The Week in Pictures: The Amnesty and the Ecstasy Edition

So, executive amnesty for illegal aliens next week, eh?  And a veto of a Keystone pipeline, eh?  Is Obama now trying to shoot the moon—become the most unpopular president ever? Is the bubble around the White House that bad, as Peggy Noonan suggests in her Saturday WSJ column?  Starting to look like it.  And oh goody—we’re going to regulate the Internet now—under a statute written in 1934.  I’m sure Jonathan Gruber can come up with a good scheme we’ll all understand.

Truck seen leaving Washington last week.

Truck seen leaving Washington last week.

Net Neutrality copy Net Neutrality 2 copy Gruber copy Gruber 2 copy Gruber 3 copy Obamacare Polygraph copy Amnesty copy Welcome Mat copy King of Denial copy Dancing w the stars copy dem blinker copy


Tax Earnings? copy

PC Fascism copy

Looks like heaven to me.

Looks like heaven to me.

Hip Replacement copy

Throwback Thursday copy

Mellon Collie copy

Homework copy

Jayne 3 copy

And finally. . .