The World Cup and racial politics

Featured image On Sunday, France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win the World Cup. I rooted for France, as I normally do once England and the U.S. are eliminated (if Brazil and France are both still playing, my allegiance varies based how much I like the particular players). This year, the U.S. failed to qualify and Brazil was eliminated before England. So rooting for France was an easy decision for me. Leftists and »

A Feel-Good Citizenship Story

Featured image Fernando Rodney has been a major league pitcher since 2002. A reliever, he broke in with the Detroit Tigers and had his most productive years as a closer for the Tigers, Tampa Bay and Seattle. At 41, he is still formidable and is closing this year for the Minnesota Twins. Last Sunday, something unusual happened: in a game against Tampa Bay, Twins manager Paul Molitor brought Rodney in to pitch »

Abolish ICE! Wait, what?

Featured image The call to abolish ICE is the Democrats’ hot new thing. I first heard it touted by Minnesota Fifth District congressional candidate Ilhan Omar on June 17 without realizing it was already on its way to achieving the status of a battle cry, if not a cliché. As the Democrats seek to retake the House and the Senate, however, it may not do to be this blunt. The time calls »

Abolish ICE! Wait, what?

Featured image The call to abolish ICE is the hot new thing among Democrats on the leading edge. And that leading edge is getting bigger all the time. It’s difficult to keep up. As Minnesota’s native son once put it, “He that gets hurt will be he who has stalled.” Indeed, Tom Bevan cites a new Morning Consult survey showing that a plurality of Democrats (43 percent) are behind the idea of »

Europe: Things Fall Apart

Featured image German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hanging on by her fingernails in Germany right now, as the backlash against migrants reached a critical mass in recent weeks. The cabinet minister who confronted Merkel and forced immigration concessions, Horst Seehofer of the “conservative” CSU party based chiefly in Bavaria, has seen his own poll ratings collapse in the aftermath of the political crisis. But this is just as likely to be the »

Poll: Americans approve of Trump’s handling of most key domestic issues

Featured image A new poll by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard (CAPS) and The Harris Poll places President Trump’s approval rating at 47 percent. That’s the highest the number has been in more than a year, though it isn’t great. But Trump’s approval rating on key issues and subject areas may be more consequential than his general approval rating. Why? Because if Americans like the job he’s doing on, »

Abolish ICE? Great Idea!

Featured image I am on vacation for a few days, so posting has been and will continue to be light until the weekend. For now, I just want to highlight this Michael Ramirez cartoon that I think sums up very well the Democrats’ disastrous decision to advocate the abolition of ICE. In other words, the total refusal to enforce any immigration laws, and the loss of our sovereignty as a people. How »

The Liberal Crackup

Featured image Forget, for the moment, our long-running “Civil War on the Left” series. That civil war is essentially over, and the radical “progressive” left has won. Notice how fast the left and the media is rushing to embrace their shiny new object, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young (and presumably wise) Latina who knocked off the incumbent number four-ranked Democratic House member Joseph Crowley (who, admittedly, I had never heard of before last »

Immigration: A Loser For the Democrats

Featured image Yesterday the Democrats organized pro-illegal immigration rallies across the country. The demonstrations were putatively addressed to the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border–never mind that President Trump has already issued an executive order addressing that issue–but the real agenda was open borders, i.e., no national sovereignty. Come one, come all. This was most plainly expressed by the “Abolish ICE” theme that permeated the demonstrations: I think everyone understands »

Dave Begley: Dems Belong Together in Omaha

Featured image Nebraska attorney Dave Begley is the only guy I know who attended one of the Families Belong Together rallies across the country yesterday protesting the Trump administration’s enforcement of immigration law. Writing from the Omaha rally — contrast Dave’s report with the Omaha World-Herald’s cheerleading — Dave reports: Wisconsin law professor emerita and blogger Ann Althouse is a severe critic of anyone who uses children for political advantage, but they »

Authorities finally stop resistance shut-down of ICE facility

Featured image I haven’t seen much coverage of this story, perhaps because the mainstream media is once again covering, as best it can within reason, for the anti-Trump resistance. Protesters organized by the Democratic Socialists of America shut down operations at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Oregon. They did so by taking over part of the grounds of the facility on June 17, in protest of administration policy »

Amnesty update

Featured image The House today resoundingly defeated the so-called compromise immigration bill pushed by Speaker Ryan. The vote was 121-301. The legislation would have offered amnesty and a path to citizenship to an estimated 2.2 million direct beneficiaries. It would have eliminated certain categories of chain migration, but preserved the largest ones. It would have ended the visa lottery. Finally, it would have funded the border wall to the tune of $23 »

The hysteria this time

Featured image I don’t think the role of the mainstream media as an adjunct of the Democratic Party has ever been more obvious than it has been this month with the nonstop hysteria over enforcement of immigration law at the border. Are we permitted to have a country anymore? Apparently not. When it comes to this month’s model of Trump hysteria, Victor Davis Hanson sees a pattern: “A month from now there »

Is the Democrats’ “Separated Children” Ploy Working?

Featured image In a remarkable show of unity, the liberal press launched a coordinated effort to distract voters’ attention from the booming economy, President Trump’s summit with North Korea’s Kim, the DOJ Inspector General’s report and the collapse of the Mueller investigation with a ginned-up controversy over temporary separation of illegal immigrant children from their parents at the southern border. Otherwise known as law enforcement. On a short-term basis, the ploy has »

The mask slips

Featured image The role of the mainstream media as an adjunct of the Democratic Party has never been more obvious than it has been this month with the media’s nonstop hysteria over enforcement of immigration law at the border. Are we permitted to have a country anymore? Apparently not. John Heilemann is a mainstream media mainstay. He is managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, regular contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe and, as the »

Trump’s good advice to GOP: Don’t waste time on immigration reform

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump advised House Republicans to “stop wasting their time” on immigration bills that can’t pass due to Democratic opposition. It’s sound advice, though late in coming. As we have reported, the House has tied itself up working on two pieces of amnesty legislation — a sensible bill proposed by Rep. Goodlatte (limited amnesty in exchange for improved enforcement and the slashing of chain migration) and a so-called compromise »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is not amused: FECKLESS FEMI-NINNIES LEARN A NEW WORD! She writes: Well, kids, it does pay to increase your Word Power. The witless Samantha Bee not only broke new ground by trotting out the c-word – and retained her wretched television show — but she modified it with the adjective that popped up on her Word-A-Day Calendar: FECKLESS! Not to be outdone, Kathy Griffin of bloody, severed head »