Leonnig: Sex, lies and the White House

The Washington Post has meticulously reported on the continuing cover-up of volunteer staffer Jonathan Dach in the Cartagena hooker scandal. The Washington Post story by Carol Leonnig and David Nakamura is posted here. They have the White House nailed dead to rights. Paul Mirengoff performed his own anatomy of the story here.

The underlying scandal is relatively innocuous, but the White House obviously has its reasons for lying about it. Jonah Goldberg devoted a column to the scandal in “The Cartagena hooker cover-up.” He puts it this way: “The underlying scandal is fairly minor. But if the White House would falsify records and lie to the public about this, is it really so hard to imagine that it would deceive the public – and Congress – about larger issues like, say, Benghazi?” Or Obamacare. Or the IRS. Or Fast and Furious. Et very much cetera.

That’s my take. The cover-up places the Obama administration’s scandal management techniques on the table for public viewing and the story replays the Obama scandal management routine in a farcical mode.

The video below shows Leonnig on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown. Seeking to bring it before a wider audience, I’m posting it below. In it the host briefly reviews the proceedings to date and brings Leonnig on. Leonnig characterizes the White House spin on the story as “demonstrably false” and explains why that is so. The falsity is egregious and, as in the other scandals, the cover-up is continuing.

Now if only the Post would sic Leonnig and Nakamura on those other cases.

Via Washington Free Beacon.


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