’ll be hosting an online »

Missing thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image As a result of failure to communicate on my part, Ammo Grrrll’s weekly column will not be posted as scheduled this morning. I apologize to Ammo Grrrll and her faithful readers. The fault is mine. I hope to figure out some way to make up for it with Ms. Grrrll in due course. You need a laugh. You deserve a laugh. We count on the laugh regularly scheduled for this »

Live VIP Three Whisky Podcast Taping Tomorrow

Featured image All right, by what should perhaps be described as “unpopular” demand, we’re arranging a last-minute VIP webcast tomorrow afternoon at 6 pm Eastern (3 pm Pacific), with a twist: It will be a modified form of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast taping, in which I’ve invited Charles Lipson of the University of Chicago to team up with me. (His latest article on the state of things is in The »

Reminder: Live Three Whisky Happy Hour Today

Featured image For those of you sleeping off your Thanksgiving dinner coma, a reminder that this afternoon at 4 pm (Pacific)/7pm (Eastern), “Lucretia” and I will be hosting a live taping of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast via Zoom. We’ll be covering the highlights of the week, as well as taking audience questions. We’re making this event open to all Power Line readers as a bit of an experiment. Our Zoom »

A note to commenters

Featured image I last posted “A note to commenters” a year ago. I moderate comments with the assistance of our software. I wrote the rules. I enforce the rules that I wrote to the best of my ability under the circumstances. If you comment here and are unfamiliar with the law as I have laid it down, please check out my 2019 note. I want to emphasize one point. If you employ »

18 years: 18 thoughts

Featured image It was 18 years ago this weekend — 18 years ago today, I think, but maybe tomorrow — that John Hinderaker went to Blogger and set up Power Line. On Memorial Day that weekend he gave me a call and invited me to contribute. We’ve moved on from Blogger, but we’re still here. Survival has its charms; many good sites have come and gone or gone off the deep end »

Mike Bloomberg, meet Paul Harvey

Featured image Our friends at the American Spectator have moved to a subscription model and put up a paywall that kicks in after readers access a limited number of free articles. They have nevertheless graciously agreed to make access available to links posted on Power Line. The Spectator’s lead column today is Jeremy Lott’s “Mike Bloomberg, meet Paul Harvey.”. Related: The Federalist’s Sean Davis channels Paul Harvey in “So God made a »

Don’t subpoena me, bro: The sequel

Featured image I have a pen and I have notes, to borrow a phrase. I have notes of comments made by President Trump at the White House reception for conservative media on April 24, 2017 on the occasion of his first hundred days in office. I used my notes to write up my account of the reception for Power Line readers in “At the White House with Trump.” In a scenario out »

How Orson Bean found God

Featured image Today comes the sad news that Orson Bean has died as the result of being hit by a car in Venice, California. The AP has posted an adequate obituary mostly written by the late Bob Thomas here. With a little help from Orson himself, I would like to add to Thomas’s obituary from a perspective you are unlikely to find in the mainstream media. Orson Bean’s career spanned five decades. »

Thoughts & prayers for Rush [With Comment by John]

Featured image At the end of his show today, Rush Limbaugh revealed that he is fighting stage 4 lung cancer. Rush has posted a transcript of the segment here. I am posting the audio below. Either way, the news is crushing. Rush intends to carry on as his physical condition permits. He is irreplaceable. There is no one like him. Not close. Exchanging messages with an esteemed political science professor this afternoon, »

John Alvis, RIP

Featured image Sad news on this eve of Christmas of the passing of John Alvis, a long-time professor at the University of Dallas. Professor Alvis was best known—though nowhere near as well known as he deserved to be—as a profound thinker and teacher on the relation between literature and politics. He wrote several extraordinary books and essays about Shakespeare’s politics in particular, but equally fine books on Homer, Virgil , and Milton. I »

A reminder to commenters

Featured image Using the Disqus software, I moderate comments on Power Line. I have posted my note to commenters several times, most recently here this past June. I won’t repeat it now. Ignorance is not an excuse, but there is no excuse to be ignorant in this case. We welcome civil comments of all stripes. All points of view are welcome. I simply want to reiterate that I ban commenters who fail »

We Are Under Attack

Featured image Sorry for the light posting today! We have been under a Direct Denial of Service attack that has made posting almost impossible. I assume that liberal/Democratic Party groups are responsible; we may or may not ever be able to identify them. Our publisher has worked with Cloudflare to protect us against this attack, I think successfully, although there will be a brief delay in accessing our site as the software »

Human, all too human error

Featured image I accidentally published Ammo Grrrll’s weekly column one day early for a few minutes this morning. For some reason it feels to me like the end of the work week, if not the end of time. There will be no premature cachinnation on Power Line. I have therefore rescheduled Ammo Grrrll’s column for its timely release early tomorrow morning. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. »

Reminder: We Are an Amazon Affiliate!

Featured image As you may know, Amazon has an “Affiliates” program whereby purchases made through a link on an affiliate site generate a small commission to the site without any additional cost to the shopper. We were an Amazon affiliate years ago, but our relationship lapsed for reasons that I don’t remember. As our advertising revenue has dropped precipitously for reasons that remain mysterious, we are looking for additional ways to make »