At the Border, Contradictions Are Heightened

African-Americans have suffered more than anyone else from the Obama administration’s economic policies, and if 30 million more unskilled laborers are imported, as the Democratic Party wants, African-Americans again will bear the brunt of the invasion. Some of them have figured that out. So there have been some interesting confrontations over the current importation of Central American “children” by the Obama administration.

The debate below took place at Murietta, California, where the administration has tried to place large numbers of illegals. Several African-Americans confronted a group of pro-illegal immigration demonstrators. You can see where the anti-rule of law people are coming from by their sign: “You are on STOLEN Native American and Mexican land.” Which means, I guess, that the Guatemalans and Hondurans might as well steal it, too. The main pro-illegal guy, wearing a white hat, green shades and a white beard, is extremely obnoxious. He hates the United States and keeps talking about foreign policy. It is very odd: if the U.S. is so terrible, then why is he so anxious for Central Americans to come here illegally? Do these people mean anything they say? One of the African-Americans is a veteran, another is no conservative but makes sense. I found it an intensely interesting dialogue:

Via Gateway Pundit.

In this brief news clip, a Houston woman goes off on the idea of importing alien “children” when her own community has so many unmet needs. She asks, “Why can’t they go back?” Good question! Various people have done the math, and we could fly them back to Central America, first class, at an infinitesimal fraction of the cost that the Obama administration intends to spend to turn them into Democratic voters:

African-Americans–not all, obviously, but way too many–have relied on the Democratic Party and the federal government for a generation or two now, and the results have been terrible. Other ethnic groups who have not relied on government and have not tied themselves to the Democratic Party, have done infinitely better. Indian-Americans, Iranian-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Chinese-Americans all earn more money, on the average, than white Americans. There seems to be a lesson there somewhere. Maybe the Democratic Party’s cynical disregard of American-Americans with respect to immigration will finally push large numbers of blacks out of the party that treats them with condescension and contempt.