Hillary’s Alinsky factor

SaulAlinsky The David Horowitz Freedom Center has posted videos of several presentations at its June 17-18 Texas Retreat. Stanley Kurtz spoke on Hillary Clinton. He also takes up Obama’s Alinskyite assault on the suburbs via the new HUD rule promulgated this week. Kurtz devoted much of his second book on Obama to the subject and his current NR column here to the new HUD rule.

All is proceeding as Kurtz has foreseen. All is proceeding as Kurtz has warned against. Kurtz’s backgrounder on Madam Hillary in the video below is well worth your time (20 minutes followed by a question-and-answer period). I recommend it highly.

TWO NOTES: Kurtz cites his Claremont Review of Books essay “Déjà two” in his presentation. He also cites his 2012 NR article “Obama’s third-party history.” These too are well worth your time. Indeed, they are must reading.

Not coincidentally, the Twin Cities are prominently featured in the course of Kurtz’s presentation. In Minnesota we are in the belly of the beast.