The Immigration Farce Beyond the Border

Featured image Everyone knows we have no border security or meaningful screening at the southern border. But it’s worse than you think. Suppose you are a jihadi in Afghanistan wanting to come to the United States for some kind of nefarious purpose, but you can’t get yourself to our southern border for some reason. Instead you decide to apply for a visa of some kind. In that case you’ll need to fill »

Miss Iraq Runs for Office

Featured image We last saw Sarah Idan when she was Miss Iraq in the 2017 Miss Universe pageant. She made international news when Miss Israel posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram, with kind words about Ms. Idan. That caused predictable blowback in the Arab world, causing Idan to issue an apology in Arabic. It wasn’t enough; her Iraqi citizenship was revoked and her family fled to another country. »

Losing my shoes

Featured image My maternal grandparents were immigrants from Russia. Yiddish was their native language. They reverted to it whenever they didn’t want me to know what they were saying. It made me feel a little unwelcome. My grandfather was welcomed to the United States with a call-up to serve in the Army when the United States entered World War I. He saw battle in France and was proud of his service for »

Annals of Liberal Cluelessness, Martha’s Vineyard Edition

Featured image To paraphrase Will Rogers, it’s no trouble being a humorist when you have woke liberals working full time for you for free. Today was one of those days when the staff of the Babylon Bee could sleep in and skip coming to the office, as this CNN story sounds like a Bee parody: ‘They enriched us.’ Migrants’ 44-hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown, Massachusetts (CNN)After sharing hugs »

Roberts rules

Featured image Can the left amp up the hysteria past 11 to 12 or 13? The Supreme Court ruled against the EPA this morning in a 6-3 decision written by Chief Justice Roberts. The case is West Virginia v. EPA. Politico offers this brief summary: The Supreme Court dealt a major blow to President Joe Biden’s climate strategy, ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency has only limited authority to regulate carbon dioxide »

Redistribution, illegal alien edition

Featured image The Biden administration has worked a new twist in the Democrats’ mania for redistribution. However, this scheme is to be conducted in private. Attention is not to be paid. It is a big secret. The New York Post’s Miranda Devine has been on the case for a while. In her New York Post column today she adds a dose of media criticism. A subhead in the column aptly describes the »

Progressivism As Criminal Enterprise

Featured image This essay by David Horowitz is a follow-up to Understanding the Progressive Mind. In a previous article, I explained that “progressivism is a criminal mentality.” By progressivism, I mean every political philosophy that regards itself as “revolutionary,” or “transformative,” that describes itself as socialist, communist, fascist or jihadist – or that believes “the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.” The belief that history is marching towards justice is »

Two borders that have nothing to do with each other

Featured image Some of the rhetoric in the debate over Ukraine policy seems wildly disproportionate to actual disagreement on the subject. I don’t know of any Ukraine “hawk” who advocates sending U.S. forces into battle against Russia, if it invades. I don’t know any who advocates admitting Ukraine to NATO in the near future. The “hawks” want severe sanctions if Russia invades. In addition, they support moving a relatively small number of »

The Apocalypse Is Here

Featured image I am a day or two late with this, but it is still worth noting: the Transportation Security Administration accepts arrest warrants as identification for illegal aliens who board airplanes in the U.S.: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) disclosed to a congressional office that illegal migrants flying without proper identification can use an arrest warrant as an alternate form of identification when presenting to airport security, according to a letter »

Eric Zemmour found guilty of hate speech

Featured image Eric Zemmour, the right-wing pundit, author, and candidate for president of France, has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred. He was fined $11,400 for the offense and faces imprisonment if doesn’t pay. According to the Washington Post, during a 2020 debate Zemmour described unaccompanied child migrants to France as “thieves,” “killers,” and “rapists.” Apparently, he forgot, or saw no need, to drop the Donald Trump footnote that “some, I »

Zemmour In the Crosshairs

Featured image Steve wrote here about the speech that French nationalist Eric Zemmour delivered to announce his candidacy for the French presidency. The post includes a translation of Zemmour’s speech, which has electrified Frenchmen. Some of them, anyway. So of course Zemmour must be denounced by right (i.e., left) thinkers. Yesterday the New York Times warned its readers against Zemmour. Mr. Zemmour, the far-right polemicist who this week announced his run for »

The migration crisis: “Americanists” vs. “Transformationalists”

Featured image Last weekend, American Greatness featured an article by John Fonte on the migration crisis as its “Weekend long read.” This weekend, I commend Fonte’s lengthy article to Power Line readers. Fonte’s piece is called “Migration Crisis Overview: Americanists vs. Transformationists.” His thesis is that Joe Biden’s immigration policy represents an existential conflict for America. Before getting to that argument, Fonte provides an excellent discussion of the harrowing state of our »

Senate parliamentarian rules amnesty out of reconciliation

Featured image Politico reports that the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, has decided that providing a pathway to legal status and citizenship for illegal immigrants is not a budget-related matter, and therefore cannot be enacted through the “reconciliation” process. This seems to mean that when the Democrats finally get around to passing budget reconciliation legislation, which they can do with a simple Senate majority, it will not include amnesty. To accomplish amnesty, the »

When the New York Times notices Haitians under the bridge. . . .

Featured image My friend who notifies me of rare instances when the New York Times provides less than favorable coverage of the Biden administration writes: Today’s NYT has a front page article with a picture on the border surge. This is unusual. Fox talks about the open border all the time, but the mainstream press generally ignores the issue to the extent that it can. Not today. The article even quotes Republican »

Who we brought out

Featured image We have been advised by the Biden administration that our surrender and evacuation of Afghanistan is a world-historic success. We know that’s not true, but we have yet to assess the the catastrophe in its multifarious dimensions. For example, we have yet to get a handle on the 120,000 Afghans included with some 6,000 American citizens in the airlift out of Kabul. AP diplomatic correspondent Matt Lee gives us a »

We evacuated a horde we can’t vet, but left many deserving Afghans behind

Featured image According to reports, the U.S. has evacuated nearly 120,000 people from Afghanistan. Only about 6,000 of them are Americans. Moreover, it appears that only a small percentage of the non-American evacuees hold the special immigrant visa given to Afghans employed by, or on behalf of, the U.S. government. Representative Tom Tiffany (R., Wis.) says that of the 2,000 Afghans housed at a base in his state, not one has that »

From the Saborit file: The Ingraham Angle

Featured image Laura Ingraham invited me on her FOX News show on Thursday night to talk about my reporting on Alexis Saborit’s July 28 beheading of America Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota — in broad daylight at a busy intersection of a residential neighborhood. Today is yet another day on which the Star Tribune has failed to take a serious look at the case. Laura homed in on the lack of media coverage »