Lies of Obamacare

The featured article in the new issue of the Weekly Standard is Christopher Conover’s “Health reform breaks bad.” Conover methodically addresses what I have been calling the lies of Obamacare. Conover addresses these foundational lies as five deceptions:

Deception #1: universal coverage

Deception #2: no new taxes on the middle class

Deception #3: annual premium savings of $2,500

Deception #4: no increase in the deficit

Deception #5: you can keep your plan if you like it

Conover exposes these “deceptions” as blatant falsehoods. In their own way the willfulness and magnitude of the falsehoods with which Obama sold Obamacare are shocking. We’ve become inured to it, but it is true.

This is my refrain: If only we had a free press, Obamacare would be a bloody, unrelenting scandal, like Abu Ghraib, or Watergate. As it is, it is only business as usual for liberals and liberalism.