Lerner’s attorney: It was just one of those things

Lois Lerner attorney William Taylor III appeared on CNN this morning and among the items up for discussion was the “loss” of two-years’ worth of Lerner’s emails in the epidemic of computer crashes plaguing the IRS. As for the crashes, according to Taylor, we don’t know the half of it. As for the “loss” of Lerner’s email, it was just one of those things. Taylor omits the rest of the first verse in the great Cole Porter song, which adds that it was “one of those bells that now and then rings.”

“She was as upset as anybody else was about the loss of the emails,” Taylor said. “The truth is this was one of those things that happened — at the time she did everything she could to retrieve it.”

“That’s the story — that’s all there is to it,” he added.

Politico’s Rachel Bade has more on Taylor’s appearance this morning here.

Video and transcription via Andrew Johnson/NRO


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