Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is not amused: FECKLESS FEMI-NINNIES LEARN A NEW WORD! She writes: Well, kids, it does pay to increase your Word Power. The witless Samantha Bee not only broke new ground by trotting out the c-word – and retained her wretched television show — but she modified it with the adjective that popped up on her Word-A-Day Calendar: FECKLESS! Not to be outdone, Kathy Griffin of bloody, severed head »

House leadership postpones vote on large-scale amnesty bill [UPDATED]

Featured image The House was expected to vote today on two immigration bills: Rep. Goodlatte’s proposal and the House leadership’s alleged compromise bill supported by President Trump. Goodlatte’s bill grants amnesty (but not path to citizenship) to the DACA population in exchange for significantly tightening up immigration enforcement and prompt, deep cuts to chain migration categories. Jessica Vaughn of the Center of Immigration Studies estimates that this bill would result in a »

War of the worlds (revised edition)

Featured image We haven’t heard much about the Democrats’ proposed legislative solution to resolve the hysteria over separations of families and fake families illegally entering the Unites at the border. The Democrats have whipped up the hysteria with the invaluable assistance of their media adjunct. We look back with an attitude of bemusement on the panic whipped up by the Orson Welles/Mercury Theater broadcast dramatizing the invasion of earth by Martians in »

Poll: For GOP, voting for amnesty is playing with fire

Featured image Earlier this evening John wrote: [T]he fundamental reality is that Democrats are in favor of illegal immigration, and Republicans are against it. The GOP wins that one every time. I agree with John on both counts. However, on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants Republicans are divided. Being for amnesty is not the same thing as being for illegal immigration. However, amnesty encourages illegal immigration. Thus, if you’re against »

Trump Trolls the Democrats

Featured image As I said in a post not long ago, the fundamental reality is that Democrats are in favor of illegal immigration, and Republicans are against it. The GOP wins that one every time. Especially since, until roughly the day before yesterday, Democrats opposed–or pretended to oppose–illegal immigration, too. President Trump tweeted this brief stroll down memory lane a little while ago: Don’t worry, the Republicans, and your President, will fix »

Trump Throws In the Towel on Border Children [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Today President Trump signed an executive order directing that illegal alien families be detained together at the border. You can read the text of the order here. Importantly, President Trump is not backing off from his “no-tolerance” policy, so bringing children along to the border will not be a get out of jail free card, as it was during the Obama administration. Here are some relevant portions of the order: »

The Immigration Fracas: Paging Daniel Boorstin!

Featured image Watching the collective media and political class freak out over the “crisis” of immigration enforcement at the border sent me to my bookshelf to dust off Daniel Boorstin’s classic 1961 book, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America. Step back for a moment from the whack-a-mole problem of sorting out fact from fiction in this current drama; the way this is playing out is a perfect case study in »

Mourning becomes Elijah

Featured image Yesterday I particularly missed the late Andrew Breitbart, founder of Breitbart. Andrew doggedly pursued the story behind the allegations of Reps. Andre Carson, John Lewis, Emanuel Cleaver and James Clyburn that Tea Party protesters abused black congressmen with racial epithets while demonstrating against Obamacare on Capitol Hill on March 20, 2010. The story was reported as fact by news organizations including Fox News and McClatchy News, but Breitbart called baloney »

Border Children: A PR Disaster?

Featured image In a remarkable display of unity, the nation’s news media have suspended coverage of the FBI scandal, our booming economy, progress on North Korea, etc., to focus single-mindedly on the plight of children who are temporarily separated from their parents as a consequence of their illegal entry into the U.S. I personally have no problem with enforcing the immigration laws, as the President is sworn to do. But the Democrats »

A Civil Rights Commissioner Weighs In On Children at the Border

Featured image On Friday, U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow wrote to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on the subject of separating families who enter the country illegally at the southern border. Peter’s letter is as clear an explanation of the issue as I have seen. It is so cogent that I am duplicating it here, as well as embedding it below via Scribd: Dear Attorney General »

The truth about separating kids at the border, Part Two

Featured image John and I have written about the separation of adult illegal immigrants from the children they unlawfully bring with them into this country. I want to direct attention to two articles on the subject that make additional points. Jason Jones and John Zmirak argue that the Mexican government created the problem: These migrants from Central America claim that the chaos in their home countries amounts to “persecution.” If so, then »

The truth about separating kids at the border

Featured image Rich Lowry has written a great article called “The Truth About Separating Kids.” Rich shows that the problem of child separation at the border stems from the decision of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. illegally, for economic reasons, with their kids and then seek asylum. They seek asylum to extend their stay, knowing that U.S. law — something called the Flores Consent Decree — says that unaccompanied children can »

Children Separated at the Border?

Featured image Let’s start with the fact that Democrats are desperate. Republican economic policies, pursued by the Trump administration and enacted by the Republican Congress, have our economy humming along at a historic rate. Overseas, the Trump administration has moved to advance America’s trade interests and to neutralize some of the principal threats against us, including that from North Korea. What is a loyal Democrat to do? Change the subject. Hence the »

Trump stands tall against bad amnesty legislation (update: he changed his mind)

Featured image Last night, I discussed the two amnesty-style immigration reform proposals kicking around in the House. One of them, Rep. Goodlatte’s proposal, is in my view a reasonable compromise. It offers amnesty for the DACA population only, in exchange for strong measures to control future illegal immigration and significant limits on some forms of immigration that are currently legal. The other proposal, backed by Speaker Ryan and known as “the compromise,” »

The latest push for amnesty-style immigration reform

Featured image I don’t think we’ve written about the push for immigration legislation in the House. Not long ago, it looked like there would be no immigration legislation passed this year. But now, that’s not as clear. The House is considering two bills (or one bill and a framework for another being pushed by Speaker Paul Ryan). Moreover, Majority Leader McConnell, who had previously stated that immigration was “not on the agenda »

A great high school and the mayor who would diminish it

Featured image Let’s imagine an academically elite public high school in a big, diverse city. Admission is based solely on how well one does on an entrance examination. No racial or ethnic preferences, no preference for children of alums, no preference for athletes, no guidance counselor recommendations. Just the test score. We have imagined Stuyvesant High School, the crown jewel of the New York City school system. In a better world, we »

Asylum Seeker’s Rape/Murder Roils Germany

Featured image Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of admitting into Germany hundreds of thousands of purported “refugees”–out of a misplaced sense of guilt, apparently–has been a disaster. The policy is appropriately unpopular, even more so following the latest outrage, the rape and murder of a 14 year old girl by an Iraqi whose plea for refugee status was turned down. The New York Times reports, with surprising objectivity: It was a gruesome murder: »