Another question answered

Featured image I greatly admire former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He is my idea of a great public servant. Appearing on Fox News Sunday this morning (video below), he nailed each response to the questions posed by Shannon Bream. At one point, Bream asked him (her question begins at 3:35 of the video): You’ve seen the data. You’ve served on the job. We keep hearing about what a problem the border »

Billions for tribute

Featured image Nearly 300,000 citizens from around the United States gathered peacefully on the Mall in Washington yesterday to express support for Israel and opposition to anti-Semitism. The Biden administration found a peculiar way to respond. It freed up an additional $10 billion for Iran by reapproving a sanctions waiver that will allow Iran to access that amount in frozen assets. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller explained the logic of the action »

Conricus’s CAMERA briefing

Featured image I attempted to summarize what I found to be the most newsworthy elements of IDF Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus’s CAMERA briefing in a nearby post this morning. I mentioned that the briefing had been recorded, but that it had not been made available. CAMERA has just sent out an email with links to its webinars including the Conricus briefing. I thought this was an intensely interesting and informative briefing. I »

Almost live from Tel Aviv

Featured image I sat in on a 25-minute Zoom briefing by IDF Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus yesterday afternoon. The briefing was hosted by CAMERA, which recorded the briefing but has not made it available. Conricus spoke rapidly and with great intensity. Among other things I have not read or heard elsewhere, he observed that Hamas had fired 8,000 rockets at Israel so far. Taking notes, I found it difficult to keep up »

The second war against the Jews

Featured image Clifford D. May is founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and a columnist for the Washington Times. He is a veteran reporter, foreign correspondent, and editor for the New York Times and other publications. I’m late getting to Cliff’s October 25 column “The second war against the Jews” (at FDD, where it is posted with links). Cliff has kindly given us his permission to post »

Podcast: A Conversation with Col. Austin Bay about America’s Proxy Wars

Featured image Herewith another bonus classic format edition, this time featuring an extended conversation with Col. Austin Bay, one of the proprietors of the indispensable Strategy Page, columnist for Creators Syndicate, and author of the splendid Cocktails from Hell: Five Complex Wars Shaping the 21st Century. His column last week is a brief and lucid tour through the proxy wars America is currently confronting (against Russia and Iran, by way of Ukraine »

Eyeless in Gaza

Featured image Tony Badran is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, where he focuses on Lebanon, Hezbollah, Syria, and the geopolitics of the Levant. Tablet originally published his illuminating column “Eyeless in Gaza” on October 18. FDD has cross-posted it here with Badran’s many links. The column provides an illuminating account of “how the U.S. blinded Israeli intelligence gathering efforts on Hamas and other Palestinian groups inside Lebanon.” »

Live from Tel Aviv

Featured image IDF Lt. Colonel (reserve) Jonathan Conricus posted another update on the status of the war a few hours ago. I have embedded it below. In this update Conricus focuses on the northern front. Hezbollah and Iran are testing Israel and President Biden. He rightly characterizes himself as “a credible source.” He reports that Hezbollah has been escalating its attacks on Israel. Hezbollah does not appear to be paying Biden’s instruction »

A grudging something

Featured image As I have noted over the past two weeks, IDF Lt. Col. (reserve) Jonathan Conricus is working overtime to get out the truth about the war in which Israel is engaged. In the tweet below, Conricus takes up the job of media critic to address the characteristic shortcomings of the BBC’s coverage of the Gaza hospital (parking lot) explosion this week. Conricus employs the useful hashtag #HamasHospitalSham. The BBC was »

Thought for the day

Featured image Walter Russell Mead writes in his Wall Street Journal Global View column today: Iran is unappeasable, but this truth is too inconvenient for the Biden administration to admit. Instead, administration spokesmen continue to minimize Tehran’s involvement with and responsibility for the murders. Iran, which at this point seems to have little fear from an administration it believes it has cowed, is more open. It makes no bones about its support »

From the Chomsky playbook

Featured image I wrote about the monologue that preceded Tucker Carlon’s interview of Vivek the Fake in “Tucker’s tailspin.” Alana Goodman reported on Ramaswamy’s comments to Carlson in the Free Beacon story “Ramaswamy Says GOP ‘Selective Moral Outrage’ on Israel Driven By Money, Lobbying Groups.” Goodman’s account was cruelly accurate and Ramaswamy threw a fit complete with press release denouncing her. John McCormack reviewed Ramaswamy’s critique in the cruelly accurate NRO/Corner post »

“10/7 massacre changes … everything”

Featured image Dan Senor’s Call Me Back podcast seeks to ascertain “What history can teach us about the current decade we’re in – the 2020s.” In the current episode with Elliott Abrams, they seek to “provide additional detail on the history of Israel-Gaza/Hamas — this time from a White House insider on U.S.-Middle East policy during a critical period in Hamas’s takeover of Gaza — what were leaders in Washington and Jerusalem »

Tucker’s tailspin

Featured image Tucker Carlson devoted the latest episode of his X/Twitter show to the Hamas/Israel war. He opens by searching for “the wise path forward” and asking what we should “do next in this chaotic moment.” For some reason, he doesn’t directly answer his own question. We are to infer, however, that it’s none of our business. It might be best to avert our eyes. Tucker’s comments constitute little more than an »

Live from Tel Aviv

Featured image IDF Lt. Col. (reserve) Jonathan Conricus is a spokesman for the IDF. He has been working overtime since Hamas attacked Israel and commenced its campaign of atrocities on October 7 and has now posted a fifth daily update on the ensuing war (below). I hope to continue posting these updates so long as they remain of interest. As I have observed before, the IDF generally continues to be a more »

Eyeless in Gaza

Featured image Four Washington Post reporters have bylines on the story “Hamas received weapons and training from Iran, officials say.” Two more reporters are credited with contributing to the story, whose subhead is “Iran ‘broadly complicit’ in supporting Palestinian militants, but no evidence seen of a direct role in slaughter, officials say.” The six reporters reiterate what should be the common knowledge of anyone who follows the news from the Middle East. »

The policy that dare not speak its name

Featured image Submitted for your analysis, the tweet of Secretary of State Antony Blinken (below). In it he discloses the upshot of his conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan. Turkey is of course a supporter of Hamas. Blinken relates that he encouraged Turkey’s advocacy of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel now that Israel is undertaking its right to defend itself from Hamas. For some reason Blinken has since deleted the »


Featured image The Biden administration promotes the line that the $6 billion ransom it has posted for the benefit of Iran has nothing to do with Iran’s support for terrorism and this line is faithfully parroted in the mainstream media, including Jennifer Griffin on Fox News. Gabriel Noronha has comprehensively refuted this assertion in an informative thread on Twitter/X. Readers can access Noronha’s thread via the Xeet below. 🧵I'm sorry Jen but »