Washington Post overdoes the gloating

Featured image The Washington Post is pleased as punch that the Senate passed a resolution to overturn President Trump’s national emergency declaration. It gloats (via a headline in the paper edition) that, for Trump, “making it about himself didn’t click with GOP Senators.” According to the Post, Trump’s lobbying effort against the resolution treated the vote “almost exclusively in personal terms.” No surprise there. That’s how Trump treats most things. But the »

Senate rejects border emergency declaration, but not with veto-proof majority

Featured image A dozen Republicans joined Senate Democrats today to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southwestern border. The vote was 59-41. Trump promptly declared he would veto Congress’ action. With only 59 Senate votes against him, the veto will stick. The 12 Republicans who voted to overturn Trump’s declaration are: Mitt Romney Susan Collins Lamar Alexander Roy Blunt Mike Lee Jerry Moran Lisa Murkowski Rand Paul Rob »

The Border Emergency Hasn’t Gone Away

Featured image The news cycle is weird: something will be in the headlines for a while and then disappear. That doesn’t mean the problem has gone away, it just means editors and reporters have moved on to something else. Illegal immigration is like that. It is an enormous problem, imposing huge costs on taxpayers, destroying the fabric of countless American communities, straining public service resources across the country, driving down the wages »

Trump will seek $8.6 billion more for wall

Featured image President Trump will request from Congress at least $8.6 billion to build additional sections of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. This money is in addition to the $1.3 billion Congress appropriated earlier this year and the approximately $7 billion Trump “appropriated” via his declaration of a national emergency at the border. Trump will seek the $8.6 billion as part of his proposed 2020 budget. The budget also calls for »

Should We Be Importing Gang Violence?

Featured image Let’s start by acknowledging that in the past, we have, indeed, imported gang violence–the Sicilians are an obvious example. Still, that doesn’t make it a good idea. And shouldn’t we expect to learn from experience? The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports discreetly on a recent spasm of violence in Minneapolis: “East African community reeling from weekend violence, demands solutions.” Yeah? From whom? After the latest spasm of gang violence, Minneapolis’ Somali »

Oddities and ends at CPAC

Featured image I look forward to the CPAC conference every year because it brings John Hinderaker to town and we get together for dinner, along with his wonderful wife Loree. I don’t attend the conference and watch little of it on television. This year I saw only a portion of President Trump’s two-hour performance. I was struck, though, when I heard about some of the panels. First, let’s nominate Alex Azar for »

Trump’s emergency declaration, John Yoo’s take

Featured image Over the weekend, I linked to Jack Goldsmith’s article on President Trump’s use of national emergency power to come up with the money to build more border fencing. Goldsmith took no position at this early date on the legality of Trump’s move. However, his initial view is that hysteria over it is misplaced and that Trump’s legal position is plausible. John Yoo goes further. He finds that the law is »

Hold the hysteria over Trump’s emergency declaration

Featured image President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency and move funds around to pay for more wall building is certain to be challenged in court. The case almost surely will arrive at the Supreme Court. When it does, Trump may not have five votes. Chief Justice Roberts, and conceivably others among the five center-right Justices, may be quite skeptical of this use of executive power as, indeed, are a number »

Media alert

Featured image Later this afternoon, I will be the guest of Seth Leibsohn on KKNT 960—”The Patriot”—in Arizona. I’m scheduled to appear at 6:00 Eastern Time. We will be discussing the bipartisan funding bill and President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund more fully a border wall. »

Showdown in El Paso: A footnote

Featured image Following up on the dueling rallies in El Paso this past Monday night, a long-time reader who lives in El Paso writes: I wanted to alert you to a local news item near my home in El Paso, Texas and offer a little perspective. It’s hard to an illustrative example this profound. On the very night the president held a rally here, prompting the predictable chorus of denunciations and media »

Trump will declare emergency to fund wall

Featured image The bipartisan bill to fund the government is a disaster. As I explained here, per Mark Krikorian, it is unlikely to enable more than minimal wall building. In addition, it appears to prevent ICE from detaining or removing any illegal immigrant who has, in effect, any relationship with an “unaccompanied” minor. Among other evils, this will create an incentive for illegal immigrants already here to order up kids from Central »

Dems fill border “compromise” with landmines, GOP doesn’t notice (or doesn’t care)

Featured image Democrats have hoodwinked Republicans on the border compromise legislation that would end the dispute over funding the government. That’s the most charitable interpretation of what has happened. It’s possible that the Republicans who agreed to the deal know about the “landmines” that will undermine the Trump administration and simply don’t care. Mark Krikorian blows the whistle. He writes: The bill is disappointing in many respects, but if it had been »

Trump reacts to border deal

Featured image President Trump says he’s not happy about the border deal congressional leaders have reached. He shouldn’t be. However, Trump also predicts there will be no government shutdown and insists he will build a proper wall. He stated: Am I happy at first glance? The answer is no, I’m not, I’m not happy. It’s not going to do the trick, but I’m adding things to it and when you add whatever »

Trump considering moving funds around to build wall

Featured image In a post late last night about the tentative agreement between congressional Republicans and Democrats on border security, I discussed some of President Trump’s options if/when the deal becomes final. However, I omitted one option. Ed Morrissey notes that Trump might “redirect money from DHS to build more border barriers, which might not require an emergency declaration.” Nancy Cook and Eliana Johnson discuss this option in an article for Politico. »

Such a deal

Featured image Congressional leaders reportedly have reached a tentative deal on immigration/the border. The deal apparently would grant just $1.375 billion for 55 miles of fencing along the border. President Trump seeks $5.7 billion for more than 200 miles. In addition, the deal reportedly reduces an overall cap on detention beds maintained by ICE. Republican staffers are saying that ICE would have enough money and flexibility to maintain its current detention levels, »

Trump takes “no” for an answer

Featured image Earlier today, John discussed President Trump’s proposed compromise to end the partial government shutdown. As he notes, the Democrats rejected it out of hand. Trump must have expected them to. The three years of relief for the DACA population falls far short of the Democrats’ goal. If the Dems are ever going to fund Trump’s wall, it will require far more substantial concessions than those Trump made today. In pushing »

The President’s Immigration Olive Branch

Featured image In a 15 minute speech this afternoon, President Trump once again described the crisis at the Southern border and offered a compromise proposal to the Democrats. It wouldn’t resolve immigration issues, he said, but it would address the immediate crisis at the border and allow the government to reopen. It was an excellent speech, and well delivered. It was, I think, Trump at his best–the Democrats can only hope that »