In Syria, Tehran declares victory

Researching and writing about the interim nuclear agreement with Iran, I have found Iranian authorities to be a more reliable guide than the Obama administration. I may be overstating the phenomenon, but if so, not by much.

The same applies to events in Syria, as reported by Simon Tisdall in Britain’s Guardian:

Iran and its close ally President Bashar al-Assad have won the war in Syria, and the US-orchestrated campaign in support of the opposition’s attempt to topple the Syrian regime has failed, senior Iranian officials have told the Guardian.

In a series of interviews in Tehran, top figures who shape Iranian foreign policy said the west’s strategy in Syria had merely encouraged radicals, caused chaos and ultimately backfired, with government forces now on the front foot.

“We have won in Syria,” said Alaeddin Borujerdi, chairman of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee and an influential government insider. “The regime will stay. The Americans have lost it.”

The commentary from Tehran goes downhill from there, but this much is relatively straightforward.

On a related note, referring to the nuclear negotiations resumed this week, Jonathan Tobin argues that Iran is counting on Obama’s weakness. Iran is counting on it, and Iran will not be disappointed.


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